.NET Exclusive: Will Carroll on Hasselbeck

On Thursday afternoon, Seahawks. NET was fortunate to have Will Carroll, ESPN.com and Baseball Prospectus injury expert extraordinaire, talk with Editor-in-Chief Doug Farrar. Will went into great detail about Matt Hasselbeck's upcoming shoulder surgery, and what it means to the Seahawks' field general.

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Will writes two injury columns per week though the football season for ESPN.com, and he’s Baseball Prospectus’ injury expert as well. You can see him on The Fantasy Show Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. ET on ESPN2.

Will was kind enough to discuss the specific aspects of Matt Hasselbeck’s torn left labrum with us. Among the specific topics covered:

  • What’s a labrum, anyway?
  • How does Hasselbeck’s injury differ from those suffered by Chad Pennington and Drew Brees?
  • How can a quarterback play for as many as three years with a torn shoulder infrastructure, even if it isn’t part if his throwing mechanics?
  • Why is Dr. James Andrews the best possible option for Hasselbeck, or anyone else suffering from this injury?
  • Why did the fact that Hasselbeck have broken fingers possibly aggravate the shoulder injury?
  • What does the surgical procedure involve?
  • How long of a layoff will he have to endure?
  • Will he be any more predisposed to further injury, or does the surgery take care of that?

Seahawks.NET readers and listeners will definitely want to take the time to hear Will Carroll, as he gives the expert’s take on Matt Hasselbeck’s offseason situation!

Click here to listen (4228.71KB)


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