A Journey into the Darkside

After watching the Oakland Raiders 31-17 spanking of the Seattle Seahawks one could not help but feel that they were watching a George Lucas episode of Star Wars.

There was, young Luke Skywalker played by the Seahawks, bright eyed and confused between past, present, and future in a foreign land trying to save humanity from the Evil Empire, played by the Oakland Raiders.

In this episode the young Skywalker never had a chance against the dark side. No defense. No ground attack. No aerial attack.

Raider quarterback Rich Gannon shredded the Seahawk secondary for 214 passing yard and two touchdowns.

Raider tailback Charlie Garner ran for 127 yards on 15 carries and caught five passed for 64 yards.

Seahawk Coach Mike Holmgren said it best, " they were more physical,"

Cornerback Shawn Springs," they out-tackled us, Out ran us, and out-toughed us".

Adding to the Seahawk woes was the loss of weakside linebacker Anthony Simmons.

Simmons has been called the team's best defensive player.

Given the teams history in Oakland the game was won before it was played.

A Seahawk team coached by Mike Holmgren has never won in Oakland. Holmgren is 0-4 against the Raiders in Oakland and his teams have been outscored 145-45.

Although it scored 17 points, the Seahawks offense was in effective.

The team rushed for 43 yards and passed for 143, no matter what planet you are on, 186 total yards in a National Football League game is inadequate.

In this Star Wars episode Luke Skywalker would have been better off staying home and having his sister Princess Leia fight for him.

It seems young Luke Skywalker is not quite ready to be a Jedi Knight.

For Seahawk fans sake, lets hope YODA shows up and breaks off a little wisdom to Luke before next Sundays home game against the Arizona Cardinals.

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