Quick Hits: Mike Holmgren, August 3rd

After Thursday's practice, Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren took time to address media questions. The injury status of several players was a primary concern, and Holmgren talked about a couple of rookies, as well.

How is new Seahawks receiver Nate Burleson fitting in – how is he adjusting to the new offense?

“We know he’s a good player. Now, he has to adapt to the ways we do things. You see it all the time when you acquire players from other teams. There will be something in the technique that he’s used to that he has to change. We are big on after the catch, and he certainly has the ability to do that. He’s shown that in practice. He, Julian Peterson, the guys we’ve brought in from other teams, they’re working hard to do that.”

What’s the status of WR Darrell Jackson’s knee? When will he be ready to go?

“I’ve got to talk to Darrell today. He’s on a program to get his leg strengthened. His knee is pretty good, but his muscles in his quad have to be stronger so he doesn’t re-injure anything. He’s right on schedule. We’re setting a target date of the third preseason game (which would be at San Diego on August 26).”

How is the health of TE Jerramy Stevens and DE Grant Wistrom?

“All those guys are ahead of schedule. Jerramy should be able to practice next week. Grant, a week later. Hackett has a grade one hamstring. They say two to three weeks.”

What about RB/KR Josh Scobey’s illness and CB Jimmy Williams' injury?

“Scobey was sick. The poor guy, he’s better now, but he skipped practice. Jimmy got his ankle rolled and had to stop practice.”

Why did you reprimand rookie WR Ben Obomanu after his touchdown catch today?

“It would’ve come back because he would’ve been penalized on the play. We line up illegally. The tight end shifted, and what should’ve happened is that Ben should have been off, the tight end on, both of them should move and then we run the play. He lined up on the ball, so he was wrong. My point was, ‘you work so hard, you make a great route, you make a great catch and it doesn’t count because we couldn’t do other stuff properly.’ Those things in practice, when they happen just like that, that’s a great teaching tool for us. I don’t think he’ll ever make that mistake again.”

What are your current thoughts on the competition for the third quarterback position?

“David (Greene) and Gibran (Hamdan) and Travis (Lulay) are battling. Travis will not get as many reps as the other two guys, which is the unfair part of it, but that’s just the way it is and the other two guys are battling for it.”

How about the development of C/G Chris Spencer?

“He’s doing fine. He’s playing some guard. He’s splitting his time. He’s a good player. As long as Robbie (Tobeck) continues to play at a certain level, he’s our center. As soon as that slips then Chris is ready to step in there and play. Now with Chris’ ability to play guard and we’re letting him do that, it gives us really good depth and flexibility at the inside two positions.”

In your experience, how much do experienced players have the advantage in training camp?

“A veteran player has a leg up on the final roster cuts in most cases, but that doesn’t mean he can be sloppy in practice. They get graded everyday. We talk about them every night. If a veteran player doesn’t have a good practice day, I’m going to talk to them about it the next day.”

What about TE Itula Mili’s progress? How might he fit into the starting lineup this year?

“He’s a good player when he’s healthy. He’s been a good player for us. Last year was a tough year for him. We need him. We don’t have Ryan Hamman anymore. Jerramy has been hurt, but he’ll be back. Two of our tight ends play a lot and now we have to find a third.”

How is safety Mike Green doing?

“He’s not under the radar screen anymore. If we learned anything about last year, we learned that our depth is hugely important. Marquand Manuel came in after Kenny) Hamlin got hurt, and played and was a big part of the success we had last year. How it all falls out at the end, I’m not sure. Mike Green is a good football player and I’m glad we got him.”

Can you talk about your history with rookie FB David Kirtman?

“I played football against his father years ago in San Francisco. Of course I knew David. It starts there because Mercer Island High School, where I live, he was a big star there before he went to USC and I’ve known him when he went to USC. I followed him there, and they were so good and he was their fullback.

“Our scouts graded him, put him up there. I wouldn’t have drafted him solely because of the fact that he was my neighbor, but he’s here in this position. He’s doing okay. I had to get on his case a little bit yesterday and he’s not the lone ranger. Rookies come in sometimes that were great in college, and they don’t know how much they have to study. They have to learn and study off the field. The mistakes they make typically is because they don’t have the proper study habits yet, but then they learn what it takes.”

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