Seattle Seahawks Postgame Quotes

After their 30-28 victory over the St. Louis Rams, the Seahawks find themselves in the NFC West driver's seat. After the game, Seahawks Mike Holmgren, Deion Branch, Darrell Jackson, Josh Brown, Bryce Fisher, Matt Hasselbeck and Maurice Morris talked to the media.

Head Coach Mike Holmgren

(Opening statement)
“For those of you who like to get an early jump on your story, you had to change it about four times. Very competitive game, obviously. The Rams are a great football team and it’s a division game for both of us, and we played the game that way. It was kind of the game of two halves, though. I think they got us pretty good in the first half, and we had a good second half. Then we made, honestly, the game more interesting than it had to be, right there near the end there when we fumbled the ball prior to kicking perhaps a field goal or scoring a touchdown to clinch it up. Then of course, one of their great players, two of their great players, make a play. Marc [Bulger] to Torry Holt. Then we came back and got in position to kick the long field goal. It was a great game to watch, I’m sure. A tough game to coach. ”

(On letting the game come down to a field goal)
“Fortunately Josh [Brown] was on today. He was really kicking the ball well on his kickoffs. It was an important game for us. I really liked…I think the most impressive thing to me about the team was our team. I don’t think we looked very good in the first half, and I think they showed a lot of guts and showed…we can build on a win like this. It was a very, very important game.”

(On if he can say what he said to the team at halftime)
“I really can’t. I unloaded on them. I really feel we’re a better football team than we showed in the last game and a half, the first half. Step up. Now it’s time. I thought they responded well. We do have pride, and they do care. We needed that type of second half to win the game.”

(On the final play of the game)
“It’s my understand that a procedure penalty like that, I believe they call this, I still don’t know for sure, but I think they called us for not lining up in a legal formation when we killed the clock. That penalty is a procedure penalty, and does not entail a 10 second run-off. Other penalties, offsides, different things like that, then you get the 10 second run-off and the game would have been over.”

(On QB Matt Hasselbeck’s pass to triple-covered WR Darrell Jackson)
“Matt didn’t have a lot of choices. That was his primary throw on the play. Darrell kept going, and it was a beautiful pass. Really, we need it desperately at the time. It was just a great play. That was every bit as good a play as the one the Rams did to go ahead.”

(On running the ball more during the second half)
“I told our guys that we were going to run it and be prepared to do that and lets see what we’re made of, essentially…this hangover from not having Shaun Alexander or whoever else. I said, let’s see. Let’s see what we’ve got. They responded pretty well.”

WR Deion Branch

(On being in a pressure game)
“You don’t want to be in that position. I have been in them a lot. I am pretty much used to being in this situation, coming back in the last two minutes. We did a pretty good job of staying calm and executing our plays.”

(On his increase role in the offense)
“I think it was just game plan. The coaches did a great job of game-planning and we did a good job of executing. It was a bit slower in the first half. We came in at halftime, regrouped and came back out in the second half. This is what I envisioned, a lot of balls in the air and a lot of opportunity to help the team win. I am just glad to be a part of it.”

(On building a relationship with QB Matt Hasselbeck)
“We are getting there. It is still going to take time. It took me and Tom (Brady) close to two years to get to where we were in the past. I think it will move at a faster pace because we are veterans. I am not a young guy like I was back then. I am picking up things pretty fast, it is starting to look good so far.”

(On the adjustments at halftime)
“It was more about us calming down. We were very flat in the first half. It was not what you were supposed to look like coming off a bye week. Especially after the performance we had two weeks ago. That was not what we wanted to look like. The second half, we just remained calm and started executing our plays.”

(On how big of a win it was)
“Like I always say, you can go 6-10, but as long as you win your division, then you are good. First you win your division just to get in the game. You can’t think about playoffs, if you can’t win your division. It was a big win for us and hopefully we can keep going.”

WR Darrell Jackson

(On his touchdown catch)
“It was a game changing moment. They kept casino blitzing us, all out blitzing us and never really got to the play. That’s suppose to be an audible play, but Mike Holmgren made a great call and said we were just going to run with it. Matt Hasselbeck hanging in the pocket and threw and ball and I just had to go get it in the back of the end zone. I’m lucky I caught the ball and for the team it gave us a chance to get back in the game.”

(On the effect of the touchdown)
“That was a momentum swing. In sports you have momentum swings and that was one of them. After that they (Rams) were a little flat, took the air out of them a little bit, it gave us a little bit more air, a little bit of breathing room and we were still in the game. Being down 14 versus being down seven is a big difference in NFL football. So, we were one score away and we hung in there and came back.”

(On the Seahawks and Rams close games)
“It comes down to the last, last seconds every game we play.”

K Josh Brown

(On the outcome of the game)
“We were up, we were down. We were moving and waves of momentum came and went. You enjoy the moment for a second, but I want these guys to just believe in me. I feel like I am getting there for them to trust me. We have mishaps and they still trust me. That is the relationship and the confidence that I am trying to build for my teammates to have in me.”

(On the penalty call in the final minute)
“I told Matt (Hasselbeck) that there were certain yard lines that would be okay. I know that with the five yards, we would still be okay. We were fine.”

(On whether he was worried if kick was going to be the difference)
“No, nothing in particular worried me. I was just prepared because of the point separation and the time remaining. Just being aware of what can happen and what could happen. We were ready the whole time.”

(On the team’s outlook)
“There is a lot of heart here. I don’t think anybody would say that we played our best game yet, but as far offense and defense goes, I cannot critique anyone. I am going to continue work on the things that I can control and be the best that I can be for this team.”

DE Bryce Fisher

(On the victory)
“I’m glad we got out of here with a win we’re real fortunate.”

(On the unbelievable finish)
“Usually, that’s the way this team (Seattle) loses games. Thankfully, we found a way to get it done.”

(On WR Darrell Jackson’s touchdown catch)
“He’s the best receiver in the game for a reason.”

(On winning in St. Louis)
“This was an unbelievable team win. I think our team played well. There were times that we didn’t match up well. But, there were times that we just kept fighting and it’s an important thing to do in our division. The Rams are a prideful team with a lot of really good players.
“Our team needs these kinds of wins. We have a lot of talented guys and we have a lot of young guys that don’t know what it really takes. And so you’ve got to win some games where you really pull it out. You can’t win every game when you play great, you have to win when you don’t necessarily play great.”

(On Mike Holmgren’s halftime message)
“Those words aren’t allowed on television. We’ll just keep it PG and say you have to do better.”

QB Matt Hasselbeck

(On the outcome of the game)
“Whoever had the ball last was going to win. Honestly, I think it came down to attitude. We came out in the second half with a different attitude and we told each other that are not leaving here without winning this game. We just did what whatever we needed to in order to win. Us feeling that way does not matter when they play as well as they did but our guys made plays at the end and the ball bounced our way a little bit and things worked out.”

(On his comfort level with WR Deion Branch)
“I am comfortable with him but does not mean we don’t have miscommunication. We do. We did a couple of times today. He gives us an element of a mismatch. We had that already with D-Jack (WR Darrell Jackson) and most guys and to add the weapons we have added is big for our offense. I will be honest, it was pretty tough for me without Bobby Engram. I didn’t think it would be that tough, but it was. You realize the guy’s value when he is not in there. Deion’s been great and he made big, big catches for touchdowns.”

(On the team’s attitude)
“This is the biggest game of our season right here. You look at all the game on our schedule and it is the most important to us. I am not sure how they feel about it, but it is big. We know that we have to win the games in our division, but this is the team who is our biggest competition, so we have to get it done against them.”

RB Maurice Morris

(On the exciting finish and his fourth quarter fumble)
“I kind of gave the team a heart attack. I put us in a situation that we shouldn’t have even been in.”

(On the importance of the Seahawks win)
“We definitely needed this win.”

(On Darrell Jackson’s touchdown catch on third and 15)
“The coach had confidence in the team, the offensive line, so he doesn’t mind taking chances.” Top Stories