Details released in Fisher case

Details are finally becoming available in the Bryce Fisher case and it appears that the Seahawks defensive end and his wife were arguing about a rumored affair when the domestic incident happened on April 11th.

Kirkland police were summoned to the Fisher home at 1:12 a.m. on April 11th, and arrived at the home shortly thereafter. Bryce Fisher had placed the call reported that his wife of less than a year had jumped on him and threatened to take his children after learning of a possible affair between Fisher and another woman.

Fisher's wife, whose name was blacked out by Kirkland Police, came home late on April 10th and found Fisher in bed. After confronting him about the rumored affair, she threatened to call the alleged other woman using Fisher's cell phone. That is when Fisher got up and tried to take his phone back.

Fisher grabbed his wife and put her in an arm bar, twisting her right wrist and pushing her face-down on the bed trying to get his phone back. The twisting of her wrist "caused her pain since she had surgery on her right wrist in July 2005 to repair a torn tendon." When she voiced this to Fisher he told her he was trying to get back his property.

They continued to argue and then Fisher's wife left the room to go downstairs and get their daughter and when she returned she found the Fisher had locked himself in the bathroom with their daughter and said they should call police and let them decide what to do.

After the two attending officers conferred about the two accounts and because of Fisher's physical size compared to his wife's, the officers decided to arrest Fisher on Assault/Domestic Violence charges.

Fisher faces a December 6th court appearance and claims that he meant no harm when he placed his wife in the "arm bar" while trying to retrieve his cell phone, according to police. Top Stories