Mini-camp: Day Five

The Seahawks resumed their offseason passing camp today under cloudy skies at their Kirkland headquarters. Just like last week, the defense continued to hold the edge over the offense in drills. Wide receivers and defensive backs have been challenging each other every day, and one veteran corner thinks it can do nothing but help.

"There are a lot of talented guys out there and I think that makes us better as a group," CB Marcus Trufant told the team's official website. "When the wide receivers are working and the DB's are working hard and in all, everybody's getting better in the process."

Challenging the defensive backs on a daily basis is the deepest position on the roster with no less than 12 players running routes.

"We have quite a few on the roster right now and it's good," receivers coach Nolan Cromwell said. "They really enjoy what they're doing and the competition this year is as good as we've ever had it.

"You want competition because competition brings the best out of anybody. Whether they're the starter from last year or they're a first-year guy from last year, they know with the competition that every job is on the line when we start things and the best guys are going to win."

One player who is expected to be one of, if not the best receiver on the team is former Minnesota Vikings WR Nate Burleson.

"I like Nate," Cromwell said. "Nate's a great athlete. I was very familiar with Nate when he came out of college and he was a great receiver and he's proven that at Minnesota and we certainly hope he proves it here this year."

Another player to keep an eye on as the team prepares to head to training camp in Cheney late next month is seventh-round selection Ben Obomanu, a player who has his work cut out for him, but he may just be up to the task.

"He's a guy that's a young athlete," Cromwell said. "He's a smart guy who understands and picks things up quickly, but he's another one of those guys who needs to learn to play at the tempo that we practice and play the game at.

"He's getting better every practice and he's got a chance to be a good football player."

Along the offensive line, one player under the microscope this fall will be new left guard Floyd Womack who takes over for the departed Steve Hutchinson.

"He's doing great," LT Walter Jones noted. "All you need is an opportunity and I think this is an opportunity for ‘Chop' to come in and play and do good when he comes in to play and this is a great opportunity to come in."

Also notable is the fact that Jones was given the largest ring during last week's NFC Champion ring ceremony.

"When I got measured for the ring it was right after the game, so I guess my fingers were swollen," Jones said sheepishly of his size 18 ring. "Right now it just spins on my finger, but hopefully we can get there again and get it done."

The Seahawks have three more workouts before the team takes a month off and then heads to training camp. Top Stories