Seahawks.NET Power Rankings - Week 9

Seahawks.NET's Dylan Johnson provides weekly NFL Power Rankings through the regular season and postseason. Dylan breaks down the NFL for Week 9.

Doing the Power Rankings every week leads to some interesting email, in particular when fans are disappointed in their teams. For instance last week I received quite a bit of mail from Seahawks fans who were outraged that I had Seattle ranked as highly as I did. Here's the generic version: "Dear [expletive], How could you have ranked the Seahawks at Number Nine????? There must be 20 teams better than the Seahawks. You suck and your rankings are a joke. [Expletive] you [expletive]".

Ah, my public. Well, here's the thing about this year in the NFL, there's not a lot of separation between the teams. The Bears who have the second best record haven't looked very good in three of their last four weeks, and even the Colts who are, yet again, perfect through 8 games, have needed last minute drives and field goals to do it. Sure there's a big difference between Arizona and Denver, but pretty much any team ranked in the top 20 has a very real chance at making the post season.

That said, I would like to extend and apology to Ravens fans who have been (rightfully) giving me hell about how low I had Baltimore ranked. The Ravens are clearly the best team in the AFC North and I was giving way to much credit to the Bengals (probably based on all of the facetime they get on the NFL Network). Mea culpa. Oh, and by the way 'Hawk fans, after week nine there are exactly eight teams with records better than the Seahawks. I'm just saying.

Rank (LW) Team Comment

The Kings of the Regular Season march on.


The Broncos offense has put up gaudy numbers for the second week in row. Funny how we're no longer hearing about Jay Cutler.


The Bears are either a really good team that has trouble staying focused against poor opponents, or they're completely overrated. Next Sunday Night's game against the Giants will help us sort it out.


The Bolts woke up late in the 3rd quarter to put down the lowly Browns, but it shouldn't have taken them that long.


The Giants won a close one last Sunday, but with all of the upsets recently, they've managed to go on a win streak and now stand poised to lay claim to the NFC next weekend.


A funny thing happened on the way to being anointed the NFL's best last weekend, the favored Patriots lost to Indy. Of course, everyone KNOWS the result will be different in January.


Jacksonville demolished the Titans and yet are flying below a lot of peoples radar, for some reason.


Baltimore has finally gotten the offense to go along with the defense and appear ready to cruise to the AFC North title.


The Seahawks have managed to win without their two biggest weapons on offense, something that playoff teams must be able to do.


The Saints rebounded with a statement game. The statement: New Orleans is for real.


Vick made some bad decisions but his teammates didn't do him any favors by dropping passes all day. Still, Vick's two turnovers ultimately cost his team 14 points.


The Cowboys snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and opened the door for both Philly and Washington to make a move at rescuing their seasons.


The Bengals have been turnover happy over the last few weeks and are in danger of slipping under .500.


Larry Johnson is playing great football and he'll be the first one to tell you about it. How long before he's doing situps in his driveway for the cameras?


Philly's season hangs in the balance this Sunday when they host Washington at the Linc.


The Cats return from the bye to host Tampa Bay next Monday Night as the third place team in the NFC South.


How in the world do you hold the opponents offense to 133 net total yards and lose?


The Rams have lost three straight and given control of the division back to the Seahawks.


The Jets are traveling to Foxboro to take on the Patriots who haven't lost back-to-back games since God knows when.


The Redskins waited until the last second to pull out a victory, but they've managed to keep their slim postseason hopes alive.


Roy Williams is playing like the player the Lions thought they drafted and the defense played great considering the injury report.


Buffalo lost every statistical category last week except two: turnovers and score.


Hard to believe but Green Bay has never won in Buffalo.


The Titans are a young, exciting team, and sometimes that makes me forget that they just aren't that good yet.


Miami showed the Bears why the Dolphins have the best defense in the NFL. And as a refreshing change of pace, the offense decided to show up, too.


The Steelers turned the ball over 4 times inside the Broncos 10 last week, effectively ending their post-season aspirations halfway through the season.


The Niners may have played horrifically on offense, but they held on for the "w" and are just one win shy of .500


Every time I say Bruce Gradkowski all I can think of is this.


Houston gave the Giants all they could handle last week, but a late turnover cost them a chance for the upset. Still, a good showing for a defense that has struggled this year.


When you kick six field goals in one game, your offense just isn't getting it done. Winning teams finish drives, and until Cleveland can do that, they will be also-rans.


The NFL has announced that they will be skipping all future Raiders games and going directly to "Heidi".


Somehow, no one was fired over the bye week. Top Stories