The Norton Report - 7/31/06 (With Photos)

Seahawks.NET's intrepid Eastern Washington correspondent Les Norton gives readers an update on how training camp is progressing through his words and camera lens.

Well Monday morning was pretty interesting. First off Ryan Plackemeier is also a holder. Our Special Teams Coach is running out of options.

Today was really wide receiver day for me. I took a bunch of pictures, hopefully got everyone. Lots of clankers during the receivers warmup and 2 or 3 during the start of wideout practice. But after that everyone settled down and whatever was reached was pretty much hauled down including one of the guys tripping over a defender, rolling on the ground and keeping his eyes on the ball caught it laying on his back.

But the top deal of the day was MARCUS TRUFANT! It seems that he must have made a decision to not let anyone catch a ball thrown his way. On the 5 times I saw the ball go his way the receivers were 0-5.

4 times with the ball in the air he appeared as light as a hand maiden's daydream and tipped the ball away. The 5th he was on the outside and Matt threw the ball low and inside where no one catches it but the receiver. But Marcus managed to arrive about the same time as the ball and rolled the receiver over spilling the ball doing it. He caught a little heat for the hit but trotted away with a grin on his face. And no I don't know what receiver, I have the picture but you can't see any numbers. He was playing on the right side.

Highlight or lowlight whichever you want was meeting the KJR Crew that was interviewing our favorite...Hugh Millen. I got the director to move so I could get a picture of them and Hugh had me wait until they were through and introduced himself and the DJ or whatever sports guys are called. It went right over my head so whomever was doing the morning show is who it was. They were very pleasant and made polite conversation. Neither of them could have been more gracious. And I of all people bite my tongue and said not a word.

Then I noticed on the sidelines a mismatched couple I would not have spotted for newsies until I realized the woman was holding a FSN mike. So I called out to them and they let me get a picture. I must add they were very scruffy looking and didn't do much for their company by their appearance. And as far as viewer relations they were real duds.

Interesting morning for me. I will hate having to work the next 3 days until Friday when I can go again.

Respectfully submitted...

Les Norton


All photos courtesy Les Norton Top Stories