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It's getting close to the start of Free Agency and college players from around the country are headed to Indianapolis for the start of the NFL Combine. Lots of news is out there and Scout.com and Sirius Radio's Adam Caplan was nice enough to join .NET for an exclusive chat to discuss all things NFL and Seahawks. The following is a transcript of his answers to a number of pertinent questions.

adamcaplan hi all
dfarrar777 Adam Caplan is here!
dfarrar777 Welcome Adam Caplan of Scout.com, Sirius NFL Radio and FootballInjuries.com. Adam's on his way to the Combine tomorrow, and he's here to take your questions about the draft and free agency. Fire away!
dfarrar777 I'll start, I guess...
dfarrar777 Between Eric Steinbach and Kris Dielman, who do you think would be a better fit for Seattle?
hawkssoar Adam what do you think the hawks biggest needs are in this year's Draft?
adamcaplan to start, I see their top two needs as Guard and Safety
adamcaplan both safety spots are issues
impacthawk Adam, couldn't agree more
hawkssoar agreed
adamcaplan DF: Steinbach
adamcaplan better player too
impacthawk How does he fit Holmgren's need to have a strong running game, but also protect Matt Hasselbeck?
adamcaplan Steinbach is a very solid run blocker
adamcaplan and is athletic
adamcaplan which is what they're looking for
dfarrar777 What are your thoughts on the top senior guards, and do you think the Seahawks would be better served going FA or draft at that position?
adamcaplan my sense is they'll look at free agency first
adamcaplan they must upgrade over Womack
adamcaplan who shouldn't be back
impacthawk Dockery?
dfarrar777 I agree.
hawkssoar Apply Doug's question to the Safety position
adamcaplan I'd take him after Dielman
adamcaplan Safety would be draft, nothing worth in free agency
adamcaplan Michael Lewis was terrible last season
adamcaplan yet someone will pay him, free agency is bad for safeties
hawkssoar Safety wise then who in the draft would best fit the Hawks Defense
dfarrar777 Hamlin could be overpaid elsewhere
adamcaplan problem is Seattle needs help at both FS and SS
adamcaplan because Hamlin is a UFA flatrate Do you think Hamlin has slipped, and Boulware as well?
dfarrar777 How does Weddle grade out for that defense?
adamcaplan and Boulware is really up in the air, they will give him a chance but they can't count on him
adamcaplan DF: Not a starter
impacthawk At Strong safety, what do you think of Eric Frampton out of Washington State?
adamcaplan Weddle had a decent senior bowl but backup initially
adamcaplan IM: Second day guy
dfarrar777 Marcus Tubbs is recovering from microfracture surgery. What are the odds that a 320-pound DT who gets double-teamed all the time will recover from that kind of operation enough to play pro football again?
adamcaplan DF: that surgery has a much better success rate then lets say five years ago
dfarrar777 How so?
adamcaplan it's about how much he gets himself in to shape
dfarrar777 It's still bone-on-bone, isn't it?
adamcaplan Dr. Richard Steadman, who does most of them, seems to have a better handle on it now
adamcaplan Not all come back from it but the success rate is much better
flatrate Who has come back from that surgery and excelled?
adamcaplan Flat: Bruce Smith
adamcaplan NBA: Stoudimire of the Suns
impacthawk Let's talk Tight Ends.
Seattle definitely has a need. What direction do you see the Hawks going?
dfarrar777 Follow up on DTs: For a mid-round, run-stopping DT option, I find Brandon Mebane of Cal to be a very intriguing possibility. What's your take on him?
adamcaplan IM: free agency is bad for it
adamcaplan so draft
adamcaplan Dan Graham wants to start and catch the ball more but he's always hurt
dfarrar777 The inevitable Stevens question...should they invest in this guy long-term?
adamcaplan DF: No, underachiever
impacthawk In the middle rounds, who might come up as a good fit for the Seahawks? Newton, Olsen, Patrick, Rucker, Spaeth???
dfarrar777 Thaaaaaank you.
adamcaplan I'd take Olson if he's there
adamcaplan in round 2
adamcaplan but we need to get through the combine first
adamcaplan it's silly to speculate before it
adamcaplan as far as where guys will go
adamcaplan IM: Newton is too slow
dfarrar777 What did you think of Mebane at the Senior Bowl?
dfarrar777 And who impressed you most there?
adamcaplan Olsen's issue is how he does at the combine, he was on with me a few weeks ago on Sirius, he said he's doing everything there
adamcaplan DF: Okoye was great
adamcaplan him, Kevin Williams, and Bunkley were the best DTs I've seen in my 7 years there
adamcaplan in Mobile
adamcaplan Okoye is only 19, unreal
impacthawk wow
adamcaplan great kid too
hawkssoar wow I thought he was older then that
adamcaplan I know his agents well, interesting story
adamcaplan I interviewed one of them in Mobile, it's still available if you go to the senior bowl page
adamcaplan he came in a little light, only 287
adamcaplan so he can put on weight
flatrate When Kevin Williams was tearing up there, it was said the second most impressive was Marcus Trufant. What do you think of Trufant now?
adamcaplan FLAT: Trufant was great there, I remember him and Tyrone Calico battling for passes if I recall correctly
adamcaplan Trufant is coming off of his worst season as a pro, he regressed some but so did their entire secondary.
adamcaplan he can pick it up
adamcaplan pass rush has to be better too
impacthawk Are the Seahawks satisfied with their QB situation enough, to not look in FA or the draft for one? Second: What are your impressions of David Greene, and what do you think Mike H. Saw in him to draft him so high?
dfarrar777 Do you think Jim Mora will be the Seahawks' next coach, or is this a whistle stop like Ron Rivera's new gig must be? And how do you see Mora affecting that secondary?
dfarrar777 impact 1st
adamcaplan im: they're ok there
adamcaplan Greene doesn't have the arm to play
adamcaplan at a high level
adamcaplan DF: Could be in 2-3 years
adamcaplan DF: The secondary will be more aggressive
adamcaplan with Mora in there
hawkssoar What are your thought on Josh Brown, as a fan favorite everyone wants to see him signed, what is your take? do you think the Hawks Tag him or sign him?
dfarrar777 Concensus seems to be that a lot of the problem was coaching.
adamcaplan I'm interested to see how Tapp does this year, they need him to get on the field more
dfarrar777 Absolutely.
adamcaplan HAWK: Tagging a K isn't a big deal
flatrate Hasselbeck had a rough year. What are your thoughts on him?
adamcaplan and there's no one else to franchise
hawkssoar agreed
adamcaplan flat: too many injuries and bad OL play
dfarrar777 I can't believe they got as far as they did with that line
adamcaplan OL will have three new starters in 07 so it will be interesting.
adamcaplan I think someone will make a run for Hackett
adamcaplan would be surprised if another team didn't
impacthawk will they extend the max. tender?
adamcaplan i have to think they want Engram back
dfarrar777 Now that all minds turn to the draft, and the Seahawks have traded their first-round pick, it's worth asking again – was Deion Branch worth that pick, and why?
flatrate If they would trade Djack, could he bring a first rounder?
adamcaplan IM: No because they are paying three WRs big money already
impacthawk that's too bad.........they have the money
adamcaplan DF: Yes because he will now be in their off season program and will get on the same page as Hasselbeck, hard to do when you're not in traning camp with them
adamcaplan and get there after the season starts
adamcaplan as for Burleson, hope for the best, lol
adamcaplan I'm surprised at how bad he was
dfarrar777 14 million for a punt returner. Ouch.
adamcaplan thought he was a good fit for the WCO
hawkssoar lol
impacthawk I still hope it turns out.
adamcaplan he's a good guy, it still can
impacthawk But would rather have Hackett
FargoHawk I think everyone smiled at that one
adamcaplan he's another one that needs to get more work
adamcaplan IM: Yes and MIN could go after him
adamcaplan which would be hilarious
impacthawk that would suck in a big way
hawkssoar that would suck
adamcaplan they have the cash
impacthawk Not funny Adam!!!
adamcaplan and a major need
adamcaplan they have the NFLs worst group of WRs
dfarrar777 If MIN gets Hackett that would be a declaration of war. The U.N. might have to get involved.
hawkssoar and Hackett would be an instant improvement for the Vikes
adamcaplan HAWK: Would be their #1 WR the day he signed
hawkssoar that sucks
adamcaplan you could make their roster if you could run at least a 4.7
dfarrar777 Question about San Diego - Is there any actual sense to what's going on there, or is that all just an AJ Smith power play?
adamcaplan AJ power play
dfarrar777 I mean...NORV???
adamcaplan with Marty
adamcaplan AJ isn't exactly a people person
adamcaplan good personnel man but hard to work with
dfarrar777 And how does Rivera go from Super Bowl DC to linebackers coach?
adamcaplan Norv will run the same offense
adamcaplan DF: CHI wanted to keep Babich and knew he would be gone next year
adamcaplan they're very high on him
dfarrar777 Five more minutes for Adam, so pony up with the questions...
FargoHawk Babich ran a successful NDSU DII football program into the ground here in Fargo, I can't believe how overrated that guy is
adamcaplan FAR: Say what you want but many around the NFL like him
flatrate Could they get a first rounder for djack?
dfarrar777 Which players need the Combine the most for their futures?
impacthawk Adam, at the combine, what is the most anticipated workout you are looking forward too?
adamcaplan DF: Quinn for one and probably Jarrett
hawkssoar Adam, How about RB in the draft? Alexander will be around for a few more years, but do the Hawks stick with MO, hope Weaver stays healthy or should they start to look for someone for Shaun to groom?
adamcaplan IM: doesn't make a difference to me, it's just that the players work out.
adamcaplan HAWK: I'd take a look this year or next year for his eventual replacement
adamcaplan they need to start looking at that
adamcaplan just as they did with him when Watters was done
dfarrar777 Okay - Adam, thanks very much for your time. Looking forward to seeing you in Indy tomorrow and through the week!
dfarrar777 Much coverage to come.
adamcaplan see you there, we'll do this again soon

Stay tuned to Seahawks.NET lots of exclusive reports from the Combine and leading up to the Draft which starts on April 21st.

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