Seahawks talk to Notre Dame defender

Seattle coaches and scouts are in Mobile, along with every other staff in the league, and they were seen observing Notre Dame DE Victor Abiamiri who has been one of the standouts in practices so far this week. Here's a quick breakdown of Abiamiri and where he projects in the draft.

As a defender, Abiamiri is excellent when rushing the passer. That's his forte and it showed up in the stat column as he posted 30.5 sacks in his four years in South Bend.

Abiamiri also posted 126 tackles and 40 tackles for loss.

NFL Comparison: Adewale Ogunleye, Chicago Bears

Strengths: Abiamiri runs very well for a man his size and he's got the frame to add 10 to 15 pounds to become a solid weakside defensive end. He pursues well, has a great motor and he already has developed some solid pass-rush moves to get to the quarterback. He is still improving and he's an excellent tackler as well.

Weaknesses: He doesn't hold up well when teams run directly at him. He also has a tendency to play too high, allowing blockers to get into his chest, nullifying his outstanding athleticism. He's still developing as a football player and doesn't possess the instincts right now to diagnose plays quickly. If he doesn't gain some weight and strength, he will get pushed around by physical tackles. Struggles to disengage when a blocker gets their hands on him.

Roster Impact for Seattle: With the possibility that DE Grant Wistrom may be cut this June to save some money, Seattle may be in the market for a solid young defensive end to come in and take over the reigns at the right defensive end position. Fisher and second-year player Darryl Tapp are sure-things to return, but they fit better on the left (strong) side. Even if Wistrom does come back, Abiamiri would be a solid addition to the roster and add excellent depth as he develops his skills.

Draft Projection: On most draft boards, Abiamiri is slotted as a top five defensive end in what is a weak class this year. At this point he's considered a lock for the second round, but he could sneak into the first round with good workouts leading up to the draft.

**Note: Keep an eye out for more of these updates as we find out who the Seahawks are looking at over the next few weeks. Top Stories