St. Louis Rams Postgame Quotes

After the 30-28 loss to the Seahawks, Rams Scott Linehan, Marc Bulger, Corey Chavous, Torry Holt, La'Roi Glover, Jimmy Kennedy, Steven Jackson and Tye Hill spoke to the media.

Rams Postgame Notes & Quotes

Head Coach Scott Linehan

(On team injuries)
Madison Hedgecock has a broken thumb, he did play with it. We will see where this puts him, there is a chance that they may cast it. Other than that I don’t think there is anything else real significant.”

(On game)
“They had a better second half than we did. Our guys fought and played hard, they put together a nice opportunity for us to have a chance. But they were able to drive down and put themselves in position for a field goal. Hats off to them for making it.”

(On WR Torry Holt)
“Outstanding. You guys have seen Torry do those kinds of things for years. It was impressive, he played very well.”

(On breakdown)
“I will have to look at the tape, but they did a good job of stopping us. There wasn’t a turnover until the end and then we were able to minimize that mistake. They are a pretty good team. They were able to get the ball into their playmakers hands, make some plays and some critical third downs. The third downs made a big difference in the second half and I think that was the reason they were able to stay on the field and we weren’t able to stay on the field.”

(More on game)
“We have too high of a sack number right now. We don’t want to give away any, but for them to get us in a three man rush is not good. That is a team goal that we have to work hard on, whether it is a certain type of scheme or throwing the ball and the type of routes that we are calling, maybe get the ball out a little quicker. I will be able to tell you more after I watch the film.”

QB Marc Bulger

(On the illegal formation penalty at the end of the game)
“I just knew that any offensive penalty was a 10 second run off. That is a new rule that they put in a few years ago. If it was not intentional then that didn’t decide the game. There were a lot more factors. They (Seattle) deserved to win it because they made the kick at the end of the game.”

(On the game being like a roller coaster)
“When we struggle at times we know that we will break out of it. If we are rolling at times, you know that it is not always going to be good. That is why we try to stay on an even keel. Even at the end, I knew that was a lot of time for Seattle. With a kicker like that, they knew all they had to do was get to the 35 (yard line) for a chance to win.”

(On the third quarter)
“I don’t think one specific thing held us up. We had a couple of protection issues and they were pumped up. The momentum got switched and they had the ball a long time. We didn’t have as many plays and it would have been nice to make some plays and keep our defense off the field a little bit. That didn’t happen and that is where they got their momentum.”

(On the touchdown pass to Torry Holt)
“It was a shot. You know that at the end of the game they are going to be really deep. As long as I could get one-on-one coverage, I just wanted to give him a chance. Great players do things like that. It was just a great play by Torry.”

S Corey Chavous

(On the last drive)
“It was very frustrating. They (Seattle) made more plays than we did to win the game. Certainly, it was a great job by the offense and Torry Holt, making the plays when we needed it. That should have given us the momentum to go out and finish it off, but we weren’t able to. So you have to give them (Seattle) credit.”

(On the second half)
“We had some things that went against us, some calls. We thought that we could play a little better than we did in terms of plays, but once it is over with there is nothing really you could do about it. We have to try and bounce back and get better from it (the loss).”

(On what cost them the game)
“You have to look at the total game. In the first half, we stopped them more and they were unable to execute. In the second half, we didn’t execute as well as they did. When it was time to make the plays they made them. I am not in the business of trying to make excuses. They made the plays and won the football game.”

(On the difference between the first half and the second half)
“The difference was they made more plays than we did and that is basically it. “

WR Torry Holt

(On the loss)
“It’s tough. We started out fantastic and the next thing you know it was 27-21 and we are looking to make a play to give ourselves an opportunity to win the game and we did that. And then they, with Hasselback and all of his poise, and D-jack (WR Darrell Jackson) responded and gave them a chance to win.”

DT La’Roi Glover

(On the Seahawks)
“They are a tough ball club. There is no doubt about that. They are resilient and made the plays in the second half that they needed to make to win the game.”

(On the loss)
“It’s pretty disappointing, especially since we could have done something to seal the victory. We allowed the game-winning field goal. Number eight (QB Matt Hasselback) took the game into his hands and made some great plays against us. It was pretty upsetting but we still have a lot of ball left.”

(On the timing of the bye week)
“It doesn’t really matter. It is what it is. With the bye we can let some guys heal up and get healthy and come on to win later.

(On the interpretation of the rule at the end)
“I don’t know, but you need to have a short memory and come back tomorrow, see the tape and fix the mistakes and put it behind you. With a 16 game schedule, a lot can happen.”

(On the game’s importance)
“Big plays will get you beat every time. Hopefully you are making them and not giving them up. We didn’t get the victory and that’s all that really counts. Hats off to them. We have a lot of work ahead of us.”

DT Jimmy Kennedy

(On difference in second half)
“I don’t think they really did anything differently, I just think we broke down in a couple of areas. Anytime the quarterback goes into a three-step drop it is tough since the ball is coming out quick.
We’ll fix some things on Monday by watching the film. We need to correct our mistakes and keep moving forward.”

(On change in Seahawks running game)
“They made some solid adjustments and ran the ball a little better in the second half. They are a professional team too and they adjusted to what we had and the game results show.”

(On the loss)
“It’s still a shock with them pulling it out in the end. It went down to the end but they got the field goal. I don’t think anybody is really going to rest on this bye week. It’s hard to take a loss especially with the new attitude and this new defensive team. I’m sure everyone is going to take this personally. We’ll make some adjustments and move on to the next team.”

RB Steven Jackson

(On having to go into the bye week on a loss)
“I think it’s worse. You have two weeks to sit on it and think about the game. It was a tough one out there and you really hate to lose ones like this in the last seconds.”

(On why the Rams’ offense struggled in the second half)
“They made some great adjustments. Hats off to their defense and their coordinator. They recognized what we were doing successfully and took it away from us.”

(On losing such a close game)
“You just hate to lose a game, period, especially with a last second field goal like that. There’s nothing you could do; both offenses were going back and forth. I think everyone left it on the field. I don’t want to point any fingers and I don’t think there is a need to point any fingers. Both teams left it all out there.”

(On penalties and mistakes playing a role in the loss)
“With a game this close you have to look at all of the penalties; you have to look at all of the mistakes. That’s the difference. They made one extra play that we didn’t and that’s why the scoreboard says what it says.”

CB Tye Hill

(On the up and down nature of today’s game)
“I thought it was going to pull us through when Torry (Holt) caught that ball for the touchdown. My hat goes off to the Seattle Seahawks; they played an outstanding game. They played well enough to win and we played well enough to win, but with the kick, they made a clutch play at the right time.”

(On the Seahawks second half adjustments)
“I think they changed the things they were doing a little. They knew what we were doing, so they adjusted. Like I said, my hat goes off to them, they made the clutch plays when they needed to.”

(On what Coach Linehan was saying to him on the sideline)
“He was just saying, ‘Keep your head up.’ He’s a great encourager. He normally does, good or bad. He does a good job of trying to keep the team together and try to keep us focused and keep us playing well by making sure we don’t get down.”

(On the pass interference penalty against him)
“My take on the pass interference is, I’m not trying to say anything, but I’m learning the game pretty quick. I’m not going to get that call. I’m at a disadvantage already. That’s why I didn’t really say anything about it. Everybody saw it (and) it was a bad call. I have to realize that I’m not going to get that call. I just have to line up and play again. We’re already at a disadvantage and when things like that happen, it defeats the purpose of playing man coverage. They can just throw it up and get a pass interference just because I’m looking for the ball.” Top Stories