Adam Caplan Chat Transcript - 7/20/06

On Thursday, July 20th, Adam Caplan of Sirius Radio, and stopped by the NETNation chat room as a guest of Seahawks.NET. Adam shared his thoughts on several Seahawks and NFL subjects, and here's the full transcript of his chat with the Seahawks.NET community!

dfarrar777:: Okay - questions for Adam...
AdamCaplan:: there should be a bunch of first round pick holdouts
dfarrar777:: Such as?
rawkhrdr:: Who would you expect?
ScottEklund:: why is that adam? why do teams wait so long?
AdamCaplan:: Scott: Length of the deals
AdamCaplan:: We broke the news early afternoon that (Broderick) bunkley would be a holdout

palatypus:: Reggie Bush (sigh)
AdamCaplan:: 1-16= 5 years for the player, teams want 6
dfarrar777:: Bush wants #1 money
AdamCaplan:: we also reported today wimbley's agent will be in CLE tomorrow
AdamCaplan:: his agent is good so I would expect a deal done
AdamCaplan:: the new CBA is offering a lot of challenges

rlrigmaiden:: Does anyone know if Ken Hamlin's injury and ensuing absence added another year to his contract, or is he a FA after this season?
AdamCaplan:: RL: The contract stays as it is

dfarrar777:: Any news on Jennings and Seattle's negotiations?
AdamCaplan:: DF: I expect picks late in the first to get in a reasonable amount of time
AdamCaplan:: they can only get 5 years
AdamCaplan:: what you'll see is 5 year deals that can void to 4

rawkhrdr:: what about the bottom of the first round, do you see any problems there
AdamCaplan:: RAW: 4 years players, teams will want 5
AdamCaplan:: agents and clubs will have to be more creative than usual

rawkhrdr:: cause of the new CBA

Uberman:: whats the early word on our rookies? Anyone performing better than expected early on
AdamCaplan:: UB: I would expect Tapp in by next week some time. Jennings will be close to start of camp

dfarrar777:: Once everyone does sign...Which picks do you think will make the most immediate impact?
AdamCaplan:: DF: Tapp as a situational pass rusher
AdamCaplan:: Jennings will as the season progresses

ScottEklund:: speculation here i know...but how long until young and leinart get their first starts?
AdamCaplan:: Scott: Leinart should get in 3-4 starts by the end of the season
AdamCaplan:: Young: Could be as many as 5-6
AdamCaplan:: they will be out of the playoffs by mid season or there after so TEN will play Young

rawkhrdr:: you think Herndon will start immediately over Jennings?
AdamCaplan:: RAW: I would expect Herndon to start, Jennings by mid season, he's much better than Herndon.
AdamCaplan:: But you have to be realistic

rawkhrdr:: that's kind of what I figured
rawkhrdr:: thanks
AdamCaplan:: Really like Tapp

dfarrar777:: Which draft pick overall will be the biggest difference-maker in the NFL?
AdamCaplan:: Has to be Bush
AdamCaplan:: Mario Williams can be a beast if he applies himself

ScottEklund:: is bush going to get 1st pick money?
AdamCaplan:: SCOTT: His marketing agent is acting like his agent (Mike Ornstein) and said the club promised him

rlrigmaiden:: Adam- Will we see Deuce McAllister possibly moved in a year or two, or will New Orleans eat that much cap for 2 RB's?
AdamCaplan:: RL: McAllister signed a big $ extension so they will have to eat some cash if they let him go.
AdamCaplan:: He has no value in a deal
AdamCaplan:: Trades rarely happen as it is for players

dfarrar777:: Who had the best overall draft? The worst?
AdamCaplan:: DF: I liked PHI, NYJ, DET, CLE
BarryMcBride:: Good list
dfarrar777:: Jets had a monster first round, yeah
AdamCaplan:: DF: And they really needed to do well
AdamCaplan:: Young coaching staff there

dfarrar777:: Which of the rookie coaches will have the most instant success? Who will have the toughest go?
AdamCaplan:: DF: Marinelli should do well, he's what they needed
AdamCaplan:: I talked about that on TV tonight
AdamCaplan:: hardest will be Mangini
AdamCaplan:: not a lot of talent there

dfarrar777:: Green Bay guy could be aging quickly
AdamCaplan:: DF: Yeah, McCarthy isn't made to be a HC
AdamCaplan:: Very strange hiring

dfarrar777:: Big holes at guard in GB
AdamCaplan:: DF: Two rookie Gs are expected to start
AdamCaplan:: I like Colledge
AdamCaplan:: I talked to him a while at the combine

rlrigmaiden:: He's a solid player
AdamCaplan:: nice guy, build to play G, not T
dfarrar777:: What is the learning curve for the average rookie lineman moving up the NFL?
AdamCaplan:: Depends on the player and position but 3 years for backups to learn to play and then start

TechWorlds:: Will Parcells be able to control TO this year, or will TO tear that locker room apart? Do you think the risk of bringing him in is worth the reward?
AdamCaplan:: TECH: One year and done
AdamCaplan:: and it will be interesting to see how Owens reacts to the first time Parcells yells at him

rawkhrdr:: Who are your top five fantasy picks?
AdamCaplan:: Alexander, LJohnson, Tomlinson, Barber, Portis
dfarrar777:: Who are your sleepers?
AdamCaplan:: BTW, if you have Sirius, I'm hosting this Saturday from 5-8am your time out west
AdamCaplan:: then replayed that night
AdamCaplan:: SF: Really like Burleson
AdamCaplan:: LJ Smith
AdamCaplan:: Delhomme could be a big surprise

rlrigmaiden:: Adam- I'm concerned about the injuries that have nagged our WR's and TE's. It seems they've all had one issue or another (Knees, Collar Bones and even Intestinal issues). What's the current med report on our skill guys? I heard Stevens may not be back until late August, which sounds suspiciously like Week 4 to me.
AdamCaplan:: RL: DJAX is really an issue
AdamCaplan:: I expect to see more of Hackett early on. Very underrated player
AdamCaplan:: could start for half of the league
AdamCaplan:: I had a scout tell me that last year

rlrigmaiden:: wow, that's great news
AdamCaplan:: RL: Stevens will be ready for the season, could be limited in camp
rawkhrdr:: not on the D-Jack front though? How serious do you think he is?
AdamCaplan:: he needs to get on the field after missing so much time
AdamCaplan:: RAW: Two surgeries in 9 months, that needs to be watched

Uberman:: Warrick?
AdamCaplan:: UB: Warrick is a non factor expect on punt returns
AdamCaplan:: Backup slot WR, that's it
AdamCaplan:: he's no lock to make the team

Uberman:: thats surprising

dfarrar777:: Is Seattle worse off this year at any position than they were before the 2005 season?
AdamCaplan:: DF: Obviously at LG
AdamCaplan:: Funny, before last season, DT was a weakness, now a major strength
AdamCaplan:: 6 deep

dfarrar777:: LB corps in one year - what a turnaround
rawkhrdr:: what do you think about DE?
AdamCaplan:: RAW: Rassmussen is serviceable
AdamCaplan:: Really like Tapp, good character

Uberman:: whats the word on Tubbs?
AdamCaplan:: Tubbs was working very hard this offseason
ScottEklund:: craig terrill not one of the most workmanlike guys in the league?
AdamCaplan:: Scott: Reminds me of Kelly Gregg—poor man’s version
ScottEklund:: totally agree
ScottEklund:: terrill always seems to be around the ball
dfarrar777:: Terrill - good pass penetrator
AdamCaplan:: Gregg was cut by the Eagles and became one of the best DTs no one has ever heard off

ScottEklund:: seattle's first long until they become playoff contenders
AdamCaplan:: SCOTT: never........
ScottEklund:: lol
AdamCaplan:: Kidding, probably 8-8 this season
AdamCaplan:: good staff, it's not going to be a coaching issue any more

dfarrar777:: How do you see Julian Peterson recovering? and would you play Hill at SLB?
AdamCaplan:: DFG: Hill is more of a SLB
AdamCaplan:: than WLB

dfarrar777:: Agreed
AdamCaplan:: Peterson is really a true SLB
AdamCaplan:: that can play WLB
AdamCaplan:: he's better playing closer to the line
AdamCaplan:: they will line him up in a lot of spots

ScottEklund:: hasselbeck has said as much
rawkhrdr:: I can't wait to see that LB corps in action
AdamCaplan:: But Peterson needs to prove he's back to where he was before the Achilles injury

Uberman:: could seneca wallace start for an extended period of time?
AdamCaplan:: UB: No on Wallace
AdamCaplan:: a few games but not much more
AdamCaplan:: doesn't have a consistent strong arm
AdamCaplan:: good on intermediate

rawkhrdr:: what's his trade value?
Uberman:: too much of a one trick poney still?
AdamCaplan:: raw: Wallace? Not much

rawkhrdr:: thanks
AdamCaplan:: I think you'll see him line up at WR a little more this season
AdamCaplan:: but they're very deep there
AdamCaplan:: situational WR

dfarrar777:: He'd be great there - just ask Ken Lucas
hawkssoar:: Seattle version of slash
AdamCaplan:: hawk: To a point
rawkhrdr:: how about him returning kicks/punts
AdamCaplan:: RAW: Not out of the question
dfarrar777:: Holmgren doesn't do a lot of that stuff, though - Slash this and trick that
AdamCaplan:: oh and don't forget about my hero Gibran Hamdan
Hawkstorian:: Hamdan: will he be physically ready for camp?
AdamCaplan:: good story on hamden
AdamCaplan:: how he made WAS roster a few years ago

dfarrar777:: How do you see the o-line situation shaping up for Seattle? What’s your take on Ashworth as a guard?
AdamCaplan:: DF: Ashworth is better playing inside
AdamCaplan:: I still believe he will wind up taking the job from Womack at some point

Uberman:: is he gray's replacement or do we see spencer get some action this year?
rawkhrdr:: what about the Seneca question that Uberman asked earlier?
dfarrar777:: They had Spencer at RG at minicamp
AdamCaplan:: Could be though I think Spencer will play at G some or backup there
dfarrar777:: I think Gray's the one on the bubble

rlrigmaiden:: Adam- After all the "poison pill" drama with Hutchinson last year, will the league make an effort to eliminate those kinds of contracts to prevent that from happening in the future?
AdamCaplan:: RL: it has to be collectively bargained
AdamCaplan:: UB: They're optimistic but won't know until the pads get on

dfarrar777:: Will the Seahawks have a serious divisional challenger this year?
AdamCaplan:: DF: No way
AdamCaplan:: terrible division

Uberman:: not that im concerned about our depth at corner but are we officially out of the ty law sweepstakes
AdamCaplan:: UB: Not out but it comes down to guaranteed money with him strictly
AdamCaplan:: any team that wants to pay him $10 mill or close to it can get him
AdamCaplan:: KC still is the favorite. Teams don't want to give Law that money in a SB because he's only got two good years left

rawkhrdr:: Who do you see as the top teams in the NFC...say top six
AdamCaplan:: RAW: SEA, CAR, TB, CHI, NYG, WAS

ScottEklund:: adam...what are your thoughts on arizona...are they really deserving as the media darlings?
AdamCaplan:: SCOTT: Good offseason, now they can actually run the ball and actually have a real OL coach

rlrigmaiden:: Adam- You mentioned Hackett before as someone who people (scouts) outside of the Seattle area like. Who are some other players that aren't stars, but get respect from across the league. I think Babineaux is starting to become a guy like that.
AdamCaplan:: RL: Craig Terrill is well liked
AdamCaplan:: Bryce Fisher

Uberman:: David Greene . . . is he doing as bad as it's sounding?
AdamCaplan:: UB: average arm means NFL backup
Hawkstorian:: Man, I hope Hamdan competes and makes Greene earn the job
Uberman:: better equipped than anyone else currently on the roster?
Uberman:: greene that is . . .
AdamCaplan:: I think they're in deep trouble if Hasselbeck got hurt
AdamCaplan:: but he's so durable
AdamCaplan:: they're willing to risk it
AdamCaplan:: like NE does with Brady

Uberman:: do you see Greene maturing into our backup above say seneca or gibran
AdamCaplan:: UB: Not at this point
dfarrar777:: Not much left in the vet QB sweepstakes

rlrigmaiden:: Adam- If Mike Holmgren wouldn't have re-signed with the 'Hawks, who are some guys that might have been in line for an interview?
AdamCaplan:: RL: Hard to say

HawkRibeye:: Adam: Do you think Grant Wistrom = Pro Bowl material this year?
AdamCaplan:: HAW: Don't see that, he's never been a dominant player, solid player though. They really needed to get a rotation there and Tapp and Rassmussen will help
rawkhrdr:: you like Rassmussen over Huckeba and Tafoya at DE?
AdamCaplan:: RAW: I think Rassmussen will get a better chance at playing time with SEA then in CAR
dfarrar777:: Tafoya’s a great journeyman
rlrigmaiden:: Adam- .....follow-up to Wistrom. Does he deserve to be asked to take a pay cut in the near future? I like his motor, toughness and abilitiy vs. the run, but sacks are a DE's bread and butter.
AdamCaplan:: RL: No paycut yet

Uberman:: break out year for boulware?
AdamCaplan:: UB: Probably so, you have to understand he's still learning the position

hawkssoar:: I know the season hasn't started, but how do you see the Hawks defense this year? I think they could be at least top 3
AdamCaplan:: HAWK: Top-five

rlrigmaiden:: Adam- Will I win the Lotto before Marcus Tubbs puts it all together and becomes the DT we know he can be?
AdamCaplan:: RL: He'll be better this season and they're deep at DT so he doesn't have to be on the field as much as you might think
rlrigmaiden:: Yeah, but I'd like to have my #1 pick starting.
AdamCaplan:: RL: DTs are generally rotated unless they're all-pros - starting doesn't mean much. Look at Bernard last year

Hawkstorian:: With many teams well over the cap -- are you hearing much buzz about vets around the league in line for extensions or raises?
AdamCaplan:: HAWK: Teams generally will get to young upside players early if they have the cap space. Eagles are notorious for that

dfarrar777:: What do you like about Burleson?
AdamCaplan:: DF: Great hands and very good RAC
AdamCaplan:: good fit for the WCO

HawkRibeye:: Adam: Can you rate the Seahawks offense this year? Top 5?
AdamCaplan:: HAWK: For sure

Uberman:: Russell Davis . . . Ive heard some say he is the impact signing of this season . . . your opinion?
AdamCaplan:: UB: He was very good against SEA, they liked what they saw on tape so they went after him

rlrigmaiden:: Adam- You didn't list Dallas as one of your favorites in the NFC. I may be crazy, but they scare me more than any other team in the conference. 3-4 teams seem to give us trouble and I don't want to see that defense with the additions they've made.
AdamCaplan:: RL: Dallas with Owens, Bledsoe, Glenn, Witten can have a potent offense
AdamCaplan:: good secondary
AdamCaplan:: henry was hurt last season

dfarrar777:: Hannam will help their line, too
dfarrar777:: Lot of two-TE sets

hawkssoar:: who do you like better at TE, Mili or Stevens? I am partial to Stevens, he just had a bad SB
AdamCaplan:: HAW: Jerramy Stevens is clearly the best

rlrigmaiden:: Adam- Ok, before you go, give us your ultimate Fantasy Sleeper, regardless of position?
AdamCaplan:: RL: Reggie Brown

dfarrar777:: How do you see the Seahawks doing this season? Anything on paper preventing them from another trip to the big dance?
AdamCaplan:: DF: Unless LG is really bad, they'll face CAR in the NFC championship game again
AdamCaplan:: and if Jennings struggles and Hamlin can't play

rlrigmaiden:: Adam- Super Bowl pick?
AdamCaplan:: HOU-CLE
rlrigmaiden:: haha
AdamCaplan:: CAR-IND

HawkRibeye:: Adam: Who do you think is the next NFL Commissioner?
AdamCaplan:: Roger Goddell
AdamCaplan:: they want to keep it in house so to speak

rlrigmaiden:: one last question.
rlrigmaiden:: Adam- I'm torn between who's better, Boldin or Fitzgerald. Who would you take?
AdamCaplan:: Two different players
AdamCaplan:: Fitz more physical

rlrigmaiden:: Definitely, but you have to pick one. Who would it be?
AdamCaplan:: Probably Fitz
dfarrar777:: Okay - Adam, thank you so much for your time!
HawkRibeye:: same
AdamCaplan:: We'll do this again, later

We'd like to thank Adam for answering the questions of our community in this exclusive chat. Top Stories