Seahawks.NET Pre-Game Audio: Adam Caplan

On Thursday evening, Seahawks.NET's Doug Farrar spent almost twenty minutes talking with Adam Caplan about the upcoming Seahawks-Cowboys playoff game. Adam is a Senior NFL reporter for as well as a partner at He's also a reporter for Sirius NFL Radio.

Adam has seen coaches’ tape (the angles most of us don’t get to see) of the Week Seventeen game in which the Detroit Lions upset Dallas, 39-31, and the Cowboys’ defense gave up four touchdowns through the air. The first topic of discussion was that Dallas defense, and how the Seahawks can attack it.

Also discussed:

Dallas OLB DeMarcus Ware, and why he might not be all that he’s cracked up to be;

The primary factors affecting Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander this season;

The future value of Deion Branch;

The Dallas secondary, and how it can be exploited by the Seahawks’ receivers (if they’re healthy!);

Tony Romo, the “first-year wall”, and where the Cowboys’ quarterback runs into trouble;

The differences between Julius Jones and Marion Barber;

Seattle’s depleted secondary, how this disadvantage can be overcome, and an exclusive scouting report on new cornerback Pete Hunter;

The most underrated aspect of Dallas’ offense;

What both Seattle and Dallas must do to win this game; and

A game prediction, and some thoughts on Bill Parcells’ future.

This is a special can’t-miss pre-game feature, and it’s free to all Seahawks. NET readers!

Click on the links below to listen to Parts One and Two:

Adam Caplan Game Preview Audio 1/4/07, Part One (WMA, 3899.99KB)

Adam Caplan Game Preview Audio 1/4/07, Part Two (WMA, 4378.40KB) Top Stories