Seahawks.NET Power Rankings - 9/5/06

For the second straight year, Seahawks.NET's Dylan Johnson will provide weekly NFL Power Rankings through the regular season and postseason. In his first Rankings of the new season, Dylan takes a look at the NFL's best to worst.

Rank (LW) Team Comment

Seattle played the entire preseason like it was practice. Oh wait, it was practice. No worries.


Motorcycle accidents, appendectomies -- Big Ben might be the only QB safer on the field than off. One thing is for sure, the Steelers need him on the field in the worst way. Lucky for them, Roethlisberger is expected back in time for week 2.


The Panthers have injury questions on both sides of the ball. Should they manage to keep most of their starters on the field, Carolina will be a contender for the NFC Championship again this year.


The Broncos lost their starting running back to free agency… again. Shouldn't make much difference with the kings of the cut-block up front.


The running game took a hit losing James in the offseason. If Addai and Rhodes can't shoulder the load teams will start to tee off of Peyton Manning.


With Palmer back under center, the Bengals are legit Super Bowl contenders.


The Bears total lack of offense last year wasn't addressed in the offseason. While that might be good enough to win the NFC's weakest division, it won't bear any postseason fruit.


The injury to Clinton Portis is a huge question mark for the 'Skins. If he's healthy, Washington should return to the playoffs this year.


Could this year be the year the Pats finally falter? Maybe, but I’m not betting against 'em.


Jacksonville has a stellar defense, but the offense has to step up to it's potential this year in order to avoid a repeat of last year's post-season embarrassment.


Can Eli take the next step? He certainly has the weapons on offense to do it with All-Pro's at wideout, running back and tight end. The secondary is still questionable and in this division, that could be disastrous.


The addition of Donte Stallworth is huge for the Iggles. With a legit number one wideout, Philadelphia is a threat to reclaim the NFC East.


The injury decimated offensive line needs to jell… quickly. Philip Rivers has the chops to be a successful NFL QB, but he'll need time in the pocket to realize that potential.


The Bucs are the defending NFC South champs, and they look just as solid this year. If Chris Sims, Cadillac Williams and Michael Clayton take the next step, there will be a lot of cannon fire in Tampa this fall.


The Vikings are going to be a run first then run offense this year. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but one has to wonder how the fans will take it after so many years of watching the long ball under the dome.


The stars are starting to get long in the tooth (with the notable exception of Larry Johnson). If KC can stay healthy at the end of the season, they'll make some waves.


Take the under this year. The Cowboys have a strong defense and very suspect offense. This season will ride on the offensive line, and that spells distaster for the Cowboys.


I’m not sold on Daunte Culpepper, mainly because he was having a lousy year before going down midseason. If he can return to pre-2005 form, the Dolphins could cruise to the NFC East title.


A lot has been said about the Ravens depth, mostly about how awful it is. In this case, the pundits are right; the injury report will have a major impact on Baltimore's season.


The story here is the offensive line. It stinks.


If Kellen Winslow can stay healthy. If Braylon Edwards can stay healthy. If the offensive line can protect Charlie Frye. Three mighty big "if's" in a division that boasts the Super Bowl champs and one of the best offenses in the league.


J.P. Losman is probably on the hottest hot seat coming into this season.


Two questions will determine the season's success for Atlanta: Can Michael Vick mature into even an average NFL QB and can the defense stop the run?


Jim Haslett promises a more aggresive defense but does he have the talent to run it? The Rams had better return to the upper echelons of the NFL on offense if they hope to break .500 this year.


The Titans have a lot of young exciting talent of offense. Unfortuantely the NFL learning curve is pretty steep. They're setting the table for next season in Tennessee.


If the Lions can get some early success, they might just start to believe in themselves and make a run of it. History, however, tells us that the team lacks the intestinal fortitude to finish strong.


New Orleans has a great backfield and solid pass rushing DE's, which is a start. The Saints have the potential to rise above punching bag status this year, although making the postseason in a tough division may be too tall of an order for first year coach Sean Payton to fill.


The Jets are building up from the ashes of 2005 with a great draft and some solid free agent pickups. They are, however, several pieces short of a winning record.


With the Packers offensive line decimated yet again, Farve will threaten to lead the league in INT for two straight years. That is, if he makes it through the whole season.


Sigh. I just don't understand how you can have an offensive line that was so awful last season and not have done anything to fix it during the offseason.


How soon before Aaron Brooks and Randy Moss start hollering at each other on the sidelines?


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