Seahawks.NET Pre-Game Audio: Adam Caplan

Once again, NFL Expert Adam Caplan took time to preview the upcoming Seattle playoff game with Seahawks.NET's Doug Farrar. Last week, we proudly presented over seventeen minutes of audio insight about the matchups and possible results. Now, we've just gone ahead and outdone ourselves with over twenty minutes of exclusive audio!

Adam is a senior writer for, a partner at, and he can frequently be heard on Sirius NFL Radio. Earlier this week, he went back to NFL Films headquarters in Mount Laurel, New Jersey to look at film of the Seahawks and Bears in preparation for this Sunday’s NFC divisional playoff game. Among the subjects Adam and Doug covered this time:

Which Rex Grossman will show up this time: the “Good Rex”, who led the NFL with seven games with a 100+ passer rating, or the “Evil Rex” who bumbled his way through December;

What it would take for Chicago coach Lovie Smith to pull the plug on his young quarterback and play backup Brian Griese instead;

Who among rotating halfbacks Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson present the biggest threat to Seattle’s defense;

How the Seahawks’ secondary can possibly stop Bernard Berrian in a way they couldn’t when the Bears tore the Seahawks apart, 37-6, at Soldier Field on October 1st;

Whether Seattle’s front four can duplicate their great effort against the Cowboys;

If the 27, 31, 21 and 26 points Chicago’s given up in their last four regular-season games is more indicative of a defense on the way down, or a team that has been playing not to lose with their division wrapped up early;

What effect the loss of Tommie Harris has had on the Chicago defensive line;

Why those Bears linebackers are so great, and the one that might get away after the season is over;

Which Seattle receiver has the best matchup against the opposing secondary;

How they can possibly stop Devin Hester; and the million-dollar question…

How the Seahawks can pull off the upset and return to the NFC Championship game.

Click below to hear both halves of this informative interview!

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