Seahawks.NET Power Rankings - Week 6

Seahawks.NET's Dylan Johnson provides weekly NFL Power Rankings through the regular season and postseason. Dylan breaks down the NFL for Week 6.

Week Six was officially “get of the schnide” week in the NFL as three teams finally got their first wins of the 2006 season, leaving the Oakland Raiders alone in their bid to become the worst team to ever step onto an NFL field (not that it’s a surprise considering that the Raiders started the season off by not drafting Heisman winner Matt Leinart in favor of starting Aaron Brooks). The Detroit Lions finally avoided a fourth quarter collapse and looked more like the team that took the Seahawks to within 3 points to open the season. The Lions have talent in all of the key positions and need to just keep their heads screwed on for all four quarters in order to rise from the NFC basement.

The Buccaneers on the other hand, took advantage of some horrendous officiating and the Bengals lackluster offensive performance to eke out a last second win in Tampa for their first win. Most importantly for the Bucs, their defense has stood up and made things tough on opponents recently, which will keep them in games and give the Bucs and their rookie QB chances to win.

Most impressive of the newly minted winners this past weekend were the Tennessee Titans, a young team still searching for their identity. Rookie Vince Young and chronic underachiever Travis Henry have teamed up to put some bite into the Titans offense. The team still needs work, but they are playing better than their record now, and are exactly the kind of young and hungry team that can give playoff hopeful teams fits come December.

Rank (LW) Team Comment

The Bears defense and special teams bailed out Rex Grossman and the non-existent Bears offense last night. You can bet teams all around the league will be studying that game film.


Whatever Mike Holmgren said at halftime really made an impact with Matt Hasselbeck who went from woeful to wonderful during intermission. A statement game from the NFC Champs.


The Colts will host the bewildering Redskins this weekend. The only question is can Indianapolis actually play hard all game or will they just wait until the last second again?


Everyone is talking about Tomlinson's 4 TD's but the real story here is Philip Rivers. The Bolts QB threw for 335 yards and two scores of his own and looked very comfortable doing it. San Diego is the team to beat in the AFC West.


Denver's lack of offensive production is going to come back and haunt them, just like it did with the Ravens.


New Orleans jumped out to an early lead on the Eagles, and didn't panic when they fell behind in the fourth quarter. Kudos to Sean Payton for kneeling and running down the clock before kicking the game winning FG. Great coaching.


The Patriots will be a factor in the postseason this year. Bad news for the rest of the AFC.


The Bengals will be getting an apology from the NFL front office for the shameful roughing the passer call on the game winning drive. Explain to me again why referees shouldn't face suspension for calls like this?


Jacksonville will effectively have another bye this week as they scrimmage against the Texans this Sunday.


The Eagles battled back after trailing most of the day only to watch it slip through their fingers at the end. Philly's tendency to lose games at the very end is a direct result of Andy Reid's unnatural fear of the running game.


Is there any doubt that Steve Smith is the Panthers MVP? Over reliance on one player, however, is never a good thing.


The Giants ran roughshod all over the Falcons defense and despite several noticeable defensive let downs managed to keep Atlanta's rushing attack out of the endzone when it counted.


Did you hear that? An entire city sighed with relief on Sunday as Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers put an old fashioned AFL Style beatdown on the Chiefs. They ain't dead yet.


The Cowboys avoided humiliation by waking up at halftime and thoroughly thrashing the Texans in the second half of last Sunday's game.


Minnesota returns from the bye week to face the reigning NFC Champion Seahawks in Seattle, a daunting task for a team striving for respectability.


The Ravens defense looked average on Sunday, a step back for them. The offense also looked average, however, that's a step up for them.


The Rams looked like they were going to win their third game this season on a late game turnover, but they left too much time on the clock and allowed the Seahawks to kick a last second FG to fall 1/2 game out of the lead in the NFC West.


Here's what the highlight reel showed: Mike Vick's spectacular 22 yard touchdown run. Here's what they didn't show: his four fumbles, one interception and meager 154 yard passing.


Tennessee may not be ready for the post season in 2006, but the further this team goes into the season, the tougher it's going to get to beat them.


Explain to me why coaches insist on running the soft zone with tons of time left on the clock? The Jets were just damn lucky the game winning FG for the Dolphins came up short on Sunday.


Memo to Daniel Snyder: if it doesn't work for the Yankees without a salary cap, it sure ain't gonna work in the NFL with one.


When your defensive highlight of the week is Larry Johnson pulling Troy Polamalu's hair, you are in big trouble.


Detroit finally managed to hold onto a fourth quarter lead to earn their first win of 2006.


Green Bay comes back from their bye week to take on the Dolphins. Take the under.


With a little help from the Zebras, the Bucs got their first win on the season.


The Bills goal line stand was impressive, but the ground game was not. Without Willis McGahee to lean on, J.P. Losman's in big trouble.


San Francisco was crushed at home by the Chargers and have now surrendered 109 points over the last three weeks … and even then they still managed a win over the Raiders during that span.


Cleveland might have scored more points on the bye than they will this weekend when the Broncos come calling.


The Texans were just awful in the second half of Sunday's loss to Dallas.


Even sure footed Olindo Mare is coming up short for the Dolphins this season.


I've never seen a better example of why a team with a lousy offensive line will never go anywhere than the Cardinals last Monday night. If you can't run the ball effectively, no lead is safe.


Sebastian Janikowski scored the Raiders only points last Sunday, but it was enough to help the Raiders cover the spread, which is as close to a win as they’re likely to get this year. Top Stories