Seahawks Show Off New Digs

<P>Last Saturday the Seattle Seahawks players and coaches gave their fans a glimpse of what they hope is of things to come.</P>

 The Seahawks held their first organized activity in their new home. The organized activity was publicly billed as a team scrimmage.

 The number one offense lined up against the number two defense, the number one defense lined up against the number two offense.

 A field goal competition was also added to give some flavor to the festivities. The scrimmage gave fans a chance to dream and ask why not us, why not our team?

First string quarterback Trent Dilfer completed 18 or 30 passes for 177 yards and four touchdowns during the controlled scrimmage.

Part of the scrimmage was devoted to working on the teams hurry up offense. Dilfer looked calm, cool, and collected during the teams two-minute drill.

On one particular play during the drill, Dilfer sat in the pocket, scanned the field for an open receiver, when none came open, he took off down field for a 25 yard gain. While no one confused Dilfer with Jim Zorn, fans did see Dilfer's versatility.

Other offensive highlights:

 Rookie Tight End Jeremy Stevens 4 catches for 45 yards and a touchdown

Wide Receiver Koren Robinson 3 catches 49 yards and a touchdown.

Wide Receiver Bobby Engram 2 catches 23 yards and a touchdown.

Fulback Heath Evans 6 catches for 50 yards.

 Tailback Shaun Alexander caught 4 passes for 12 yards.

 Defensive highlights:

 Linebacker Anthony Simmons believes his team is ready to challenge. "Speed kills and we have plenty of it," Simmons said. "With the speed we have, we can keep up with anybody".

The number one defense was able to force multiple turnovers against the number two offense on several occasions during the scrimmage.

Defensive backs Ken Lucas, Maurice Kelly and Reggie Tongue looked like they are ready for the likes of Terrell Owen, Jeff Garcia, Kurt Warner, Torry Holt, Issac Bruce and maybe even Marshall Faulk.

 Defensive Line man Chad Eaton is ready to play. "I am tired of going against the same guy everyday," Eaton said. It will be a lot more fun next Saturday going against Indianapolis Center Jeff Saturday."

 By 10:00pm Saturday night the dress rehearsal was done. The Seattle Seahawks had finished their first organized activity in the new Seahawks Stadium.

For one warm Saturday night in Seattle, Seahawk fans walked away with visions of a new team, in a new stadium, in a new division and maybe, just maybe, a new ending to the football season. Top Stories