Action: Jackson?

Darrell Jackson's future with the Seahawks remains in question as the draft approaches. Seattle has stockpiled receivers. The team has also shopped Jackson to see what he might command in a trade.

"I've always liked Darrell," coach Mike Holmgren said. "I think Darrell has been very, very productive for us. He has been hurt for us the last couple years, and he's played a while now, and so we'll have to see how that thing goes."

Jackson, 27, remains under contract through the 2009 season. He has been the Seahawks' most productive receiver since 2000. He has also complained about his contract and differed with the team over the handling of a knee injury two seasons ago.

Jackson has not said he wants to be traded.

"Right now, he is under contract," Holmgren said. "He's with us and I don't think he said he wants to be traded. It's not one of those deals. So, I'm hopeful that we can keep him. But you never know."

The Seahawks are deep at the position. Deion Branch, D.J. Hackett, Bobby Engram and Nate Burleson give Seattle options. Team president Tim Ruskell also likes the potential of second-year pro Ben Obomanu.

Seattle has spoken with New Orleans, Jacksonville, Chicago and San Francisco about possible deals involving Jackson, the Tacoma News Tribune reported.

Teams might be more apt to wait until the draft at this point. Denver acquired Javon Walker for a second-round choice in a draft-day move last year. Seattle might have a hard time getting a pick that high in return for Jackson given that the receiver has a $3.25 million salary in addition to some injury problems over the last two seasons.

A knee injury caused Jackson to miss 10 games in 2005. A turf-toe injury caused him to miss the final three regular-season games last season. The knee injury was not a problem in 2006. The turf-toe injury should not be a concern for the upcoming season.

Jackson was previously quite durable. He missed only three games in his first five NFL seasons, all in 2002 after suffering a severe concussion during a hit at Texas Stadium. Top Stories