The Norton Report - 7/28/06

Once again, the Seattle Seahawks have ventured to beautiful downtown Cheney to get ready for the season. And once again, Seahawks.NET proudly sends Les Norton, our intrepid Eastern Washington correspondent, to bring back the flavor of training camp. In his first Norton Report of 2006, Les discusses the preparations for the action to come…and discusses one team employee who could really use a nap.

It turns out that today was just a mini-mini rah, rah short-term program. Most of the guys in uniform were new guys or backups. But everyone looks to be in really great shape. Got to the gate early with a couple of young fans with a Seahawks banner to sign, and most of the uniformed guys stopped and signed for them. Everyone relaxed and pleasant today. Nothing like we will see in the coming weeks, when jobs are on the line for many.

I spoke with Ray-Bob Rhodes, our favorite defensive consultant. He was bright and upbeat and said he felt fine and raring to go. Once I got a word out of him he stopped for about 90 seconds and spoke in general to all the fans there. I chuckled because he walked in with our backup quarterback, how funny. Speaking of quarterbacks, David Greene was on the high road. I would guess working on his reputation that has such a black cloud on it from the fans from last year’s training camp when he had the scowl on. He was bright and articulate and answered questions and signed autographs for anyone that wanted one. Never a frown or dark look on his face like last year. After that few minutes talking to him and listening to him talk to the other fans, I am rooting for him to catch on and/or have deeper end zones.(sorry David, couldn't resist)

The coaches all look in terrific shape. As usual, Nolan Cromwell looks like the guy you'd like to take with you if you were going to a back-alley brawl. The only coach that wasn't in tip-top physical shape was offensive assistant Keith Gilbertson, who looks like he put on as much weight last winter as I did. But his wit was visible to all. Mike Holmgren looks really great. I asked him if he hadn't lost weight and he said some but was still working on it. But I would wager he has lost weight in the 30-50 lb. area.

One down spot for the day. They have cut down even more the area where you can talk to the players as they come out. More and more people are going to the upper parking lot and catching them as they go in to dress. The guy that runs the team store was rude beyond belief and did his darndest to run 4 of us completely out of the area where we have always stood.

Saving grace was the fact that one of the four was a photographer from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, who basically told him to buzz off and leave us alone. Even he was surprised at the way the guy was treating people. The photog is a 15 year P-I veteran that looks about 25. I think without him the Seahawk store guy and I would have had quite a set to.

Listen, Seahawk Management…there is no reason to let someone be that rude to your fans.

I expect lots of bandwagon fans this year because of the success of the team last season, so if you want to get to see the players come out to the field like I do, you had better be there early.

I would guess that tomorrow will be the day to get things going.

Respectfully submitted...
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