Seattle loses game, starting QB

The Seattle Seahawks lost more than a preseason game; they lost their starting quarterback, Trent Dilfer, to a knee injury.

The Seattle Seahawks lost their first Preseason game to the Indianapolis Colts 28 to 10.

The loss could have been more devastating. Seahawk starting quarterback Trent Dilfer went down with a knee injury early in the second quarter. Preliminary diagnosis was a sprained right knee.

Coach Mike Holmgren says there is not much you can do." It's a fragile business, you have all the pieces in place and then one gets removed," Holmgren said. Before the injury, Dilfer led the Seahawks to a 10 to 7 lead.

The Seahawk offense scored the first two times it touched the ball. Dilfer was a respectable 9 of 11 for 94 yards and one touchdown.

Other notable offensive contributions: Shaun Alexander, 8 carries for 41 yards Running back Maurice Morris looked like he will be an adequate backup. Maurice finished the night with 22yard on 8 carries. Seahawk Head Coach Mike Holmgren was pleased with Morris performance. "I thought Mo Morris stood out.You have to watch him play,and say he goes pretty good".

The rest of the offense looked lost and disorganized once Dilfer went down. Back quarterback Matt Hasselback was unable to move the offense.

" I let my self focus on Trent's situation and did not focus on the job at Hand. There was a little bit of an emotional let down and a lost of focus on my part," Hasselback said.

The Seahawk first team defense was able to hold the Colt offense to 7 first half point. Former Seahawk and Washington Husky, Brock Huard threw an 11-yard pass to wide receiver Troy Walters. Huard finished the day with 12 completions on 16 attempts for 161yard and 2 touchdowns.

Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy was pleased with Huard performance. "I think he just got in a little bit of a rhythm, and was able to see what they were playing."

Colt starting Quarterback Peyton Manning is hoping for speedy recovery for Dilfer, " I hope that Trent is going to be able to recover. I was talking to him before the game, and I know how excited he is to be back in the saddle starting quarterback for an NFL team".

If Saturday's lackluster performance by the offense is a sign of things to come, Seahawk fans are in for a long season. Top Stories