Seahawks Mini-Camp: Day Three

The Seahawks continued to work out at their Kirkland headquarters for the third straight day. Ken Hamlin speaks about how he's feeling and how he feels about the upgraded defense, and the players receive championship rings to celebrate a season to remember.

The third day of passing camp is now over as new and old players alike come together to help get the Seahawks back to the Super Bowl where there is definitely the feeling of unfinished business. Turnout is at an all time high with all but 3 players of the 94-man roster missing, two of those were injured NFL Europe wide receivers Skyler Fulton and C.J. Jones and the other, rookie linebacker Evan Benjamin, who is not eligible to attend because his college (UW) class has yet to graduate.

Not too shabby for a voluntary passing camp in early June.

Players receive Championship rings

In a private ceremony today, the players were presented with their NFC Championship rings. Some may balk and say it only glorifies 2nd place but tell that to the players.

As Seahawks play-by-play announcer Steve Raible told the official team site;

"I'll tell you, every player who has ever suited up for this game - for one game or 15 years - what do they always talk about? 'I want the ring.' The long-term contracts are great, a long professional career in football would be fabulous...but you want the ring. While this is not the Super Bowl ring, this does signify that you are, in my mind, still the best team in the NFL last year, it just so happens that day against the Steelers they didn't play quite as well as they could have, but it signifies that you are the top.

"These guy's deserve it. They worked so hard last season, they carried themselves with such class. They had so much pride in themselves and each other, and they were a joy to cover and watch all season long, and just to watch the wins pile up on wins...

"This is a recognition of how hard they worked last year. They'll take it home tonight and look at it and come back to practice here tomorrow and coach Holmgren will make them forget all about it, because that's over and it's all about starting to think about next season."

Hammer Time

Ken Hamlin told the official site that things were going well, both personally and as a unit.

"I'm feeling good. Enjoying every minute out here, picking up the defense, things we put in that are new, the old stuff is coming back to me real quick so I'm feeling good about it." Asked if he was feeling back to 100 percent after suffering a head injury last season at a Seattle nightclub, with a big smile he says; "Oh yeah. Just getting ready for training camp!"

One of the noticeable things this mini camp is that the defense has been setting the tone for the rest of their team. When asked about the defense stepping up Ken couldn't help but keep smiling.

"I think we have a point to prove. Everybody's coming out, coming together to make it a great defense and I think it's showing."

Spencer Can Wait?

Center Chris Spencer knows a thing or two about patience. Ever since being the team's number one draft pick in 2005 he has been forced to learn the virtue thanks to ageless pro bowl veteran Robbie Tobeck who continues to be the leader of the offensive line and more than effective on game day. Asked how he deals with a lack of playing time, Chris mentions how he prepares himself physically and mentally..

"I can't sit back and be patient or say next year will be my time. I've got to prepare myself just like the next play is my play. You can't just sit back and wait...You need to prepare to be ready." Top Stories