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Seahawks.NET was lucky enough to get some time with NFlDraftScout.com's Senior Draft Analyst Rob Rang on Thursday night and he had plenty of thoughts on sleepers, potential busts and who the Seahawks are looking at as we get to three weeks before the NFL Draft. Click on the link to see the full transcript of what he had to say...

dfarrar777: Okay everyone, NFLDraftScout.com Senior Analyst Rob Rang is ready to take your questions!
dfarrar777: Three at a time, and let the man breathe
dfarrar777 Regardless of position, who are the "safest" picks this year, i.e., the players who will make the most seamless transitions to the NFL level?
ScottEklund: rob is seattle poised to take a DT in the second round?
ScottEklund: tank tyler seems pretty tempting
RobRang: Doug's first
RobRang: The top 5 safe picks: Calvin Johnson, OTs Joe Thomas and Levi Brown, S LaRon Landry, and ILB Patrick Willis
RobRang: DT in the second round...
dfarrar777: Reports indicate that Mike Nolan was tremendously impressed with ILB Patrick Willis at the Senior Bowl…do you see Willis as a possibility at #11 for the 49ers? Also, with eight picks in the first four rounds and a new attitude in the front office, is this team a real threat to Seattle in 2007?
hawkfan68: what about Adrian Peterson? He's not a safe pick?
Tank Tyler, athletically speaking deserves to be picked right about 55, but I question whether his off-field concerns are too much for Seattle. I don't anticipate there being a DT at 55 that is both worthy of the pick and has the character Seattle wants.
ArosNET: Hiya Rob! Who's the sleeper pick we should keep our eyes on? In other words, who do you think Ruskell may be eye-balling (ala Tatupu) that we fans aren't even thinking of?
RobRang: SF and Willis...
rlrigmaiden: Rob, we see busts every year. After WR Dwayne Jarrett's "sun-dial" 40 time, I'm throwing him into my "stay away from at all costs" bin. Who are some others that fit that bill?
RobRang: The 49ers are quite high on Willis, as are a lot of teams. In my mind, Willis is a slight reach at #11. I see him as more of a 12-16 guy, which may seem like splitting hairs a bit, but in the draft business, it is significant. I think if the 49ers take him at #11 it will be because another player they were targeting was off the board.
Lambslayer: Rob it seems that many in this forum want a big, road grader type guard but with the way Holmgren likes to kick his guards out in pass protection shouldn't we get someone lighter and more athletic
RobRang: I don't know that San Francisco is ready to truly threaten Seattle, but they will be operating with a much easier schedule than Seattle. Assuming the Seahawks can remain healthy, they're still the clear favorites.
dsmonson: who is the best olineman available to us in the 2nd or 3rd round?
RobRang: Adrian Peterson is one of the riskier picks among the elite prospects in my mind. Certainly he has spectacular talent. Every bit as talented as Ronnie Brown, Reggie Bush, the past two #2 overall picks, but his injury past is terrifying. He's never made it through a collegiate season unscathed.
RobRang: Hello Todd... Sleeper pick. A couple of guys I really like for Seattle are TE Kevin Boss, DT Quinn Pitcock, late OG Robert Turner.
NJSeahawksFan: What are the prospects for Day One trades? What team might make a splash trading a player for a pick on draft day (if any)?
RobRang: Hey Ryan. Shouldn't you be off scouting somewhere? Some of the more bust-prone picks in this year's draft include Jarrett, Ginn, Alan Branch, and Jamaal Anderson. Posluszny is right up there too.
dfarrar777: Yeah, Ryan - get back to work!
If the Hawks opt to pick another position than DT with their 2nd round pick, which DT could be a sleeper for them in the later rounds?
rlrigmaiden: Rob, despite his value, C Chris Spencer was a bit of a surprise pick at the time of his selection. This year the 'Hawks look stocked at Receiver and now at Safety with the Grant and Russell signings. Any chance the front office pulls the trigger on a surprise player? Maybe S Eric Weddle or a WR like Craig Davis or Jason Hill? PS - With one win under my belt and practice over for the night, I'm slumming with you guys!
RobRang: Lambslayer... Exactly. Any OG they pick has to fit the system. That is why it is always good to check for OTs that can make the transition inside to OG or even centers with the same short area quickness. Not straight-ahead road graders.
rlrigmaiden: Marshall Yanda!
RobRang: NJ... Chicago is still looking to trade Briggs. Same with SD and Michael Turner. Seattle is actively shopping Jackson. I expect to see some trades (not necessarily involving veterans) in the top 10; specifically Detroit (2) and Washington (6) moving down. dfarrar777: Say the Seahawks get someone on the line for Jackson - do you think they'd use Jackson as currency to trade up for someone like Ben Grubbs, or would they be happy with a second or third?
That is the problem, 68, there isn't much in this draft at DT late. I like Quinn Pitcock for them in the 3rd. Jay Alford and Derek Landri are two others.
Lambslayer: What do you think of Lorenzo Booker? I think he could be a good 3rd down/scat back for us
RobRang: Doug, they'd be thrilled with a second, but I don't think they'll get it. Probably a 3rd.
Cavalry19D: Regarding the Defenseive End position, are there any sleeper pass rushers that might be available in the mid to late rounds? I remember last year that Anderson was thought of as a late second/early third but fell into the 5th.
BucketheadJones: ...and why won't they get a 2nd?
dfarrar777: Injury history, I'd think
Lambslayer: and contract status
redeye81: I think we wont get a second because other teams know we need to trade him.. too much tied up in other wrs
RobRang: One thing I've learned about Seattle is they're sticking with their board. If a WR, S, or ILB even is available at #55 that is ranked higher, he's gonna be the pick. Craig Davis, the WR from LSU, for one, shouldn't make it even close to them. If he does, he'll be highly considered. Very good WCO prospect.
rlrigmaiden: Why Mark Anderson fell that far absolutely baffles me. He was a legit 2nd/3rd Round guy in my mind.
dfarrar777: Good point - At least from the information we've received, Seattle seems to be looking at a lot of receivers ^`2013 not just tight ends. Do they still see the rotation as unresolved, or are they looking for special teams presence?
RobRang: Booker is athletic enough to be a better pro than collegiate RB. That said, most 3rd down backs have better hands than he does. Still, he is a creative runner and has explosive speed.
redeye81: Is there any 320 LB DTs in this draft we could get in second round?
dfarrar777: Piggyback on redeye's question - what do you think of Brandon Mebane?
NJSeahawksFan: Blatant NJ homerism here, but where do you see Brian Leonard fitting into the NFL? He seems an ideal 3rd and short back because of his hands and size.
Lambslayer: It seems the heavier a DT is the riskier they are. Many are that big due to lack of work ethic
RobRang: Anderson fell to the 5th because people questioned why he wasn't more productive throughout his career. I theorize that the drop provided him some incentive and he played his butt off. I like him and predicted a bit of a fall for him. Two DEs who perfectly fit this description are Georgia's Quentin Moses and Notre Dame's Victor Abiamiri. A couple of others to keep an eye on are Central Michigan's Dan Bazuin, Nebraska's Jay Moore, and Miami's Baraka Atkins.
RobRang: Jackson's knee remains a concern.
RobRang: That is one of the primary reasons why Seattle is so interested in QB David Carr. There is a feeling among those within the organization that Seneca Wallace could make a significant impact as a WR and returner.
redeye81: Are they gonna offer a contract? havent heard anything yet!
RobRang: Not really, redeye81. That's the problem. Everyone sees that Seattle needs a big run-stuffer, but all of those player likely to be available when Seattle picks have character issues.
RobRang: Brandon Mebane...
RobRang: Not a bad player. He had a strong week of practice at the Senior Bowl and got everyone excited - myself included... and then he absolutely disappeared in the game, itself. I see him as late 2nd to 3rd rounder. Seattle may have interest in him and if they took him I'd recognize that they're trying to fill a need, but I, personally, don't see him as a good value pick at #55.
BucketheadJones: I see Seneca as Mo Morris of the QB position. Great change of pace and can even get you through a few games, but not a regular starter in this league.
hawkfan68: How about Lamar Woodley as a DE/LB. Will he drop to #55 or later?
dfarrar777: One interesting stat I notice on nfldraftscout.com (site plug #1) is a percentage grade for blocking consistency. How is this tabulated?
RobRang: Blatant homerism is okay - especially when it centers around a guy as talented as Brian Leonard. I'm convinced that Leonard can be a standout back in the NFL as a starter in a traditional 1 back or supplemental back to a speed option ala in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia.
dfarrar777: Rob has Woodley going to us in his latest mock (sorry if I spilled the beans there...)
RobRang: I'd be surprised to see Woodley drop to Seattle. If it happened, I think they'd have to consider him. In my mind, he's a better prospect than Tapp was last year.
RobRang: Most teams keep stats on blocking percentages, Doug. Many just don't release to the general public. We've (and by we I mean our draft biographer Dave Te Thomas) have been able to make a few connections over the years. Interesting stats, huh?
Lambslayer: What about Daymeion Hughes? I think he would fit our cover 2 scheme perfect
redeye81: Woodley fits the mold of what Seattle likes.. He was a big time performer in a major conference.. ala Lofa
RobRang: I agree 100% Lambslayer.
dfarrar777: If he's there early second day, could BYU quarterback John Beck (who I know you rate very highly) appeal to the Seahawks?
RobRang: I don't know that he is a perfect fit for Seattle, necessarily, but in a true Tampa Two, he could be a real player.
RobRang: Probably depends on what Seattle does or does not do regarding Carr, but I absolutely love Beck in a WCO.
rlrigmaiden: Rob, who's the better QB, my or David Greene? Ok, seriously, what were the 'Hawks thinking with that pick? He's horrible.
rlrigmaiden: ooops, typo. I meant me or David Greene.
redeye81: Greene looked good last year's Raider game..
hawkfan68: Raiders have a way of making everyone look good
NJSeahawksFan: Everyone looked good against the Raiders last year
RobRang: Todd, Doug, and I had this exact conversation, if I remember correctly, on the way to the Seahawks' scrimmage this year. I don't know what they see in Greene.
dfarrar777: Ryan has character issues, though.
RobRang: He certaily does.
rlrigmaiden: I was hoping that wouldn't come up, Jerramy Stevens-style.
redeye81: true but he was hot and hitting WR in stride
RobRang: certainly. Dammit. Can't even be sarcastic without screwing it up.
dfarrar777: ha!
NJSeahawksFan: heh
MysterMatt: Me neither. I hate David Greene
dfarrar777: Which tight end do you think would be the best fit for Seattle? Is Michael Allan a good pro prospect?
HawkRibeye: Rob, if you're Tim Ruskell who do you pick #55? DT or OG
ScottEklund: im a big matt spaeth fan...can you talk about him a little bit rob?
redeye81: if they sign Carr Greene is gone for sure
RobRang: Allan has a good deal of work to do before he hits the field, I think. Needs to add a lot of strength. For Seattle, specifically, I'm am highest on Ben Patrick and Kevin Boss.
rlrigmaiden: Rob, I'm officially calling my shot with a Tampa trade-up to Detroit's #2 to get WR Calvin Johnson. Tampa has an extra Round 2 pick (from Indy) and then Detroit can take OT Joe Thomas or QB Brady Quinn. Are you buying the Rigs hype, or did I just get X-ed out at the bar?
dfarrar777: time to ask the question: What's up with Ray Willis? Seattle's line was a disaster last year, especially in the first half of the season, and the guy couldn't get a whiff of time on the field. What's the problem there?
RobRang: Ribeye, if those are my two options, I can almost guarantee the pick would be OG. There will be a talented player available with plenty of the intangibles Seattle is looking for. Almost surely, there will NOT be a DT there with these intangibles.
HawkRibeye: thanks, man :)
hawkfan68: Ray Willis=Wayne Hunter, IMO
dfarrar777: From Rob's keyboard to God's ears...
rlrigmaiden: Does anyone have Matt Hill's phone number?
redeye81: Willis is a right tackle.. not much he could do on left side
RobRang: Spaeth is a bit of an enigma. If you are familiar with Joe Newton from Oregon State, Spaeth is a similar prospect. Big, a little slow, great hands, a willing blocker, but not as strong at the point as his size, reputation would make you think. Shoulder surgery and inability to workout so far keeps him as a mid to late 2nd day guy.
redeye81: make or break for him this year
dfarrar777: Well, that's the point - all that time Locklear was hurt...
RobRang: I could absolutely see that happening, Ryan. I might steal that later. Although if Detroit trades down, I think they're targetting Gaines Adams.
redeye81: They felt better with the experience Ashworth had i think
redeye81: kinda conservative of Holmgren. but that is his MO
Cavalry19D: Not only that, but the Hawks PAID Ashworth
RobRang: Willis is a RT prospect. To move him inside to OG would throw a monkeywrench into his development. He's a solid prospect. The comparison to Hunter is off. Hunter was a spectacular athlete with limited ability as a football player. Willis isn't a great athlete, but he's a football player. Some forget how solid Locklear is -- he's the reason Willis hasn't seen more time.
BucketheadJones: Is Calvin Johnson as good as his hype?
RobRang: Better.
dfarrar777: So Seattle's still reasonable high on Willis?
BucketheadJones: Is Calvin Johnson the best player in the draft?
hawkfan68: Could Jason Hill be a possible option for the Hawks? Any interest there?
redeye81: Maybe they are hiding Willis so Locklear can move over to left tackle once Jones retires.. lol
RobRang: I think so. They don't know what he can do in a game situation and I've always thought he was kind of an odd fit for a predominately pass blocking offense (as he's more of a classic run blocking RT), but he's a legitimate player in the NFL. Not one of those guys who leaves as a UFA and can't find a job.
dfarrar777: 4,0Name a few players you think are going into the draft overrated. Which players have you disagreeing with "conventional wisdom" on either the high or low side?
RobRang: Absolutely the top player in this draft, Buckethead. Among the best prospects I've ever seen. Problem is, he's a WR and I am fundamentally against taking a WR (who may get 10 touches a game) with the #1 overall pick
RobRang: Jason Hill isn't a great fit for Seattle, in my opinion. I was stunned by his 40 time at the Combine. There was no result that surprised me more than his 4.3 forty. He sure as hell doesn't play that fast.
redeye81: #1 should be a QB or a DT or OL.. someone that can make a difference in a game. IMO..
BucketheadJones: As a Coug fan, I was surprised by that 4.3 as well.
RobRang: Overrated players in this draft include: Dwayne Jarrett, Ted Ginn, Jr., Jamaal Anderson, Chris Houston.
BucketheadJones: Underrated?
RobRang: Some underrated players are: Brandon Meriweather, John Beck, Craig Davis, Levi Brown, Daymeion Hughes, Anthony Spencer.
dfarrar777: Are the Rams as sold on Okoye as it seems? Would they try to move up to get him, or is he a pretty safe bet to be there at 13?
dfarrar777: And with Anthony Spencer, is it a Mohawk, or a Fro-hawk?
hawkfan68: LOL
RobRang: I think there is a good chance that Okoye is off the board by #13. I don't know that they love him so much to move up a get him.
rlrigmaiden: Rob, I read your report on Ikaika Alama-Francis, DE Hawaii. Does he fit into your sleeper mix as well?
Cavalry19D: Regardless of position, what are the top 5 prospects that are on the Hawks board that will realistically be there for their 2nd Round Pick? and based on the talent of the current draft class, what position of need will most likely be picked at #55?
RobRang: Absolutely.
RobRang: Re: Ikaika Alama-Francis.
RobRang: Well there it is Cavalry... wow... nice question.
redeye81: Ya that is a good question.. top five that seahawk will be able to draft
RobRang: 2nd half first. OG is most likely direction. Not only fills a need but is also among the deepest positions in the draft.
RobRang: Here goes:
RobRang: Andy Alleman, OG, Akron
RobRang: Samson Satele, OG/C, Hawaii
RobRang: Zach Miller, TE, Arizona State
RobRang: LaMarr Woodley, DE, Michigan
RobRang: Tony Hunt, RB, Penn State
rlrigmaiden: "I'll take burning dog poo and the human response"
ScottEklund: rob...is tony hunt going to end up like a lot of psu backs before larry johnson
redeye81: I'll take Woodley
ScottEklund: good college RB...not very good in the NFL
ScottEklund: ?
RobRang: Disagree 100% Scott.
hawkfan68: curt warner was pretty good NFL back
rlrigmaiden: I hate Hunt. See him as a slower (if you can believe it) version of Eddie George or Anthony Thomas.
RobRang: Lacks great speed, but is a terrific interior runner.
RobRang: Eddie George is a possible HOFer.
hawkfan68: he just happened to get a knee injury and wasn't the same
dfarrar777: Who's the best player that might not be drafted at all?
rlrigmaiden: and averaged less than 4 per carry.
BucketheadJones: We need some more toughness and nasty on offense.
rlrigmaiden: I will agree that Hunt's production and between the tackles running is good, but I want much more explosion from a RB. And don't worry, Rob. You're still my Draft God.
redeye81: I have a good question.. What is the scouting report on Michael Haddix? is he fast? Can he run routes? can he catch?
RobRang: My rationale behind Tony Hunt is simple. The team needs to run the ball better in short yardage situations. It was the single biggest difference felt last year with Hutchinson gone. There is not an OG in this draft capable of making up the loss of Hutchinson, so, there is more than 1 way to skin a cat, get yourself a better interior runner for short yardage... ala Tony Hunt.
hawkfan68: Isn't Weaver the interior runner that was missing last year?
BucketheadJones: You're selling me on Tony Hunt
RobRang: Best player not to be drafted at all is a pretty tough question until we see who isn't drafted.
rlrigmaiden: Don't drink the Kool Aid on Hunt! Don't do it!
BucketheadJones: lol
redeye81: Hunt in the 3rd... Wooodley in the second.. in the forth get a OG like simms
rlrigmaiden: haha
RobRang: Potentially, Weaver is that guy. But even Weaver is explosive, not truly a power guy despite size.
Cavalry19D: If Woodley is there in the 2nd, it would be crazy not to grab him
dfarrar777: Maybe KC can draft Hunt and run him into the ground like they did with LJ.
rlrigmaiden: Alleman in 2, Pitcock in 3 and RB DeShawn Wynn in 4....if you're wanting a RB.
dfarrar777: Any more questions for Rob?
RobRang: I haven't had a chance to review Haddix enough yet to make an intelligent comment on him. Some would BS you. I think honesty is better. Draft is 3 weeks away still after all, lol.
redeye81: YES what does he know about Michael Haddix
rlrigmaiden: Rob, let's go local. I hear S Eric Frampton is moving up boards and has a great work ethic. WSU has been turning out DB's, so where's he going?
redeye81: ok thx
Cavalry19D: Manual Ramirez had a huge showing at the combine by JUST performing on the Bench Press. Due to his injury, he may be a value pick late on the 1st day and into the 2nd. What are your thoughts on him?
RobRang: I see Frampton as a late 3rd to early 4th. Good player. Deserved mentioning in the earlier "underrated" post.
RobRang: Damn good football player (Ramirez), just not one I think fits Seattle particularly well.
dfarrar777: Last call for questions...
rlrigmaiden: Is Ramirez going the route of Max Jean-Gilles, ie the big guy that will slip?
RobRang: For what it's worth I gave Seattle Alleman and Pitcock in the 2nd/3rd of mock to be released this weekend.
redeye81: I want to know who Rob thinks seattle will draft in 2nd and 3rd rounds..
brlrigmaiden: haha
redeye81: ok thanks
dfarrar777: Well THAT wouldn't suck.
RobRang: But one player I definitely think fits and is rising to the point that Seattle might have to take him in the 3rd if they want him is Kevin Boss, TE, Western Oregon.
Cavalry19D: What are your thoughts on Nate Burleson? Obviously he disappointed a lot of folks last season, but he obviously has the physical skills to be a huge threat. Do you think he will eventually prove his mettle?
rfehr: Sorry just got here to chat. What about Tim Crowder in the second?
dfarrar777: Okay everyone. I think we're set here (after Cavalry's question). Rob, it's time to plug your awesome site, NFLDraftScout.com!
redeye81: Nate was awesome last year.. he just had a hurt hand
RobRang: Depends on what you're expectations are of him. If the team keeps Jackson, he never becomes a starter over Jackson and Branch. Even if Jackson leaves, Burleson will have to beat out Hackett and that's no gimme.
Cavalry19D: My expectations is that he will prove to be worth a 3rd rounder in trade and 3 1/2 million over 4 years.
RobRang: Good call, rfehr, I should have mentioned Crowder. Add him to the list of 5-6 players for Seattle to consider in the 2nd. My mistake. Talented football player.
dfarrar777: I have Hackett poised for a major breakout. FO loves him, big-time.
redeye81: ya were set at WR even with Jackson leaving
rfehr: Could Tank from NC State slp to us in the second?
RobRang: Thanks everyone for having me. I really would encourage you to check out NFLDraftScout.com. I frequent this site every now and then to see how a couple of buddies are doing here and I'm always stunned to read questions like "which draft site is best," etc. Look, I'm local. You all have access to my email. If you are willing to buy a subscription to NFLDraftScout.com for 24.95 and can find any other resource with better or nearly as much information as us, I'll personally refund your money.
rlrigmaiden: Rob, will you be smuggling me into 'Hawk headquarters this year on Draft day?
dfarrar777: It really is the best. I'm happy with what Scout does, but Rob's site is ridiculous.
Cavalry19D: Thanks for the chat Rob. It's much appreciated.
dfarrar777: Rob, thank you so much for your time, and a great chat!
redeye81: thx Rob
RobRang: I'm not so sure they'll let me in after giving away all their secrets, lol.
hawkfan68: Thank you

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