Peterson ready to face old friends

The business of the NFL is funny to say the least. Seahawks fans experienced that first hand this past offseason when the team lost LG Steve Hutchinson to the infamous "poison pill" and then turned around and used the money that was earmarked to resign their Pro Bowl guard to sign a perennial Pro Bowl linebacker in Julian Peterson.

Now Peterson and his new teammates head to Monster Park this weekend to take on his old team in what suddenly has become an important game in the NFC West.

"It was a business move," Peterson told the assembled media about the 49ers not franchising him. "I had to respect all that San Fran did to me, because when I tore my achilles they still gave me the franchise tag. So they still gave me enough respect in that aspect.

"It was just a business move for them. New coaching staff, they wanted to get their new guys in, so that was pretty much it. There's no hard feelings. I'm happy here and I'm ready to kick some 49er butt."

Peterson noted that he'll give Seattle's offensive coaches as many tips as he can about the 49ers' defensive unit.

"I can give them anything they want," Peterson noted. "The only thing they have to do is ask me. I still know all the old plays, and what they typically like to do. I know they like to box a lot of whoever our go-to receiver is, they like to bracket those guys up and have underneath help."

At 4-5, the 49ers have surprised many around the league and Peterson said he couldn't be happier for them.

"They're doing good," Peterson acknowledged. "Frank Gore, I told him last year, I was like he had the potential to be one of the best backs in the league. He's riding on that same confidence. Every week he's getting more and more confident. So I'm real proud of him, and Brandon Moore.

"I told him he was going to be a real good linebacker when he gets his opportunity. He's been playing great the last three weeks."

But even though he's happy for his old mates' success, Peterson still wants to get in and out of the Bay Area with a win for his new team and he hopes to make some predictions he made while he was still a 49er come true.

"The guys out there knew that I can always play to this level," Peterson said. "All my guys from the old staff all say that it's a shame that we can't keep you around, but it is what it is, it's business. I can't wait to go against them. I went a lot of practice rush against them talking trash, ‘you're lucky I'm not playing against you.' Now it's the opportunity. I'm playing against them. So I'm happy for it."

Peterson said his role with Seattle, somewhat different than when he was in San Francisco, will allow him to have a bigger impact now.

"Here, I'm doing a lot more rushing compared to I think in San Fran," Peterson said. "San Fran, I was more, they would rush me in crucial situations, but for the most part I was like a cover linebacker, which is fine to me, because it actually helped me out as an all around player."

Peterson has been the all-around player that the Seahawks envisioned when they signed him this past March. He leads the team with eight sacks and is second in tackles with 58.

Scott Eklund writes and reports for Seahawks.NET and Feel free to contact him at Top Stories