Seahawks.NET Power Rankings - Week 12

Seahawks.NET's Dylan Johnson provides weekly NFL Power Rankings through the regular season and postseason. Dylan sees who can clinch a playoff berth and who could be mathmatically eliminated from playoff contention this coming weekend in the NFL.

The last weekend in November brings us three-quarters of the way to the Playoffs and 3 teams will face "win and in" games this weekend: the Colts, the Bears and the Ravens can all clinch Playoff spots this weekend with a victory. Three teams also very likely face mathmatical elimination this week: the Cardinals, the Lions and the Raiders. In the AFC, the Broncos appear to be doing everything in their power to miss the playoffs by starting a rookie instead of a guy who has won more games than 80% of the NFL has. Am I the only one that thinks this is nuts? Maybe I"m not supposed to get it. In the NFC, the honeymoon is over for Rex Grossman and as the Bears continue to slide back into the muddy dogpile with the rest of the NFC, we're left to wonder which two teams will rise above the rest and lay claim to the first week postseason bye?

Playoff seeds:

AFC: 1 Indianapolis Colts 2. Baltimore Ravens 3. San Diego Chargers 4. New England Patriots 5. Denver Broncos 6. Kansas City Chiefs
NFC: 1. Chicago Bears 2. New Orleans Saints 3. Seattle Seahawks 4. Dallas Cowboys 5. New York Giants 6. Carolina Panthers

Rank (LW) Team Comment

Indy dismantled Philadelphia last week and are still the kings of the regular season.


Kudos to the referees in last week's game against Oakland. Despite what anyone else says, they made the right call on Vincent Jackson's bonehead spin move. Just because people don't like a call, doesn't mean it's the wrong call.


The Ravens are 5-0 since Brian Billick fired Offensive Coordinator Jim Fassel and started calling plays himself.


The Patriots are playing sloppy football but still managing to win. That's gonna catch up with them eventually.


Time to stop Rex from heave-hoing the ball downfield with reckless abandon.


I can't help but thinking that Tony Romo is starting out just like Rex Grossman did. I wonder when he hits the wall?


The Seahawks are now firmly in control of their division, but they'll need some help to get a first round bye.


The Saints are 6-1 in the NFC, something that will help them in the Playoff seeding.


The Chiefs have stormed back into post-season contention and now control their own destiny.


Denver is folding to fan pressure and starting Jay Cutler. There goes the season.


The Jags are 1-4 on the road this year, a bad sign for the postseason.


Despite the media hysteria, the Giants still control their own destiny; just beat the surging Cowboys and all is forgiven.


The book is out on the Panthers: stop Steve Smith, score more than 14 points and you've earned yourself a win.


Cincinnati was on the verge of losing it three weeks ago, now they seem to be back on track. This Thursday's game against Baltimore will go a long way in determining the Bengals fate.


The Jets made short work of Houston last week. Now they get to test the mettle of the Packers on the frozen tundra.


Don't look now but the Dolphins and Joey Harrington have won four in a row. Just imagine where they'd be if the front office had ponied up the cash for Drew Brees.


We think you're number one, too, Michael. You might not be as classy as your brother, but you're getting there.


The Rams saved their season, at least for another week, by finally beating San Francisco after losing 3 straight to the 49ers.


The 49ers three game win streak came to an end but the NFL has been put on notice that this is NOT the same team that bungled around in 2005.


The Eagles played some mighty lousy football last Sunday night. They're still in the Playoff hunt, but won't be for long unless this team gets a major attitude adjustment … quickly.


Another week, another come from behind victory led by J.P. Losman. Who knew?


Minnesota gave up some huge plays, but their defense kept things in check.


I've said it before and I'll say it again: Tennessee is one team you don't want to play heading into December.


The Steelers hopes of defending their Title in the postseason were snuffed out last week in Baltimore.


How do you only get 14 points off of 4 turnovers?


Hmm, the one play Joe Gibbs doesn't call goes for the game winning touchdown. Maybe they should try that more often.


Tampa Bay was overmatched on a short week against the surging Cowboys. With a few extra days preparation, they can try to earn homestate bragging rights over the Dolphins.


Seven penalties, two turnovers, one loss.


The Browns could score against the NFL's worst ranked defense.


21 yards rushing is never EVER going to get you a win.


I was watching the end of the Raider game with my 8 year old son, and as the Raiders came out for the final drive, I said "Watch number 2, he's going to throw an interception and lose the game." When it happened my son was amazed. Someday he'll understand.


17 yards rushing is horrific. Top Stories