.NET Exclusive Interview: Kelly Jennings

Seahawks.NET had the priviledge of talking to the newest Seattle Seahawk, former Miami Hurricanes CB Kelly Jennings who the team selected with the 31st pick in the first round. Jennings' selection made it 12 years in a row that a Hurricane has been selected in the first round. See below for his thoughts on the Hawks defense and his plans for the next few weeks.

.NET: This is Doug Farrar with Seahawks.NET and we are here on the phone with the newest member of your NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks, Miami Hurricanes corner Kelly Jennings. Thank you very much for taking the time and welcome.

Jennings: No problem at all. Thanks a lot.

.NET: Can you tell us the process? Had Seattle talked to you before this? Had you come up to Washington to visit? How had the communication been?

Jennings: No sir, they hadn't talked to me and I hadn't taken a trip up to Seattle, but I remember meeting with them at the combine and stuff like that and other than that I got a call the other day asking for my information. They told me I was a good player, pretty much what every team does, and so I just took it for what it was.

The pick came and my agent talked to me and told me I had a good chance and I was ready if it came along.

.NET: Were you watching the Draft at home?

Jennings: I'm actually in Orlando at my brother's house.

.NET: Were you surprised to see some of those elite cornerbacks at your level falling in the second half of the first round where there was a pool of cornerbacks there?

Jennings: Yes sir, it seemed to be that way. People had said there would be a lot of cornerbacks and defensive backs taken in the first (round) and I was just watching to see how it went and it all came out the way you said.

.NET: How familiar are you with the Seahawks as far as their defense and Marcus Trufant and the coordinator John Marshall and Ray Rhodes as a secondary guy and how much do you know about them?

Jennings: I know that I've watched Trufant and he's a great player. I haven't actually sat down and studied (Seattle's) defense and seen how they like to play, but I'm a guy that adjusts well to whatever they want to do and whatever system they run I can pick up on it fine.

.NET: Did you play a lot of Cover-2 in Miami?

Jennings: We played a lot of Cover-2/Man. It's more running with guys that being in a straight Cover-2.

.NET: Strengths and weaknesses – What is your greatest attribute as a player? What are Seahawks fans going to look at you and say "Wow I can't believe how good this guy is at…"?

Jennings: I think my change of direction and my quickness. Me getting out of my backpedal and being able to transition with my hips. I think that's my biggest attribute that helps me out as a cornerback.

.NET: As far as things that you need to work on or things you think you need to work on at the pro level is there anything that comes to mind?

Jennings: I need to work more on being physical at the line of scrimmage. At Miami we played a little bit more of a soft-press than more of an aggressive one they play in the NFL. You want to be a little bit more aggressive at the line so that's something I need to work on.

.NET: Especially when you're dealing with guys like Vernon Davis now at San Francisco.

Jennings: Yes sir.

.NET: You're going to be here for mini-camps on May?

Jennings: Yes sir, I am.

.NET: Will you be up here this weekend?

Jennings: Yes sir, I leave tomorrow morning.

.NET: One more question, do you come in saying "I'm going to compete for a starting job right off the bat"?

Jennings: Yes sir, of course, nothing short of that. I'm a competitive guy and I think I have the ability to come in and contribute. So I'm coming in like I'm going to be the guy and I'm going to do what I've got to do, but I just want to show the coaches I can play and I know the coaches will make the best decision whatever that may be. If I don't (start) I feel I can contribute as a nickel back, but I'm going in with that mindset.

.NET: Thank you Kelly for you time and I'm sure you have a lot of people to talk to and some celebrating to do. Thanks again and take care and we'll talk to you soon.

Jennings: Thank you.

Seahawks.NET would like to that Kelly Jennings for taking the time to give us this exclusive interview on a very busy, but happy day for him.

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