Time for a change

Seahawks need to find replacement.

The question for the Seattle Seahawks is not if but when?

After last Friday's 24 to 14 losses to the San Diego Chargers one thing is clear.

The Seahawks need to find an adequate replacement to injured starting quarterback Trent Dilfer. The team is hoping back up Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck can carry the load in Dilfer's absence.

At this point the only thing the team has is hope and not much of anything else.

In last Fridays game Hasselback completed 3 of 6 passes for 35 yards, threw an interception and lost a fumble. The interception led to the Chargers first score.

"He's got to play better and he will," coach Mike Holmgren said.

The knock on Hasselbeck is that he tends to hold the ball too long and make bad decisions under pressure.

A perfect formula for an attacking defense.

It is no secret that every team the Seahawks play with Hasselback at quarterback will blitz, blitz and blitz.

It either Hasselback quickly learns how to read blitz packages and unload the ball or the Seahawks finds a new quarterback.

The team has driven down Hope Street once too many times.

Kelly Stouffer, Dan McGwire, Rick Mirer, John Kitna, Brock Huard and now Matt Hasselback.

The team cannot afford to start the season with a sputtering offense that is led by an indecisive quarterback.

The Seahawks need to find veteran quarterback that can come in and push Hasselback for the starting job. Why not try to talk Randall Cunningham out of next weeks his intended retirement announcement? How about Mark Rypien or Warren Moon.

Any of the mentioned could serve as a mentor and back up to Matt Hasselback.

The one only thing that is certain is that the new Seahawks stadium will be empty in September if the Seahawks struggle in the preseason.

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