The Norton Report: The Local Impact

Les Norton, Seahawks.NET's own Intrepid Correspondent, is already buzzing around Cheney, Washington before the Seahawks start their 2006 training camp there later this week. In the first of what will be many Norton Reports during training camp, Les talks about what the Seahawks mean to the local economy.

I thought I would take a little time and see how the Seahawks' training camp affects the average Cheney-based people and businesses.

Eastern Washington University is, of course, glad to have the Hawks come here. The monies generated over the past few years have helped the campus immensely. (Sadly, one of the things it did was build those darn new tennis courts last year that blocks a lot of the fans access to the players). The summer kids were especially glad to have them show as it gives them a place to work. From player requests through the NFL Experience for the kids, it’s extra money for the people at the campus. Oh, by the way…the Eastern Washington football team HATES the Seahawks because they force them to use secondary fields for practice. The few players I talked again.

Bahama Mama's Espresso, which you will find in a different spot now…they had to move or be under a brand new Holiday Inn Express that is right on the highway where the stand used to be. "Training Camp doesn't get us up to school time standards but it helps a lot in those few weeks". And having the Holiday Inn right next door now figures to help a lot.

The eating and drinking places in town love the Seahawks. They get players, friends, and extra fans both day and evenings. And they all say its a good crowd with very little problems. Its a big boost for them in the quiet summer time and they will all miss that August Bash when it is gone.

Even Mitchell's, the independent grocery store, gets a bit of an extra push when the players are there. Not far from and easy to find from the campus, it’s a favorite target for the nighttime snack hounds.

Many of us Seahawks. NET fans are also fans of the Cheney Zip's, and why not? Good food and decent prices. The temperature going in today was 94. That was going in. A halibut and chips later, it was 99…and that was at noon .

So Cheney loves the Seahawks and will miss them greatly when they no longer come over here.

How does the place look? All 4 fields appear to be in wonderful condition. The equipment is there, stands are cleaned off and ready. All the tackling stuff is at the south end of the field so maybe they are starting there. I'm ready and I'll bet you are too. I have to work Thursday but will be there Friday morning with bells on. Well with a floppy hat and my Marcus Trufant Jersey on and carrying my Canon Digital. Hope to see many of you there. Since retiring last fall I have taken a part time job on Tues-Weds-Thurs but will be there as many other days as I can with some words and pictures.

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