Hasselbeck ready for playoff run

He's been battered and bruised all season, but Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck has his team on the cusp of their third-straight NFC West title. Considering he's been without some of his top weapons throughout the season, Hasselbeck has had a great year and he may get one of his favorite targets back this weekend.

"I'm excited for Bobby (Engram)," Hasselbeck told the assembled media this week. "I know how much it's hurt him to have to sit down and watch, and not get to get out there and play with us. So I'm happy for him."

Engram had missed the past nine games with a thyroid problem and the treatments exacerbated the problem because they fatigued him. Even with the missed time, Hasselbeck said he has not problem going to the 10-year veteran.

"I don't feel any hesitation with him at all," Hasselbeck said without hesitation. "In fact I feel very comfortable with him, very confident with him. It's more a matter of how he feels. I know how I felt coming back after being gone for a long time. And you don't feel exactly like yourself, but I will take him with whatever he's got."

While Engram was out, Darrell Jackson, Deion Branch and D.J. Hackett have picked up the slack. In fact, Seattle may have the deepest receiving corps in the league.

"We've got a great group of guys," Hasselbeck noted. "And it's really a strength of our team right now. And other areas have kind of been hurt by injury and all kinds of stuff, and guys leaving. But that wide receiver group is pretty good. I feel very fortunate that way."

Hackett especially has been superb, putting up 30 receptions for 423 yards and three touchdowns – all career highs.

"I think Hack's been a big part of our group," Hasselbeck said. "Even though he hasn't been starting, he comes in that three-wides package and he's obviously in the four-wides packages. And he's kind of one of the primary guys.

"We like to throw the ball inside in the middle of the field – intermediate – and then some of the deeper stuff he gets too. He's done a great job."

As consistent as the receivers have been in the face of the injuries and absences, the rest of the offense has struggled. Hasselbeck added his perspective on the performance of the offense.

"From time to time our field position has been great, our special teams have been awesome, and I think that's helped our offense, the short field and that kind of thing," Hasselbeck said. "The bigger thing probably has been turnovers. Last year we were really good in our turnover margin, turnover ratio, and this year we're kind of losing that battle. I don't know what it is, but I know last week we lost it."

Hasselbeck said he was very disappointed with the team's loss on Sunday to Arizona for a couple of reasons – first and foremost was that they could have won the division with San Francisco's loss to Green Bay.

"We had an opportunity to accomplish really our number one goal and we didn't get it done," Hasselbeck said. "We came close, but didn't get it done. And we have another chance this weekend."

Now he prepares to lead the Seahawks into battle against the team trying to edge it's way past them for the division crown.

"It's something, but it's not that big a deal," Hasselbeck said of not playing in Seattle's week 11 loss to the 49ers. "I prepared that week like I was going to play. So I feel like I had that week of preparation. It's not like I wasn't around. And I watched the game from the sideline. And sometimes that's the best you can ask for. I feel ready to go. They do some things that are tough to recognize – their coverages and stuff like that. But still I feel as good as I could expect to feel."

Seattle will host San Franscisco Thursday night at Qwest Field.

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