Seahawks.NET Power Rankings - Week One

Seahawks.NET's Dylan Johnson provides weekly NFL Power Rankings through the regular season and postseason. Dylan breaks down the NFL in Week One.

Rank (LW) Team Comment

The Steelers beat a quality opponent by 11 points with their backup QB. That's the sign of a championship team.


Glass half empty: No touchdowns against a team that was 5-11 last year. Glass half full: Won opening day on the road, something not even last year's Super Bowl team managed to pull off.


What should have been a celebration of Carson Palmer's return was ruined by Robert Geathers' cheap shot on Trent Green. Hopefully the NFL won't be as blind as their referees were during the game and fine and/or suspend Geathers.


The Colts won against a good Giants team on the road, but cracks have begun to show in the offense. The running game had better improve … quickly.


The Bears offense scored on the opening drive and the defense made sure that's all they'd need. Chicago is still the team to beat in the NFC North.


After one week, the Donte' Stallworth trade appears to be one of the NFL's better offseason moves. Now we'll see how the Eagles fare against a better team than the Texans.


The Chargers looked impressive on both sides of the ball on Monday Night and are clearly the team to beat in the AFC West.


Injuries and more injuries are the story in Carolina. Even so, not converting a third down until the fourth quarter on your home field is pathetic.


With first-round draft pick Jay Culter on the sidelines, Jake Plummer can't afford any more 3 INT 0 TD games.


The Patriots just find ways to win. When was the last time you remember hearing about a team winning with a safety?


Byron Leftwich looked sharp and the Jags defense kept the pressure on Dallas all day.


20 penalties and 3 dropped interceptions will never, ever get you a win. If this team ever gets it together, they could make some noise in a wide-open NFC.


Minnesota's commitment to their running game has already paid off with a road win against a playoff team. Things are looking up in Minnesota.


The Redskins were 1-4 in the red zone on Monday Night. It's very hard to win when you can't score from up close.


The Ravens defense appears to have returned to form, which is bad news for the AFC. If McNair can stay healthy, Baltimore can punch their own post-season ticket in 2006.


The Falcons ran roughshod over the injury plagued Panthers but will have a tougher time against the Bucs next week.


Chris Simms will need to react better under pressure, especially against the ferocious Falcons pass rush on the road.


It remains to be seen if last week's performance by Daunte Culpepper was a continuation of his poor pre-injury showing in 2005 or just shaking off the rust. For the Dolphins sake, it had better be the latter.


So last week was, what, the hundredth time Drew Bledsoe threw a game-ending interception? I can almost hear the "Ro-Mo!" chants now.


The Cardinals won their home opener and deserve kudos for that but only managing 2.9 yards per carry against an anemic 49er defense is troubling.


Who'd have thunk it? The Rams defense was stifiling and the offense couldn't find the endzone. Meanwhile, every fantasy owner with Jeff Wilkins rejoiced.


Without the services of Trent Green, the Chiefs will be hard-pressed to stay competative.


The Saints won on the road, Reggie Bush looked sharp and Aaron Brooks wasn't under center. Quite an improvement over last year.


The Bills started strong but faded down the stretch. J.P. Losman had time to avoid the safety that cost his team the game but seemed unaware of where he was on the field.


The Lions demonstrated they won't be the NFC North's punching bag anymore. If they can get a little more production on the ground, they can make a post-season run.


All over New York, people are dusting off their #10 jerseys, and readying the tar and feathers for #1.


When Charlie Frye leads your team in rushing yards, your ground attack is hopeless. The Browns must do better or they'll be picking first in April.


Tennessee is rebuilding, and that means there's going to be more games like last week's before things get better.


0-9 on third down tells the tale of last weeks' loss as eloquently as anything I could write.


The offensive line is still awful, and now, apparently, so is the secondary.


Brett Farve managed something last week that he's never done before in his 16 year career … he failed to score a point.


When Randy Moss is a team captain, the team is in BIG trouble. Art Shell needs to lower the boom on this team pronto. Top Stories