Hixon In The Mix?

Scout.com has confirmed that Dominik Hixon, Akron's explosive wide receiver and return specialist, has an upcoming visit in Seattle.

Dominik Hixon wasn't invited to the Combine in Indianapolis in February, so now teams are scrambling to get a look at the speedy returner who has played on both sides of the line.

He’s got about a dozen teams that are bringing him," Hixon's agent, Eric Metz told ColtPower.com, Scout's Indianapolis Colts site, on Saturday. "Teams are just catching on to him late in the process. They’re having to scramble to do their due diligence on him."

Hixon started out as a free safety in Akron, starting 20 games and making his presence known with 176 tackles, including 117 solo shots. But when current Cleveland Browns quarterback Charlie Frye needed more talent at the wide receiver spot during his senior year, the Zips switched gears with Hixon. They moved him to the other side of the ball and he became a favorite target. After Frye moved on to the NFL, Hixon still excelled, finishing his collegiate career with 24 starts at wide receiver. He grabbed 141 balls for 2,092 yards (14.8 average) and 14 touchdowns.

Hixon is drawing lots of attention because of his versatility. He returns punts (11.9 yards average) and kickoffs (23.9 yards average), and even has experience on coverage teams. Over his last two seasons, between his receiving and returns work, Hixon averaged 16.1 yards every time he touched the ball.

As an added bonus, Hixon comes from a very stable background.

"He comes from a great family, a disciplined, military family full of real high quality people," said Metz. "His combination of athleticism, production and character would be a great asset for any team.”

Although Hixon could easily compete for a spot on the offense or defense at the pro level due to his athleticism, most teams are focusing on his returns talent and his ability as a wide receiver. In Seattle's case, receiver slots 1-5 may be set, but even if that is the case, the team could most definitely use a return man of Hixon's caliber.

“Whoever gets him is going to be very fortunate and very pleased to have him in their program. He’ll reflect well on anyone,” said Metz.

Special thanks to Ed Thompson, the Publisher of ColtPower.com, Scout.com's excellent Indianapolis Colts site..

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