Hamlin Sees The Elephant

It was bound to happen…and on Tuesday, it finally did. Seahawks safety Ken Hamlin survived his first real collision since suffering severe head injuries last October in an off-field altercation. After a major five-alarm fender-bender with 250-pound running back Leonard Weaver in today's full-pads workout, Hamlin showed no ill effects and finished practice.

Hamlin also intercepted a pass and was involved in a shoulder shiver of a hit on TE Keith Willis.

This was a major day for the fourth-year player – going into Saturday’s preseason opener with the Cowboys, everyone had been encouraged by Hamlin’s appearance in drills and walkthroughs. Now, the Seahawks know that he can take the hits he has been known for dishing out.

As is his nature, Hamlin was nonchalant about the barnburner when talking to the media later in the day. “It’s just practice. I’m out here trying to get better in different situations. I think that situation was live so you have to hit. I guess you could say I was forced to," he said.

Was he tentative or hesitant today, knowing that there would be more contact? “I don’t think I was tentative at all. I came in knowing what I had to do. It’s not my first rodeo, I guess you could say. I knew what I had to do and I knew I had to pace myself as far as keeping myself conditioned. That’s the only thing I was getting at.”

Hamlin also mentioned that the coaches aren’t putting him on any sort of special regimen – the leash has been loosened. “They don’t come and talk to me anymore. I’m out there with my guys just practicing.”

How does he feel about the upcoming game against Dallas? Any historical context for him to finally be back on the field? “It’s just a preseason game. It is what it is. It’s still training camp; I’m still working hard, nothing special about it. I’m blessed to be out here and that’s what I’m happy about, that I’m back out here.”

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