Adam Caplan Chat Transcript - 8/8/06

On Monday, August 7th, Adam Caplan of Sirius Radio, and stopped by the NETNation chat room as a guest of Seahawks.NET. Adam shared some thoughts on the team, the NFC West, other divisions around the NFL, and other great inside stuff. Here's the full transcript of his chat with the Seahawks.NET community!


dfarrar777:: Is Roger Goodell still the frontrunner for the Commissioner’s job?
AdamCaplan:: DF: Yes
AdamCaplan:: I can't see him not getting it
dfarrar777:: What about the small faction against him?
AdamCaplan:: too small to not give it to him
AdamCaplan:: league likes to stay in house
(Editor’s Note: On Tuesday, the NFL announced that Roger Goodell will be the new NFL Commissioner.)

pehawk:: One of the hustlers in camp that I noticed is Alex Guerrero, why'd KC not like him? Is he a realistic hustle guy that can make the squad?
AdamCaplan:: Once the DTs are healthy, Guerrero will be headed to practice squad
AdamCaplan:: this season

Kooshster:: Moving onto Seahawks camp for a second - How are the injury recoveries of Marcus Tubbs and Rocky Bernard progressing?
AdamCaplan:: Tubbs is getting better
AdamCaplan:: Wistrom third preseason game
AdamCaplan:: Stevens practices on Weds
AdamCaplan:: plays in two weeks if all goes well

pehawk:: Which Nate Burleson are you expecting to be playing for the Hawks?
AdamCaplan:: PE: Not sure what you mean
pehawk:: Let elaborate, '04 or '05 Nate Burleson?
AdamCaplan:: More like 04
AdamCaplan:: he was limited by the PCL sprain all last season plus the QB problems

pehawk:: Warrick?
AdamCaplan:: #5 WR, PR
AdamCaplan:: that's it
AdamCaplan:: backup slot WR
AdamCaplan:: Was great at that role a few years ago

ivotuk:: any idea who and where on the O-Line?
AdamCaplan:: IV: No changes other than womack at LG
AdamCaplan:: Though I think Ashworth will push him hard
dfarrar777:: Where do you see Ashworth?
AdamCaplan:: DF: backup LG and T
AdamCaplan:: BTW, Spencer will only play C this season
AdamCaplan:: getting snaps in camp at G though

Kooshster:: Speaking of WRs, what's D-Jack's recovery looking like? Will he be ready for the season or will someone else have to take his place? If so, who?
AdamCaplan:: KOO: DJ is ready with the knee but he needs to get the muscles stronger
AdamCaplan:: about two weeks away

kidhawk:: Who do you see as being our #3 qb when all plays out. And I know I'm in the minority, but I just don't see Wallace being able to run the offense we have if Hass is injured is there anyone out there the hawks can get with experience or are the coaches happy with Wallace if Hass goes down?
AdamCaplan:: kid: Greene
dfarrar777:: You think Greene over Hamdan?
AdamCaplan:: DF: Yes
ivotuk:: wow I thought for sure Hamdan
Seawinner:: Im interested in the QB backup as well, I see Wallace as the prime back up .. but it's the Greene , Hamdan match .. I see Hamdan there
AdamCaplan:: God forbid they would have to go to the #3, have to think Greene is safer
dfarrar777:: Safer from an injury standpoint?
AdamCaplan:: DF: From playing standpoint, keep in mind at least Greene had better talent to go up against in college
Seawinner:: It just seems as if everything I hear, Greene has a difficult time with the West Coast offense

Kooshster:: How's Jennings? As confident as I am in Ruskell, I'm worried about his size preventing him from becoming a sure tackler.
ivotuk:: Kelly Jennings seems a little slow picking up the D, could Herndon be the #1 going in to the season?
AdamCaplan:: KOO: Herndon has been much better so far, Jennings late start hurt
AdamCaplan:: But he's coming along
dfarrar777:: I think he'll start about midseason

pehawk:: How much will Peterson effect the play of this defense? What's a significant impact?
AdamCaplan:: PE: Pass rush ,cover TE
dfarrar777:: Seattle faces just about every great TE this year
Kooshster:: I'm so glad we have JP
Seawinner:: Yeah, last year I saw a lot of TE success against the hawks, hopefully Peterson will help there
AdamCaplan:: SEA was one of the worst covering TEs last year

stevelargent:: do you see John Marshall going with a more aggressive defensive scheme this year with the proven athleticism at LB?
AdamCaplan:: STEVE: Depends on CBs

BBlades89:: Adam, do you see any WRs like Mann or CJ Jones making the team or PS?
AdamCaplan:: BB: Nah, though I liked mann when he came out

pehawk:: What's with the Ashley Lelie rumors? Any truth of Seattle being in the mix?
AdamCaplan:: PE: None
dfarrar777:: Thank God
AdamCaplan:: ATL or PHI
AdamCaplan:: PHI most likely

ivotuk:: Darryl Tapp, how good is he really? i.e. will he play on more than just passing downs?
AdamCaplan:: IV: situational DE
AdamCaplan:: for now - like Trent Cole in philly
AdamCaplan:: small but fast
ivotuk:: so he might get more playing time as the season goes on?
AdamCaplan:: IV: For sure
dfarrar777:: Could he play run/pass if he had to or would they put Tafoya/Rasmussen in there on first/second down?

kidhawk:: our DB's are all still pretty young, do you think the learning curve will cause problems defending the pass early in the year?
AdamCaplan:: KID: Teams will pick on whoever starts opposite Trufant

pehawk:: How long will the Leinart Saga, continue?
AdamCaplan:: PE: Could be another week
AdamCaplan:: I expect Allen to sign soon (Editor’s Note: Jason Allen and the Miami Dolphins have now agreed to terms on a six-year deal. Matt Leinart is the only unsigned first-round draft pick.)

TechWorlds:: It was amazing that Seattle went undefeated in the division last year. To me this is very very hard to do. I feel they will lose at least one road game in the division this year. Who is it most likely to be? I think "SF" for no concrete reason.
AdamCaplan:: TECH: SF is a really good home team
AdamCaplan:: terrible on road - they're young
dfarrar777:: Almost tripped SEA up 27-25
AdamCaplan:: I'll be there tomorrow
AdamCaplan:: Raiders on Weds
AdamCaplan:: I'm in SF now
AdamCaplan:: cold here

ivotuk:: Leonard Weaver, a lock on the roster?
AdamCaplan:: IV: should make it
dfarrar777:: I think weaver will be the third halfback

Kooshster:: Is Kirtman the next Mack Strong?
AdamCaplan:: kOO: Strong is a better blocker but they really like Kirtman, Holmgren has known him for a while
AdamCaplan:: followed his high school career
AdamCaplan:: that's why they drafted him in part
ScottEklund:: and they were next door neighbors
kidhawk:: they keep drafting to replace strong, but they've never succeeded. Whoever replaces him will have to wait until he retires

dfarrar777:: Matt Millen on the Competition Committee…what the heck were they thinking? Don’t you have to prove the ability to make a team competitive before you can be on the Competition Committee? Isn’t this like putting Eric Cartman on the Manhattan Project?
AdamCaplan:: DF: That's what I was thinking - or have job security

Kooshster:: will Ken Hamiln be the Hammer of ye olde?
dfarrar777:: He looks very thin.
Seawinner:: at camp?
dfarrar777:: Yep
AdamCaplan:: kOO: Seems ok so far
dfarrar777:: Looks like a corner right now. Good wind, runs well, good from that perspective.

pehawk:: How's Parcells new "base" offense working out?
AdamCaplan:: PE: Work in progress and owens is hurt
pehawk:: Any hints of TO losing it there, yet?
AdamCaplan:: PE: Nah
kidhawk:: how can he lose it when he hasn't even practiced for; what is it now? 5 days?
dfarrar777:: Bledsoe will have to throw the ball 600 times to keep the divas happy
TechWorlds:: Bledsoe's arm is too old to throw that many passes period

dfarrar777:: Adam, which training camps have you been to so far? Who has really surprised/impressed you?
AdamCaplan:: PHI, NYG, 5 more to come
AdamCaplan:: PHI really looked good against OAK

pehawk:: Why was the addition of Keyshawn looked upon so positively? I don’t get it honestly, he's a bit slow and overrated, IMO.
AdamCaplan:: PE: They needed a possession WR next to Smith
AdamCaplan:: and they have two good young WRs behind them
dfarrar777:: Drew Carter is their DJ Hackett
AdamCaplan:: DF: Good comparison

Kooshster:: The Seahawks play the Bears in Week 4, in one of the tougher games of the year. What's the likelihood that Grossman can give the Bears an offense that can truly complement their D?
AdamCaplan:: kOO: Griese was signed and if grossman struggles, he'll be in there

stevelargent:: how do you see Philly doing this year? has that division surpassed them even now that they're fully healthy?
AdamCaplan:: Mcnabb and Westbrook looked great. Hank Baskett is a great story - lock to make team. Could break top four of rotation. Philly will compete for division
AdamCaplan:: I have it NYG, WAS, PHI, DAL
AdamCaplan:: DAL OL is a big worry

pehawk:: Is there anything to really get excited over the Pickett to Houston trade? Will he be the #2?
AdamCaplan:: PE: Rosenfels should win it

dfarrar777:: Can't put my finger on it, but I see Tampa Bay as a real threat. Thoughts?
AdamCaplan:: DF: I said that on Sirius last week, #2 team there
AdamCaplan:: better than ATL

pehawk:: Any earth shattering cuts you can forsee?
AdamCaplan:: PE: Ask me at the end of the month
AdamCaplan:: way too early to tell
dfarrar777:: Brett Favre :-)
AdamCaplan:: Favre must have been smoking something last week when he said this is the most talented GB team he's been on
BBlades89:: What do you think about GB? I think their D is going to be good this year
AdamCaplan:: BB: Terrible
AdamCaplan:: WRs are weak other than driver, DTs are weak
AdamCaplan:: Safeties are questionable
dfarrar777:: Guards are iffy?
AdamCaplan:: DF: Young, that's for sure

pehawk:: How's Culpepper?
AdamCaplan:: PE: Good, may play this week
pehawk:: Are they the team in the East, the Dolphins?
AdamCaplan:: PE: NE then MIA

rockhawkx:: Hello Adam. I'm a big fan of the Fantasy show with John and I'm wondering why you are both so high on Kevin Jones. He basically killed me last year. Is it because of the addition of Martz or the subtraction of Harrington?
kidhawk:: Detroit's built their offensive skill positions the last few years, with Martz in as OC do you think they may improve enough to be competitive for a playoff spot?
AdamCaplan:: ROCK: Much better situation this year
AdamCaplan:: kID: 8-8 for DET
BBlades89:: Do you think Brian Calhoun could have a big impact in Detroit?
AdamCaplan:: BB: Like Maurice Drew
AdamCaplan:: change of pace role

Seawinner:: Who do you predict (right now) having Home Field advantage for the playoffs
AdamCaplan:: SEA: Too early to say but I do have SEA-CAR again
pehawk:: Good answer!
pehawk:: Any surprise teams to look for?
AdamCaplan:: PE: PHI bounce back
AdamCaplan:: DET 8-8
AdamCaplan:: TB 11-5
Kooshster:: wow am I glad that we're not playing the NFC East this year
AdamCaplan:: toughest division in NFL
TechWorlds:: Where do you see Dallas at years end?
AdamCaplan:: TECH: 9-7ish
TechWorlds:: out of playoffs then

dfarrar777:: With Charley Casserly and Mike Holmgren off the Competition Committee, and the league shortening the review time from 90 to 60 seconds, do you see an indefinite future for instant replay?
AdamCaplan:: DF: It's not going away

pehawk:: How's Losman looking in Bills land?
AdamCaplan:: PE: Inconsistent

rockhawkx:: Adam, if you have to take one of the WR's from Arizona, who goes first, Bolden or Fitzgerald?
AdamCaplan:: ROCK: Fitz more TDs, Boldin more catches
AdamCaplan:: I have Fitz going a little better this year

kidhawk:: Leaving the NFC for a moment, who do you see in the AFC East? Miami or New England yet again?
AdamCaplan:: kID: NE
AdamCaplan:: AFC: MIA will get wild card

Kooshster:: regarding the AFC West - does losing both '05 tackles make LJ's fantasy value drop?
AdamCaplan:: kOO: They really only lost Roaf
AdamCaplan:: Black is going to RT

pehawk:: Baltimore?
AdamCaplan:: PE: 9-7ish
AdamCaplan:: maybe 10-6

Seawinner:: For Carolina, do you see Smith and KJ accepting their roles? or is it an internal battle?
AdamCaplan:: SEA: Should be fine

pehawk:: How's Vick looking?
AdamCaplan:: PE: average - still needs to trust the system
AdamCaplan:: they need to resign the backup QB

stevelargent:: out of denver, is Mike Bell the real deal or is Shanny just playing games again?
AdamCaplan:: STEVE: Bell has been very good
AdamCaplan:: Dayne hasn't

rockhawkx:: who's better, Hasselbeck or McNabb?
AdamCaplan:: rock: Hasselbeck is a better QB
rockhawkx:: Thanks Adam
ivotuk:: Thank YOu
pehawk:: Thanks Adam.
stevelargent:: thanks a bunch
dfarrar777:: Adam, thanks so much!
Kooshster:: Thanks! Top Stories