Seahawks.NET Power Rankings - Week Fifteen

Seahawks.NET's Dylan Johnson provides weekly NFL Power Rankings through the regular season and postseason. Dylan marvels with so much parody in the league, just how many team's post-season chances are still alive.

Welcome to the Week Fifteen edition of the Seahawks.Net Power Rankings. Once again, our cutoff for the playoffs is after number 12. In addition, all of the teams below number 24 have been offically elminated from the postseason. Amazingly, only one team was eliminated from the playoffs last week (Miami) which means headed into week 16, there are a whopping 24 teams that are either in or have a shot at making the playoffs. Here's how it looks ...

In the NFC, Chicago has clinched a bye week and homefield throughout the playoffs, New Orleans has clinched their division and Dallas has clinched a playoff berth, leaving 3 remaining playoff spots for 8 teams(Philadelphia, Seattle, Atlanta, NY Giants, San Francisco, St. Louis, Green Bay and Minnesota). Of the eight, Seattle and Philadelphia will clinch with a win this weekend. In addition, if San Francisco loses, they cede the NFC West to the Seahawks, regardless of whether or not Seattle wins or loses. The Giants can clinch the playoffs with a win, a Minnesota loss, an Atlanta loss and a Seattle or San Francisco win. The Saints can secure the number two seed and a first round bye with a win and a Dallas loss.

Over in the AFC, things are little more ... interesting. San Diego, Indianapolis and Baltimore have clinched their respective divisions leaving 3 remaining playoff spots for 8 teams (New England, NY Jets, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Denver and Kansas City). New England will clinch the AFC East and a playoff spot with a win or a NY Jets loss. Cincinnati will clinch a wildcard spot with a win coupled with a Buffalo loss AND either a Jets or Jaguars loss. Denver will clinch a wildcard spot with a win coupled with a Kansas City loss AND either a Jets or Jaguars loss. San Diego can clinch a first round bye with a win, and will clinch the number one seed with a win and a Baltimore loss. Indianapolis can clinch a first round bye with a win and a Baltimore loss.

It is therefore possible that by Boxing Day, there will be no open playoff spots and the last week of the season will merely determine postseason seeding. It is also possible that none of the remaining 6 spots get claimed and the final weekend will determine HALF of the teams that will play in the 2007 postseason.

Viva Parity!

Rank (LW) Team Comment

The Bolts are head and shoulders above every other team in the NFL right now. Of course, last year, Indianapolis was and that didn't get them to the Super Bowl.


Kyle Boller was sharp in relief of injured Steve McNair and the Ravens clinched a playoff spot.


The Colts defense woke up and put together a good game and Peyton Manning returned to form against the weak Bengals pass defense.


New England looked like a playoff team last weekend, albeit against the lowly Texans.


When you go to overtime in a shootout with one of the league's most anemic offenses, you're in trouble, even with a first round bye and home field throughout the playoffs.


The Saints are still the NFC's number 2 seed, but they've got a tough road ahead with games @ the Giants and home against the Panthers.


Dallas clinched a playoff spot and kept a one game lead in the suddenly competitive NFC East.


The NFC's longest winning streak resides in Philadelphia where the Eagles have gone from an also-ran to controlling their own destiny for the divisional crown in 3 short weeks.


The Bengals reminded us that they're still not in the playoffs yet with a sub par outing on Monday Night.


Seattle has two weeks left to show me that they're not the leading "one and done" contender this postseason.


Denver rescued their season and vaulted themselves back into the Playoff picture with a huge win over Arizona last week. They'll have a tougher time against the Bengals this week.


Last year I watched the Giants/Saints game and marveled at New Orleans total lack of team discipline. This year, the shoe is on the other foot.


The Jets are this season's biggest surprise, and their marked improvement comes after spending 2 first round draft picks on the offensive line. Anyone in Arizona paying attention?


Jacksonville no longer controls their own destiny. Of course, every time I’m ready to write them off, they win. Go figure.


Atlanta has lost 3 straight at home. If they make the Playoffs, they'll be on the road so I guess that's the silver lining.


The Titans are easily the most exciting team in football right now. All over the AFC, teams are praying Tennessee doesn't make the playoffs.


The Steelers are doing exactly what they did last year: get hot at the end of the year. It will take a lot more help to make the postseason this year, and I'm not sure the stars can align just right for them.


J.P. Losman has figured it out and the Bills are surging. It may be too late for this year, but at least there's no QB controversy in Buffalo.


Kansas City is maddeningly inconsistent this season.


San Francisco has to win out and get some major help from Seattle to make the postseason, but they were out of it completely last December so they're making headway.


Carolina is mathematically alive, but with the way they've played so poorly over the last two weeks, there's just no chance for them this year.


Brett Farve passed Dan Marino last week for the NFL's all time completions record, and looks to surpass Marino a few other categories over the next two weeks. And HE has a Super Bowl ring.


Whenever you see the fat lady singing, she's always wearing a Viking helmet. Coincidence? Not this year.


The Rams pulled off their second win in the last nine tries. Back to the drawing board in St. Louis.


Miami was officially eliminated from the Playoff picture last week.


The Redskins are out but they're not quitting on Joe Gibbs. I guess that's something.


One can only wonder what this team could have done with an offensive line.


Another year, another high draft pick.


Tim Rattay may just be the answer at QB. Let's see how the season plays out.


Houston was absolutely destroyed last weekend. Something's got to give.


How can so much talent play so poorly?


I've run out of ways to describe how crappy this offense is. Top Stories