Grant Wistrom Released by Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks have released defensive end Grant Wistrom. This is yet another step in the team's constant process of reinventing its defensive line.

It is also a somewhat expected move, as team president Tim Ruskell had said that after Seattle recently signed former Atlanta Falcons DE Patrick Kerney to a six-year, $39.5 million deal, Wistrom would be asked to restructure his own contract, which was six years and $33 million, signed in March of 2004.

It would now seem that Wistrom and his agent, Tom Condon, refused to restructure. Condon is also Steve Hutchinson’s agent, and was the pointman in the “poison-pill” offer sheet that allowed the Minnesota Vikings to steal the Pro Bowl guard away from the Seahawks in 2006.

It was not a contract that Wistrom had lived up to – he was brought in to bring change to Seattle’s defensive line, but he never totaled over 52 tackles and four sacks in a season. Wistrom was selected out of Nebraska as the sixth overall pick in the 1998 draft by the St. Louis Rams.

The Seahawks will save $3.5 million in cap room in 2007 by releasing Wistrom, but they can’t use the money until June 2, pursuant to the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement.

According to “The Hawkstorian”, Seahawks.NET’s own salary cap expert, Wistrom would have counted for $5.83 million against Seattle’s cap in 2007 and $6.33 million in 2008. After his release, those figures will be reduced to $2.33 million in 2007 and $4.67 million in 2008.

The Seahawks will move forward with Kerney, Bryce Fisher and Darryl Tapp at the defensive end position.

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