.NET Draft 2007: Mock Draft 3.0

It's one month from the date when NFL teams will gather in New York City to conduct the NFL Draft and Seahawks.NET's Ryan Rigmaiden is ready for readers to see his third Mock Draft. Draft boards are becoming clearer as Free Agency begins to wind down and that makes the projections just a little bit easier. Read on to see who gets picked where and see if you agree...

1. Oakland - JaMarcus Russell, QB LSU

If the Raider front office had any doubts on whether or not to select Russel with this pick, all those concerns should've been lifted after seeing his personal workout. Russell put on a clinic and more than one GM said that it was the best they've ever seen.

2. Detroit - Brady Quinn, QB Notre Dame

I'm very torn here between Quinn, Thomas and Johnson, but have to bet on Quinn at this point. Johnson would be a long shot because of Detroit's receiver history and Thomas, although worthy of this pick, might not get the nod because of recent Free Agent signings by the Lions. Quinn makes the most sense here because he's a franchise QB who wouldn't be forced to start right away.

3. Cleveland - Joe Thomas, OT Wisconsin

Probably not the sexy pick that fans want, but Thomas has earned this pick. Despite recent attempts to improve the offensive line, the Browns still have one of the least talented units in the league. Thomas is equally comfortable in pass protection or run blocking and should solidify this unit for a decade or more..

4. Tampa Bay - Calvin Johnson, WR Georgia Tech

Every time I do a Mock I try and figure out why this kid's still on the board. Johnson is the unanimous #1 player on the board, but for one reason or another he's still on the board with this pick. The Bucs have received surprising production from veteran Joey Galloway, but his 36 year old body can't last much longer. Johnson is an immediate starter and will be a favorite for rookie of the year honors.

5. Arizona - Levi Brown, OT Penn State

Some will call this a reach, but I feel Brown could end up being better than Thomas. Brown is big, strong, agile and plays like it's personal. Arizona hasn't made any offensive line upgrades this season and desperately needs an increase in personnel. Expect the Cards to attempt to trade down and take Brown, but he could still be the guy here.

6. Washington - Gaines Adams, DE Clemson

One of the most impressive players at the Combine, Adams blew everyone away with his athleticism and potential. However, he's not just a workout warrior and he's got a very solid resume. You can pencil Adams in as a starter the minute he's selected.

7. Minnesota - Jamaal Anderson, DE Arkansas

The Vikings have tremendous opportunities with this pick, but I think no matter what they'll choose to go defense. At this point, the best defensive backs are still on the board and that could be tempting or they could choose to add some defensive line depth. Trading down is another option, but it takes two to tango. If the Vikes stay at this pick Anderson could be the guy. He's big, fast and led the SEC in sacks. For a team that didn't get much from their young ends, Anderson could bring stability and depth to the unit.

8. Atlanta (from Houston) - LaRon Landry, S LSU

Landry is the type of player that you just love watching. He's all over the field, can play the run or the pass and is a leader. Atlanta's been adding help at cornerback, but they're lacking a premier safety to bring stability to the defense. Landry is that guy and should start as a rookie.

9. Miami - Alan Branch, DT Michigan

If the board falls like this, I see the Dolphins with two choices- Branch or another defensive tackle, Amobi Okoye from Louisville. Miami's defensive line has to get younger and Branch, a mammoth tackle that commands double teams on every snap, would be a great move for the future. But watch out for the young prodigy Okoye. He's moving up boards and could sneak past Branch.

10. Houston (from Atlanta) - Adrian Peterson, RB Oklahoma

I've always felt that former QB David Carr got a bad rap and could've done much better if they'd given him a reliable running game and an offensive line. Perhaps newly acquired QB-of-the-future Matt Schaub will get one out of two. The Texans signed RB Ahman Green to be the starter, but he's slowing down and has legitimate injury questions. Peterson has the entire package and brings in a fresh set of legs. He's had some injuries himself, but could be fantastic paired with Green.

11. San Francisco - Robert Meachem, WR Tennessee

The 49ers had some holes on their team heading into the offseason, but they made some excellent moves in Free Agency on defense so they'll probably turn to the offense. There's still a glaring need for a big-play receiver on offense and Meachem, one of the best receivers to beat the jam and get off the line, could be the guy. After a successful 2006 campaign, Meachem showed that his size, speed and athleticism are a good fit for the NFL.

12. Buffalo - Leon Hall, CB Michigan

Let me get this straight – the Bills have let CB Nate Clements and LB London Fletcher go via Free Agency and have just now traded OLB Takeo Spikes. What the hell is going on in Buffalo? I think there's some better talent on the board than Hall, but I can't argue with this pick at all. Hall got worked the last two games of his NCAA career, but he's a steady starter and should be the first corner taken.

13. St. Louis - Amobi Okoye, DT Louisville

The runner working the table at the NFL Draft will sprint this card to the podium if Okoye's still here. His road to the NFL is one of the most amazing I've ever heard, but his play might end up being even better. Okoye has the size and quickness you're looking for in a one-gap defensive tackle and he would be a nice addition for an aging and underachieving defensive line.

14. Carolina - Ted Ginn, WR Ohio State

I just can't see this kid dropping any lower than this. He needs considerable work with his route running and relies on his speed too much, but Ginn has so much natural talent that it might be too hard to pass up. Remember, receiver Steve Smith had a lot of similarities to Ginn when he came out of college and he's turned out just fine. It may be a year or two for Ginn to be fully ready, but he could be worth the wait.

15. Pittsburgh - Jarvis Moss, DE Florida

I'm very tempted to throw Ole Miss LB Patrick Willis in this spot, but teams put such a premium on pass rushers that I have to side with Moss. His ability to put heat on quarterbacks is a real bonus and if new head coach Mike Tomlin wants to switch to a 4-3 in the near future, Moss is the guy.

16. Green Bay - Marshawn Lynch, RB Cal

I believe the Packers should look to the later rounds for a RB, but I can't argue with this pick either. Lynch has been a productive runner who's equally comfortable between the tackles or outside. If the Packers are adamant on giving Favre his best chance to leave a winner, then he's the guy here. If the front office wants to keep building for the future, they should go with another guy.

17. Jacksonville - Reggie Nelson, S Florida

This is the rare time when need matches value. The Jags lost FS Deon Grant and they're in need of a replacement. Enter Nelson, one of the best overall defenders in college football last year. Like Grant, Nelson covers a ton of ground and goes and gets the ball. He should start as a rookie.

18. Cincinnati - Darrell Revis, CB Pittsburgh

Veteran Tory James probably won't be brought back, Dealtha O'Neal is way too inconsistent to be counted on and rookie Jonathan Joseph has joined Cincy's dedication to keep area prisons full of NFL personnel. Revis could go much higher than this, especially after running a 4.4 recently. He's big, fast and can also be a threat in the return game.

19. Tennessee - Patrick Willis, LB Ole Miss

Everyone's thinking WR or CB here, but Willis is more than deserving of this pick. His production has been amazing, but after running a 4.4 at his Pro Day, Willis is soaring up boards. The trio of Willis, Thornton and Bulluck would be very impressive.

20. New York Giants - Chris Houston, CB Arkansas

The pick will come down to a linebacker or a corner. Operating under the principle that good defensive backs are harder to find than linebackers, the Giants select Houston, who had a terrific 2006. Houston is comfortable jamming at the line-of-scrimmage and has the speed (4.3) to stay with any receiver. His arrival could allow the G-men to dump disappointing veteran Patrick Surtain.

21. Denver - Adam Carriker, DE Nebraska

Carriker dominated the Senior Bowl, showing surprising quickness off the edge and power inside. He has most scouts convinced that he can play as an end in a 4-3 or 3-4 and could even slide inside during nickel situations. I love this kid and think he's going to be a very solid pro.

22. Dallas - Dwayne Bowe, WR LSU

TE David LaFleur, also from LSU, was the last offensive player the Cowboys have selected in the first round. Can they break the cycle with another LSU Tiger? I'd hope so if the board falls like this. Bowe is one of my favorite prospects this year. He's big and strong, has good hands and blocks his ass off. With Terry Glenn getting older and Terrell Owens being, well, T.O., this is a great move to help young QB Tony Romo.

23. Kansas City - Dwayne Jarrett, WR USC

Comparisons between a current player and a former player from the same school are never fair, but to dismiss the similarities of Mike Williams and Jarrett would be wrong too. Both are tall receivers with great hands, but struggle with speed and route running. I don't think Jarrett will flop like Williams has, but I don't see him being an elite wideout either. However, Kansas City has one of the worst receiving units in the league and might roll the dice on Jarrett.

24. New England (from Seattle) - Aaron Ross, CB Texas

Still flying a bit under the radar, Ross has the talent to be the best corner from this class. He's big, fast and makes good decisions. In a defensive system that makes decent cornerbacks good and good cornerbacks great, Ross should find success under Bill Belichik.

25. New York Jets - Greg Olsen, TE Miami

Olsen scorched the Combine and is clearly the best TE coming out this year. His production numbers were very pedestrian, but much of that can be attributed to poor quarterback play. Possessing two second round picks gives the Jets the luxury of taking the best player available here, and it could be Olsen.

26. Philadelphia - Brandon Meriweather, S Miami

If Meriweather didn't have any character concerns, he'd be a top 15 pick. But the Eagles may take a chance on him because they have a veteran team that can look out for such a talented player. When everything's all said and done, Meriweather might end up being the best defensive back in the Draft. His ability to play man coverage and cover a ton of ground in zone makes him a real weapon. He could wind up playing strong safety and then take over for Brian Dawkins when he retires.

27. New Orleans - Lawrence Timmons, LB Florida State

Cornerback is a much bigger need, but at this point none that are left are worthy of this pick. Timmons, on the other hand, is. He didn't time very well at the Combine, but he's a very solid player and is good enough to start right away.

28. New England - Paul Posluszny, LB Penn State

Doesn't this guy just look like a Patriot defender? The Pats made a great move signing OLB Adalius Thomas in Free Agency, but adding another body for the middle is a must. Bruschi and Vrabel can't be counted on and Posluszny can play inside or outside.

29. Baltimore - Joe Staley, OT Central Michigan

Playing for Central Michigan won't usually get you on Sporscenter, but Staley's got NFL Scouts' attention. His feet and athleticism are elite, making him a terrific fit at left tackle. However, Staley would probably start on the right side until Jonathan Ogden retires and go from there.

30. San Diego - Justin Blalock, T/G Texas

Letting veteran receiver Keenan McCardell go might have been a mistake. Take a look at San Diego's receivers and it's not exactly a group that you have to game plan for. However, that doesn't mean the Chargers will force a pick here. They could very well turn their attention to the offensive line for a guy like Blalock. His versatility is a huge bonus and running the ball has been San Diego's bread-and-butter.

31. Chicago - Jon Beason, LB Miami

The threat of LB Lance Briggs, who has been franchised, to sit out is very real and the Bears have to take appropriate measures to counter it. Beason is a fast linebacker that is built for the Cover-2.

32. Indianapolis - Justin Harrell, DT Tennessee

I haven't seen much tape on this guy, but I'm told if it weren't for a torn biceps injury he'd have been he high first-rounder. Indy's Maginot Line-esque defensive front needs some help and Harrell could be the guy to do it.

Round 2

33. Oakland - Ben Grubbs, G Auburn
34. Detroit - Tony Ugoh, T Arkansas
35. Tampa Bay - Anthony Spencer, DE Purdue
36. Cleveland - Daymeion Hughes, CB Cal
37. Chicago(from Wash, through NYJ) - Sidney Rice, WR South Carolina
38. Arizona - Ryan Kalil, C USC
39. Atlanta (from Houston) - Charles Johnson, DE Georgia
40. Miami - Michael Griffin, S Texas
41. Minnesota - Anthony Gonzalez, WR Ohio State
42. San Francisco - LaMarr Woodley, DE/OLB Michigan
43. Buffalo - Kenny Irons, RB Auburn
44. Atlanta - Craig Davis, WR LSU
45. Carolina - Drew Stanton, QB Michigan State
46. Pittsburgh - Brian Leonard, RB Rutgers
47. Green Bay - Zach Miller, TE Arizona State
48. Jacksonville - Jason Hill, WR Washington State
49. Cincinnati - Tank Tyler, DT N.C. State
50. Tennessee - Marcus McCauley, CB Fresno State
51. New York Giants - David Harris, LB Michigan
52. St. Louis - Brandon Siler, LB Florida
53. Dallas - Aaron Sears, T/G Tennessee
54. Kansas City - Tanard Jackson, CB Syracuse
55. Seattle - Victor Abiamiri, DE Notre Dame
56. Denver - Ryan Harris, OT Notre Dame
57. Philadelphia - Steve Smith, WR USC
58. New Orleans - Eric Wright, CB UNLV
59. New York Jets - Ray McDonald, DT/DE Florida
60. Miami (from New England) - Jonathan Wade, CB Tennessee
61. Baltimore - Rufus Alexander, LB Oklahoma
62. San Diego - Eric Weddle, S Utah
63. New York Jets (from Chicago) - Ikaika Alama-Francis, DE Hawaii
64. Tampa Bay (from Indianapolis) - Quentin Moses, DE Georgia

As usual, any questions or comments can be sent to rlrigmaiden@hotmail.com. Thanks for taking the time to write in.

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