Adam Caplan Chat Transcript

Seahawks.NET was lucky enough to get NFL Insider Adam Caplan for a chat on Tuesday night and he had lots of information to spread around. Who are the Seahawks after as free agency winds down and the Draft takes center stage? What current Seahawks free agents are hearing from other teams? What team in the NFC West does he think has improved themselves the most. Read on for the answers...

adamcaplan: hi all
hawkssoar: hey Adam
usuckbananas: hello sir!
Absolutplayer: hes no good anyway
dfarrar777: Okay folks, welcome Adam Caplan of Sirius NFL Radio, and back to the Seahawks.NET chat room. Adam, thanks as always for taking the time. Get your free agency and draft questions ready!
dfarrar777: Except for Matt
Absolutplayer: Im just here to make this look good
dfarrar777: What are you hearing about Ken Hamlin and maybe Dallas? He's done in Seattle with the Grant acquisition, right?
adamcaplan: DF: They need a FS badly
adamcaplan: so I can see them signing him
adamcaplan: and he hasn't had a lot of visits surprisingly
dfarrar777: Visiting tomorrow
adamcaplan: DF: Yes, no room for him
adamcaplan: and with Russell
adamcaplan: in there
adamcaplan: too
dfarrar777: How do you rate Deon Grant?
Absolutplayer: do you think hamlins not getting much attention because he isn't worth the market rate for a safety right now? or is it more injury related
adamcaplan: Grant is above average, you have to remember he had that devastating hip injury with CAR years back and has come all the way back
HawkRibeye: Ruskell said (AP) Seattle's major free-agent activity should be complete ... your take Adam
adamcaplan: AB: It could be injury related but I can't see why teams don't do film work on him
adamcaplan: HA: All teams are like that now
Frozenropers1: If Gray decides not to come back do the Hawks go with Sims and Womack as the starting guards or do they revisit Ed Mulitalo?
adamcaplan: just about
hawkssoar: how about Stevens..we know Seattle doesn't want him back...any takers out there or is Stevens career over?
adamcaplan I talked to Mulitalo last week, he said he's about 80-90% recovered from the injury last year
dfarrar777: hold questions pls
dfarrar777: How interested is Seattle?
adamcaplan: problem is he turns 33 this season
adamcaplan: His agent is starting to set up visits
adamcaplan: HAW: His career is in major trouble
adamcaplan: what a POS
hawkssoar: What a waste of talent.
adamcaplan: I'll let you figure out what that means
adamcaplan: Another poor Holmgren move
Frozenropers1: If his price isn't prohibitive, it would seem Mulitalo would be a nice 2-3 year stop gap while they groom another guard from the draft...
adamcaplan: when he was calling the shots
adamcaplan: FR: AGreed, good guy too
adamcaplan: He's better than Gray too
Frozenropers1: Definately.....would seem with the Hawks window right now Mulitalo would be a nice fit and allow them to move Sims over to the RG spot....
adamcaplan: FR: Sims will likely start, it's at the other guard spot which is up in the air.
dfarrar777: Speaking of guards - who do you think might be there in the second or third round for Seattle? Ain't gonne be Ben Grubbs, but who do you see that could make a first-year difference?
adamcaplan: Funny, I was going to say GRubbs but he will go early second
adamcaplan: Andy Alleman of Akron
adamcaplan: at #55
adamcaplan: would be a good one
adamcaplan: very athletic
adamcaplan: he should go late second or early third
dfarrar777: Can you see Seattle taking a TE before a G? I mean, how much can Marcus Pollard really do?
adamcaplan: Not sure if there will be a TE worth taking at #55
adamcaplan: But Pollard is on his last legs
Frozenropers1: Beekman really seems to be dropping due to his poor Senior Bowl performance and combine it a case of tests looking too much at the test numbers and not enough at the game film? Think he could drop all the way to the Hawks in the 4th if they find better value at other positions in the 2nd and 3rd?
adamcaplan: FR: Beekman third round
LOL - I see that the Broncos signed another former Cleveland D-lineman
ScottEklund: adam...what do you think of matt spaeth from minnesota? is he a guy that will go early on the second day?
adamcaplan: DF: Yep, DL coach is from CLE
adamcaplan: SE: Solid 4-5 area TE
adamcaplan: developmental
ScottEklund: i like him
adamcaplan: I could see that with Pollard
ScottEklund: better blocker than receiver at this point?
adamcaplan: maybe he's ready in year two
adamcaplan: SE: He can catch better than you think
Frozenropers1: Hawks seemed to show some interest in Kevin Boss, another draft project that could develop behind Pollard for a season?
ScottEklund: that settles it ;)
adamcaplan: Zach Miller really sucked at the combine so he could drop to them in the second
adamcaplan: FR: I like Boss but not in the second though
Frozenropers1: Agreed, was thinking of an early second day pick on Boss.....
NJSeahawksFan: Who's this year's Lofa Tatupu ... you know, the guy most of the pundits will say was a reach, but will make an impact?
dfarrar777: Adam - what are your thoughts on Brandon Mebane, or other run-stopping DTs? And have you heard anything about Marcus Tubbs' rehab?
adamcaplan: Branch will be feast or famine
adamcaplan: Nothing new on Tubbs
adamcaplan: Keep an eye on Tank Tyler
dfarrar777: Any second-day bargains on the interior line
dfarrar777: I may have a tape recorder on Tank Tyler in the next week. :-)
adamcaplan: Mansfield Wrotto
adamcaplan: solid developmental G
adamcaplan: or RT
dfarrar777: Yeah - raw but huge potential
HawkRibeye: Adam --- what are the chances for DJack to be traded on draft day?
adamcaplan: interesting story
adamcaplan: HA: SEA will do everything they can to move him by then, harder to deal him after draft
adamcaplan: usually
adamcaplan: if they do, look for them to get Hackett to an extension
adamcaplan: and he would start
adamcaplan: Engram still could come back
adamcaplan: for one more season as the #3
Frozenropers1: I read where the Hawks gave a "good response" to Baraka he a guy that the Hawks could look at early on day two and view as a stout run stuffing backup for Kerney at LDE?
dfarrar777: If Brian Russell were to play strong safety, would he be an upgrade over Boulware?
adamcaplan: He's a late rounder
adamcaplan: developmental type
dfarrar777: 1,0I saw his combine interview - good kid
adamcaplan: DF: He's not as athletic but he won't make as many mistakes
adamcaplan: Russell is very smart but a step too slow
dfarrar777: I think at this point they'd rather have that than the alternative
usuckbananas: How's Mike Green's injury looking? Will he come back 100%?
adamcaplan: US: Too early to say but he will have trouble making the team
flatrate: Whats your opinion of Deon Grant?
ScottEklund: adam...what are your thoughts on either Paul Soliai from Utah or Louis Leonard from Fresno State? Are they Day 1 guys?
adamcaplan: It's a shame he got hurt because he had Boulware beat well in camp
usuckbananas: Is Deon Grant as much of an upgrade over Hamlin as his price tag suggests?
anomaly: my apologies, but I missed your response on Tubbs rehab
adamcaplan: Both are second day, 4-5 area
adamcaplan: US: Grant is better in coverage and is more instinctive
adamcaplan: AN : Nothing new on Tubbs
dfarrar777 Can you see the Seahawks going after a developmental QB? I was doing a writeup on David Greene yesterday for something, and I just wonder if they've seen enough
adamcaplan: DF: late
adamcaplan: yes
adamcaplan: Wallace is what he is
adamcaplan: he won't get any taller
adamcaplan: and Greene was a good college player but limited for NFL level
dfarrar777: Is the guy from BYU a second-day guy? He seems to be the one everyone's talking about now
adamcaplan: could go as early as third but probably 4th
adamcaplan: area
adamcaplan: Beck is a sleeper as is Trent Edwards
dfarrar777: Well, quarterbacks aren't pitchers - doesn't really matter how many games you "won" re: Greene
adamcaplan: Guy I like is Kevin Kolb
adamcaplan: he was great in senior bowl and combine was good
adamcaplan: DF: True dat.
flatrate: What's wrong with Hamlin?
adamcaplan: It's all about game film
dfarrar777: So , what about Tank Tyler? How would be fit?
adamcaplan: FL: Not sure what you mean
flatrate: How come nobody seems to want Hamlin?
adamcaplan: DF: Tyler isn't as athletic as they probably like but he's really big and is a run stopper
ScottEklund: attitude
ScottEklund: plus he isnt that great in coverage
ScottEklund: he's a strong safety
usuckbananas: There have been rumors that he can't pass physicals. Any truth to that?
adamcaplan: FL: Basically he wasn't that good last year and you know how bad their coverage was
adamcaplan: US: Haven't heard that
HawkRibeye: Adam --- who will stay inside the booth during the game John Marshall or Jim Mora Jr. ?
adamcaplan: HA: Ask me during training camp
HawkRibeye: hehehe thanks :)
adamcaplan: I do think Mora will be a head coach again, where is the question
adamcaplan: he had some stuff go wrong in ATL but he's good
HawkRibeye: for sure
adamcaplan: the thing with U of W was his fault
adamcaplan: no denying that
HawkRibeye: true
adamcaplan: he should know better
flatrate: Think anybody will come after Hackett?
ScottEklund: adam...head coach in college or in the nfl?
adamcaplan: a man in his spot can't do that
dfarrar777: was listening to that in the car when it happened - almost drove off the road
HawkRibeye: lol
adamcaplan: FL: Probably not because he was tendered at a #2
adamcaplan: SC: Pros probably
dfarrar777: Okay - lightning round. Adam's got five more minutes
ScottEklund: is arizona really going to be as good as people think this year?
usuckbananas: What was the deal with the Wes Welker deal? Poison Pill?
dfarrar777: I think SF will be as good as everyone thinks ARI will be
adamcaplan: SE: They will be better with better balance on offense but their D is still weak
HawkRibeye: When do you think Tapp will start at DE (early or Mid season?)
adamcaplan: US: They didn't have one
adamcaplan: HR: Nah, third end
adamcaplan: great role for him
NJSeahawksFan: I know it's not Seahawk related but ... does anyone else get the feeling that spending money like drunken sailors is going to sink New Engalnd this year? Isn't that what karma supposed to do to them?
ScottEklund: do you think seattle goes for a running back in the draft?
Frozenropers1: Would Ruskell pick Mebane or Tyler if both are on the board and he's looking DT?
dfarrar777: Okay - we're going to wrap this up. Adam, thanks as always.
dfarrar777: Great stuff!
adamcaplan: we'll know more on draft stuff a few weeks before
adamcaplan: see you then
adamcaplan: later
Absolutplayer: thanks adam!
NJSeahawksFan: Later
HawkRibeye: thanks

Seahawks.NET plans to have more of these chats in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more from the NFL and Draft experts as we get closer to the start of the Draft on April 28th. Top Stories