Sirius NFL Radio Interview: Grant Wistrom

On Saturday, former Seahawks DE Grant Wistrom talked to Howard Balzer and Jim Miller on Sirius NFL Radio about several subjects – his possible impending retirement, his family, and what the future may hold. Thanks to our friends at Sirius, Seahawks.NET is happy to provide the interview audio to all our readers.

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Among the highlights of this 13-minute interview:

-- He’s putting his house in Seattle on the market and moving back to “God’s Country” – Missouri.

-- Hasn’t officially retired yet – he hasn’t sent in the papers - but that seems to be the direction in which he’s headed.

-- Said that he “saw this coming” last season re: his release and what would have been a decreasing role if he had stayed in Seattle. Teams have called, but he isn’t interested right now.

-- His mind is on retiring primarily because he’d rather not sign a minimal contract to be a third defensive end somewhere and risk more impact on his body. Right now, he just doesn’t have the same drive, and he doesn’t want to “cheat the game”.

-- Realizes that it will be hard to step away from the game, especially the relationships with his teammates and the challenge of the game. Perhaps in September, he could receive a call and change his mind about playing.

-- He’ll coach the defensive line at his brother’s Springfield, Missouri high school (his brother is a high school principal).

-- He wants to be near his family in the Midwest, and he knows there are just a few select teams there. Loved his time in Seattle, but it was too far away.

-- Would only want to play for a team that had a real chance of winning.

-- He’s purchased a large plot of land in Missouri for hunting. Working with the government to cultivate a great hunting ground. Looking forward to getting away for a while. Also wants to finish school.

-- Also looking forward to becoming more involved in the Grant Wistrom Foundation.

Thanks to Adam Caplan for making this interview available. For more information about Sirius Radio, click here. Top Stories