Draft Prospect Q & A: BYU TE Jonny Harline

In Part Two of a recent exclusive interview with Scout.com's Ed Thompson, BYU tight end Jonny Harline talked about his unique role in his team's offense, his Las Vegas Bowl experience, and his Combine interview with the Seahawks.

Ed Thompson:  In BYU's offense, you weren't exactly the typical tight end who lines up next to the offensive linemen...

Jonny Harline:  Yeah, that's just kind of how our system worked out.  They usually had us split out a lot of the time a good 3 to 5 yards outside of the tackle.  In certain situations, like short yardage or goal line kind of things, they'd bring us in more.  But definitely, it was a little different than what most teams do.

ET:  You were named MVP of the Las Vegas Bowl. Did you have any idea going into that game you were going to be so instrumental in that victory?

JH:  No, I never really had the idea of which game was going to be a big one or which one was just kind going to be a regular game, as far as how many catches I'll get and things like that.  You can't really plan that out, it just happens naturally by getting open and catching the ball.  So that's really what I focus on, just getting open.  I knew going into the Oregon game it seemed they already played a lot of man-to-man coverage and I just knew that if that happened, I was really going to have to work to get their hands off me and get into open areas.

ET:  When you were at the Combine, did you have any opportunity to do the 15-minute formal interviews where you sat down with the

JH:  Yeah, I had one with the Seahawks.

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ET:  How did that go?

JH:  That was a cool experience being in there with the whole coaching staff and Mike Holmgren — he was a BYU guy, too.  They asked the same questions as all the other interviews I had, but it was just a different atmosphere.

ET:  Were you pleased with how your Pro Day went?

JH:  Yeah, I was really happy with my Pro Day. I put up better scores than at the Combine, so I was really happy about that.

ET:  What do you think made the difference for you that day?

JH:  I think part of it might have been just being back at BYU in that environment.  But I also worked ... on my 40 for example ... at the Combine I ran a slower time and was trying to run really fast and just straining so hard, I think I was taking smaller steps—like what we were talking about before—I didn't stride it out.  So that's what I really focused on with my 40, just to do that in the least amount of steps as I could and I think that helped.  My bench went up, I got a couple more reps.  I'm not really sure what else made a difference, but my 40 is definitely something I think really helped.

ET:  Any personal workouts or visits since then?

JH:  Me and (TE) Dan Coats had a workout with the Steelers a few weeks ago and then John (Beck), he's had a couple of workouts and we've been at all those just to catch for him.

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