Rams Talk Seahawks - 10/11/06

On Wednesday, St. Louis Rams quarterback Marc Bulger, left tackle Orlando Pace, rookie cornerback Tye Hill and ex-Seahawks special teams captain Isaiah Kacyvenski talked about their season so far, going up against Seattle this Sunday and a great deal more. Seahawks.NET has the transcripts right here!

QB Marc Bulger

What are your thoughts about the Rams’ rivalry with the Seahawks?

“We’ve had some close games with them in the past. They’re coming off a bye; they had an extra week to prepare, so we anticipate them having a good game.”

Is it your most competitive rivalry?

“I think this one has taken on more of a rivalry than our other (rivalries). New Orleans was our big rival four or five years ago, once the realignment happened I think that Seattle and the Rams have been the top two teams in the division fighting for the division every year. We had their number for a couple of years and they had our number last year, so I think that builds to it.”

What does the Rams’ 4-1 start mean?

“Not much at all. It doesn’t matter right now. We’re only five games in. You can look at years past and see that there are a lot of teams that start off 6-0 or 7-0 and don’t even make the playoffs. We’re not even going to start talking about that until at least Week 13 or 14, so we’re a long way from that.”

Did you think the Rams would be first place in the NFC West before the season started?

“I think everyone throughout the league feels like they could be in that position. Whether or not you get there is another thing. We knew we had good talent and good players; it was just a matter of us coming together. Like I said, we’re only five games in and a lot can happen. We have a lot of tough games coming up, starting with this one. It would be nice to win, have the bye and reflect a little bit, but it won’ be easy.”

What can you tell us about Seahawks safety Ken Hamlin?

“He’s a physical presence. I know especially before the injury he’d like to come up and lay a lick on people. I think since the injury, he’s a lot more disciplined in his game and he’s improved. What that is I don’t know, but he’s a better player. Not saying that he was bad before, but he’s a really good player now and he likes to put hits on the running backs.”

You haven’t been sacked much this season.

“I don’t think it has to do with sacks, so to speak, because you can get hit a lot even if you aren’t getting sacked. I’m definitely not taking as big of hits and being able to check the ball down and get rid of it quicker is helping too. Our line has played phenomenal up to this point and if they continue it I’m going to have some big presents to buy here this year.”

T Orlando Pace

How are you feeling?

“I feel pretty good. I came off of this last game pretty good with no headaches and no problems there. I practiced pretty well today, so I don’t anticipate any problems.”

Any thoughts about the Rams’ past matchups with Seattle?

“We’ve had some battles over the years, with some crazy victories and some crazy losses. We’ve fought hard. There are two good teams that will be battling on Sunday and we just have to execute.”

This is a big game.

“We look at it as being a big game because it is our next game. I’m sure emotions are going to be flying on Sunday. You have to control those, go out and just play our style of football and win the game.”

The offensive line has performed well this year.

“We have to continue that. I know a couple of guys have been injured; I was in and out for a while. With me being back now, I think we’re going to jell pretty well. There are some veteran guys on the offensive line, so we should be fine the rest of the season.”

Is it fun, going up against former teammates like Seattle DE Grant Wistrom?

“It is, because I remember Grant when he was a younger guy and we’d battle. We had some battles out here on the practice field. Anytime you play against guys you’re familiar with, it’s always fun.”

Do you talk trash with former teammates?

“We don’t talk at all; I don’t know why. It’s something about it. We’re just out there as competitors and I’m not much of a talker and I don’t think he is either. We just go out there and play hard. Hopefully, we look at it and say we won the ballgame. Naturally, you want to win your individual battles, but if we win the ballgame it’s all good.”

CB Tye Hill

How has your rookie season been going?

“To be quite honest with you, it’s been up and down. I feel like I’m not being consistent. I show up one week and I feel like I don’t show up the next week, but I’m my worst critic. I just have to work harder and try to be as consistent as possible every play, every down. I feel like that’s my major adjustment right now. I need to be consistent every play. Focus, repetition, and wanting to do it (will help to consistency).”

Is there more pressure on you to produce because you were a first-round pick?

“I could have been a seventh-round draft pick and been out there. It’s still going to be a lot of pressure for me. It’s added pressure for me, the coaching staff, and the players around me. It’s no pressure on me, but that’s the type of player I am. I feel like there is pressure because if I ever feel like there isn’t pressure there are going to be more days like Sunday rather than good days.”

LB Isaiah Kacyvenski

How did Mike Holmgren feel about you being released?

“I talked about that last week. He wasn’t too excited about it, but I want to leave that in the past right now. I’m a St. Louis Ram and I’m happy to be a St. Louis Ram and hopefully down the road I will be able to talk to Coach Holmgren about how everything transpired. Like I said, this is a big division game and I’m excited to be playing. This is the first time for me (to play) in St. Louis, but I’ll be ready to go.”

Are you excited to go against your old team?

“Anytime I step on the field, I’m ready to make a play. I have a little more insight on how they run things. I’m an emotional guy anyway and I’m going to be jacked-up. I don’t need any added incentive.”

Have you given the Rams hints about Seattle’s defense?

“I’m not worried about what they’re doing. I know our coaches aren’t worried about what they do; it’s what we do (that matters). Someone’s not going to throw their gameplan out or we’re not going to shape a whole gameplan on what I say; if I say anything at all. It’s kind of a chess match in that aspect, but in the end it all comes down to making the plays; it’s as simple as that.”

Could you play linebacker if the coaches wanted you to, though you’ve been with your new team for a short time?

“I think if I had to right now, especially with having a week under my belt, I could go in on base defenses and handle all the calls in that. I think the nickel defense is a little more complex. I think after the bye week I should have it all down. It’s kind of like what Rick Venturi, our linebackers coach said, ‘I can take you from A to Z, but it’s harder to take you from M to Z.’ I have to catch up a little, but hopefully during that bye week I’ll be all the way caught up in Nickel and base.”

The Rams/Seahawks games mean a lot to both teams.

“I believe that is definitely the case. The games in the last four or five years always are hard fought games down to the end. I know, being on that side last year, how we won it in the end was one of those games that we would have lost in the years past. It was a big stepping-stone for us. I was talking to some guys and they’ve shown that postgame locker room speech that Coach Holmgren gives when he says, ‘We finally got that monkey off our back.’ That’s definitely how everybody felt after we left St. Louis last year. I think we went on an 11-game winning streak after that too. It was one of those things that propelled our season.”

Are the Rams still the measuring stick for the Seahawks?

“Definitely, because if you want to look at someone, you want to look at people that have won Super Bowls. The Rams have won Super Bowls and the Seahawks have not. The Seahawks don’t take the Rams lightly and the Rams don’t take the Seahawks lightly, it’s as simple as that. Both sides will be ready.”

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