Seahawks.NET Power Rankings - Week 5

Seahawks.NET's Dylan Johnson provides weekly NFL Power Rankings through the regular season and postseason. Dylan breaks down the NFL for Week 5.

Week Five is in the books and the NFL has started to separate into the haves and have-nots. In most cases it’s the usual suspects, but there are a few notable exceptions. First and foremost are the New Orleans Saints. Sure there was the big party a few weeks ago on Monday Night for the home opener and the victory over division rival Atlanta Falcons, but lost amongst the fanfare and fireworks was the fact that Saints entered that game 2-0. Winning two games in a row on the road to start the season is tough. Really tough. Last week there was the media hullabaloo over Reggie Bush’s first NFL touchdown, but lost amongst the fanfare and fireworks was the tremendous play of the Saints starting running back, Deuce McAllister.

McAllister was given the rock just 15 times last Sunday, but ran for 123 yards and a score. Deuce ran through several Tampa Bay defenders on a 57 yard blast that set up a FG and later ripped off a 24 yard touchdown run that was every bit as important as Bush’s impressive punt return. A hamster with a concussion would have been an upgrade over Aaron Brooks, but the Saints chose wisely in the offseason, picking up Drew Brees who has thrown for 5 touchdowns and 2 interceptions over the first five weeks. Last year, Brooks had thrown 2 touchdowns and 7 picks over the same period.

Speaking of poor performances from the Quarterback, our second major surprise of the year has been the reigning Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger has gone from phenom to sub-par, albeit after suffering physical injuries that would have laid most human beings low for months. Still, Big Ben isn’t most human beings, he’s a Super Bowl Champion QB and we expect a lot more from him than 0 touchdowns, 7 interceptions and a league low 41.7 quarterback rating. To give you an idea of how bad that is, if you DOUBLED his rating, Roethlisberger would rank 14th in the league, just behind Alex Smith. The rushing attack, which last year was one of the league's best, languishes in the bottom half of the NFL in both yards and points. Pittsburgh has to right the ship, and they must do it right now or their season is over almost before it began.

Rank (LW) Team Comment

The Bears are going to get a lot of hype over the next few weeks as they beat up on some pretty weak teams. They'll need to keep focused and not let it go to their heads in order to keep the inside track on the postseason.


Philadelphia made plays when it counted most, including some crucial plays from role-players. That's the kind of teamwork that pays big dividends in January.


Why can't the Colts play as well in the first three quarters as they do in the fourth?


Denver withstood driving rain and the tough Baltimore defense to grind out a win on Monday Night, keeping Jake Plummer's job safe for a few more days.


The Seahawks passing attack gets another weapon back with the return of Jerramy Stevens this week. As long as Mike Holmgren doesn't pull an Andy Reid and call only 10 runs, the Seahawks should come out of St. Louis with a win.


One week passed without a Bengals player getting arrested. Sadly, that's quite an acheivement.


The Patriots still have enough left in the tank to beat the teams they're supposed to.


The Bolts were shut down on the ground, but Philip Rivers was up to the task and beat the reigning Super Bowl Champs through the air.


The Jaguars answered their critics with an all out thrashing of the hapless Jets last week.


Baltimore's total lack of offense finally came home to roost.


The Cats were unimpressive on offense vs the eighteenth string Cleveland secondary, but the defense was simply awesome and ensured that Carolina won their third straight.


All the talking heads were blabbing about Reggie Bush, but Deuce McAllister had two stellar long distance touchdowns that were more impressive and more important to his team.


The Giants defense stepped up in a big way last week. They'll have to keep playing at that level in order to make some hay in the NFC East.


The Rams are living proof of the old adage "There's no such thing as an ugly win". If they can pull off the upset next week, they'll have a one and a half game lead in the division.


Minnesota's defense forced several key fourth quarter turnovers to help squeek out a victory against a division rival. At the end of the season, these close victories are often the difference between playoff seeding and tee times.


Has there ever been a QB who has lost more games on INT's than Drew Bledsoe? (And, yes, I'm cutting and pasting this from earlier this season. It won't be last time, either.)


The Falcons will have to pass the ball to beat the Giants this week, not their strong suit. This will be a bellweather game for Atlanta.


Can anyone figure out the Redskins? Anyone?


The Chiefs ground game sputtered until the very end, but they managed just enough to beat the Cardinals.


Last year the Steelers lost three in a row and then went on to win the Super Bowl, so they shouldn't be panicking in Pittsburgh. Still, there's no margin of error left anymore.


Antrelle Rolle is quickly becoming the dirtiest player in football. Expect another fine from the NFL for the horrendous facemask on Larry Johnson. Oh and the Cardinals blew another lead.


New York came crashing down to earth with a humiliating loss in Jacksonville. Now we'll see how Eric Mangini's young team responds next week against Miami.


Turn the ball over once against the Bears and you're in trouble, turn it over five times and you'll get beat like a narc at a biker rally.


The 49ers stuck to their game plan and were rewarded with win, albeit over the lowly Raiders. Still, it's a good rebound after the drubbing they received the week before.


But for an Al Harris dropped INT, the Packers might have won their second game of the season last week. Instead, it just raises more questions about Farve and the damage he's doing to his legacy.


Tennessee demonstrated some of the fire that makes a young and hungry team so dangerous last week in Indianapolis. Expect them to improve on a weekly basis.


Houston returns from the bye hoping that the defense has figured out how to stop anybody.


I don't know what the record is for blowing fourth quarter leads in one season, but Detroit has to be on pace to break it.


The Browns hung tough against the Panthers, but their offensive line had no answer for Julius Peppers and company. Memo to management: Draft Offensive Linemen.


Tampa Bay got more production from an untested rookie than they had any right to expect, but still couldn't manage to hold on to a lead and remain winless.


With Duante Culpepper out with a "bruised shoulder", Joey Harrington did his best to replace him, throwing three picks and no touchdowns. He did manage only to get sacked once though, raising even more questions about Culpepper.


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