Alexander back and ready to go

After his stellar performance on Monday night versus the Green Bay Packers, where he saw a team-record 40 carries and rushed for a season-high 201 yards, Seattle RB Shaun Alexander feels he's close to 100-percent and he's ready to help power the Seahawks on their playoff run the last five weeks of the season.

"Last week you could clearly tell that I felt better," Alexander told the assembled media on Thursday. "For a while we have just had to play old school, which is just you go run and try to beat that guy up and they were on their own out there. I think that is why football is such a great sport, if everybody is playing at the top of their game and everybody is doing what they're doing, you can make everybody play well and do great. I think that is what we got to do last week."

Alexander and QB Matt Hasselbeck spearhead what is widely regarded as one of the best offenses in the league when the team is healthy and with both returning to full-health and the offensive line getting healthier, Alexander said the offense will be back to worrying opponents.

"We're still changing every week," Alexander said about the offensive line. "(Sean) Locklear is close to coming back and it will change again. I think it is just always a work in progress because we've had so many injuries and guys coming back and forth and I think that we are getting better as a group. There have been about eight guys rotating in there and I think that we're just getting better."

After the amount of work Alexander got, more work than he'd had in seven weeks, he said it was a bit of a struggle on Tuesday.

"I feel good now, but I think after that Tuesday, all day Tuesday, it wasn't just the morning, I was like ‘oh man this is rough right here'," Alexander recalled. "And I am not sure if it was the fact that I had 40 carries, or the fact that I was off for two moths and then in eight days I was carrying the ball 40 times on Monday Night Football.

"I think both of those put together makes that Tuesday really rough, but I feel pretty good right now."

Alexander also thinks Seattle is the envy of coaches around the league with the talent they have at the skill positions.

"I think it is going to be amazing," Alexander said about the stretch-run for the Seahawks. "I don't think that there is a team in the league and there is definitely not a coach in the league, that if you asked them could you have Matt be your quarterback, me be your tail back, Mack Strong be your fullback, Deion (Branch) and (Darrell Jackson) be your wide receivers and Jerramy Stevens be your tight end, would be upset?

"No one would be upset with any part of that. Mike (Holmgren) is in a good situation right now and we have high goals and the sky is the limit."

Speaking of the "sky is the limit", one player that Alexander's name constantly gets mentioned with is San Diego RB LaDanian Tomlinson who is flying high himself and on the way to breaking Alexander's touchdown record that he set just last year.

"Yeah, I think he is amazing," Alexander said. "He is playing great and they are in a real similar groove, just like I think Frank Gore was in a groove out in San Francisco, that when your running back gets hot like that, your lineman, your quarterback, everybody starts to believe and then all of a sudden everything flows perfectly.

"I need to call him and tell him not to get to about 50 touchdowns, because 51 will be hard, but he should get 28 pretty easily."

Next up for the Seahawks are the Denver Broncos a team that Alexander is keenly aware of because of their fast defense.

"They are fast and you can tell that they like playing football," Alexander said. "I think that that is one of those things that could be a deadly combination for a defense. Everybody flies to the ball and they come with a little nasty attitude, so hopefully they will take it easy on us Sunday."

Seattle will travel on Friday to Denver and play against the Broncos on Sunday Night Football as part of NBC's new flex-schedule.

Scott Eklund writes and reports for Seahawks.NET and Feel free to contact him at Top Stories