Adam Caplan Chat Transcript

On Wednesday, June 20, Adam Caplan of Sirius NFL Radio and spent half an hour in the Seahawks.NET chat room talking to our subscribers. Adam covered all the bases - from possible Seahawks contract extensions, to Roger Goodell's work so far, to the NFC West in 2007. Don't miss the transcript right here!

<jseahawks> any news on possible extensions or negotiations for guys like Hackett, Trufant, Locklear and Josh Brown?
<adamcaplan> JS: Hackett is one of the ones they want to get done
<adamcaplan> I plan to speak to his people next week
<adamcaplan> JS: They have a plan to get a few of their younger players signed to extensions before the year is out and possibly before the season starts

<jseahawks> thats great to hear, thanks
<adamcaplan> My sense is Hackett is one that they would like to get done early
<adamcaplan> and he has good agents-Dan Graham's people

<dfarrar777> great news indeed
<adamcaplan> They know he will start so they will be better off paying him now before he has a huge year
<jseahawks> "plan to get done" does that mean they're negotiating? or theyll do it eventually
<rockhawkx> The seahawks FO is notorious for not getting extensions done in time, what makes you think this will be different?
<adamcaplan> ROCK: Each player is different, Walter Jones was tough because of that positoon
<adamcaplan> you know what happened with Hutchinson
<adamcaplan> no need to go there

<jseahawks> how our the Dline injuries coming along? specifically Tubbs and Kerney?
<adamcaplan> Tubbs is running well actually
<adamcaplan> could practice once a day to start camp
<adamcaplan> which is a lot better than I thought last month

<rockhawkx> That reminds me, one of the biggest Cable providers, Comcast, just moved the NFL network to a pay tier channel, causing a lot of folks (like myself) to cancel and go to DirecTV. Any feedback from that move that you know of in the NFL circles?
<adamcaplan> ROCK: I know the NFL is pissed
<adamcaplan> DTV is better anyway

<NJSeahawksFan> Hey Adam, I'm wondering about some of our division rivals ... can the Rams D really keep the team in it this year? They finished at .500 last year and it's a bit hard to get a bead on them for 07
<adamcaplan> NJ: I still don't buy into the Ram D
<adamcaplan> Carriker playing NT is something I want to see
<adamcaplan> Their offense should be great

<dfarrar777> He's 3-tech, isn't he?
<adamcaplan> And Ram LBs aren't that good
<adamcaplan> other than Witherspoon

<rockhawkx> speaking of div rivals, Former Hawk Darrell Jackson recently told a reporter in the bay area that his toe still bothers him and he feels the pain all the time. Can Jackson make it through an entire season?
<adamcaplan> ROCK: Bad turf toe injuries tend to linger
<adamcaplan> and some never get totally healed
<adamcaplan> worst case scenario
<adamcaplan> is OJ McDuffie who had his career end short
<adamcaplan> and you know it's telling that the Seahawks could only trade him to a divisional rival
<adamcaplan> that tells you no one else really wanted him
<adamcaplan> The Saints were interested but didn't want to give up much

<dfarrar777> And they have their own injury problems with Meachem
<rockhawkx> Also, Jackson went on to say that not participating in the offseason programs with his new QB doesn't bother him and wont affect his performance with the new team. I would very much disagree with him, I played at a collegiate level, and even on defense it was very important for the players around me to "gel" and know what I was going to do and where I would be without me saying a thing. Is this just Darrell being Darrell?
<adamcaplan> ROCK: Playing with a new team is big in regard to getting used to playing with another QB and scheme

<Hawkstorian> Curious your take on where the Vick story is headed.
<adamcaplan> HAWK: Not good, I think the Falcons are concerned he will be suspended this season for some time

<dfarrar777> What have you heard about Matt Hasselbeck^`2019s non-throwing shoulder?
<jseahawks> Sounds like Grant will be the Free Safety. Who do you see winning the SS job? Boulware, Green or Russell?
<adamcaplan> JS: let see how that plays out when the pads go on
<adamcaplan> Boulware has bad ball skills and I don't think he's instinctive enough to play safety

<Hawkstorian> Tony Romo -- great quarterback or the GREATEST quarterback?
<dfarrar777> Tony Romo could kick Chuck Norris' ass.
<jseahawks> that Romo kid is one hell of a holder
<adamcaplan> He hasn't proven anything yet
<adamcaplan> He's too much of a street ball QB
<adamcaplan> doesn't like to stay inside the system

<ScottEklund> Hasselbeck used to be like that
<adamcaplan> SCOTT: To a degree yes, but not like Romo

<ScottEklund> adam...will Russ Grimm improve the cards' offensive line...that seems to have been their weakness for years
<ScottEklund> if they get it right...they could be pretty tough
<adamcaplan> SCOTT: Grimm is a good OL coach but they lack enough talent to be solid

<jseahawks> in your opinion whos the best RB in NFC West? Gore, jackson, james or Alexander?
<adamcaplan> JS: Upside, Gore
<adamcaplan> no question

<jseahawks> i still wonder about Gores durability and if he'll last with the work load
<adamcaplan> Jackson still has to learn to run inside and not try to bounce everything outside
<adamcaplan> JS: And they need to get a better #2 RB

<dfarrar777> The 49ers are very concerned about Gore's workload
<adamcaplan> James is too slow these days

<SalukiHawk1> any surprise cuts we may see once training camps start, seahawks or not??
<adamcaplan> SAL: Cuts were done mostly prior to 6/1
<adamcaplan> with changes in CBA
<adamcaplan> teams are generally looking to sign rookies now
<adamcaplan> and coaches are on vacation
<adamcaplan> very quiet time

<dfarrar777> Yeah - March 1 is the new June 1

<Hawkstorian> How do you think Moss will do in NE?
<adamcaplan> HAWK: I think he will buy in
<adamcaplan> to what they do there
<adamcaplan> but he doesn't run as well as he used to

<jseahawks> please tell me we'll see an unleashed Leroy Hill this year?
<adamcaplan> JS: I'm more interested to see how Tapp does because their pass rush dropped off big time in 06
<adamcaplan> But Hill can do a lot of different things

<dfarrar777> Why did Marcus Trufant^`2019s pass coverage decline so graphically in 2006?
<dfarrar777> Was it safety help, coaching, or what?
<adamcaplan> Also, I'm interested to see Mora's impact on their secondary
<adamcaplan> That's one area that must improve

<ScottEklund> i agree with you there adam
<adamcaplan> hopefully a better pass rush helps all around

<Hawkstorian> Which bottom feeding team will break through this year. Cleveland? Houston? Detroit?
<adamcaplan> HAWK: All will be better but SF is the team that I see making playoffs
<Hawkstorian> booooo

<ScottEklund> how is spencer coming along healthwise adam?
<adamcaplan> SCOTT: He's expected to practice once camp starts
<ScottEklund> thanks adam
<ScottEklund> he's a big key for the line

<SalukiHawk1> i know you and hansen are both big on jay cutler as a fantasy QB this year, what have you seen that has you guys smitten?
<adamcaplan> SAL: Gun of an arm, talented, good scheme, smart, good talent around him
<rockhawkx> no running game in Den.
<adamcaplan> ROCK Actually, Henry is a solid fit, down hill runner
<adamcaplan> one cut RB
<adamcaplan> he fits well there

<rockhawkx> We shall see, Mr Caplan. We shall see. :)
<adamcaplan> Henry looked as good as ever last season

<jseahawks> How much will Mebane contribute this season?
<adamcaplan> JS: Depends on the health of the 5 DTs above him

<rockhawkx> It seems like a very active offseason for new NFL Commissioner Goodell with the PacMan & Tank Johnson issues, the concussion issue meetings, and the recent highlight on apparent violations in team OTA's for non-contact. Do you think all of this is a coincidence, or are these the type of events that should be expected when a new sheriff comes to town?
<adamcaplan> ROCK: Goodell is more responsive to the needs of players than Tags
<adamcaplan> and Goodell is willing to listen
<adamcaplan> we talked to him at the pro football writers meeting at the super bowl, great guy. And he wants things done the right way
<adamcaplan> and he's very human
<adamcaplan> has a PR background

<ScottEklund> is KC going to be ok with a second-year QB with little experience? and will larry johnson get 4000 carries again this year? :)
<dfarrar777> LJ's legs will fall off by game 6
<adamcaplan> SCOTT: Croyle is in year two
<adamcaplan> and he's probably not ready
<adamcaplan> but they know Huard can't do it for more than a few games

<dfarrar777> Huge O-line probs there, too

<Hawkstorian> What other young QBs could step up. Campbell looks like the real package to me.
<adamcaplan> HAWK: Cutler, Rivers, Losman
<adamcaplan> who played very well last 8 games
<adamcaplan> 13 TDs
<adamcaplan> but BUF needs major help opposite Lee Evans

<dfarrar777> Losman has a freaking bazooka arm

<dfarrar777> Five more minutes for Adam, guys
<jseahawks> In Minnesota will it be Adrian Peterson or Chester Taylor? I think Taylor is still running against the Seattle D.. we never stopped him
<adamcaplan> JS: Taylor is expected to start but they may go with more of a Running Back By Committee there

<rockhawkx> Do you see any coaches backing down from allowing the full contact that happens at these "non contact" workouts?
<adamcaplan> ROCK: Nothing will change, there's a lot of clutching and grabbing
<adamcaplan> you can't have an offensive line drill against the defense and not grab
<adamcaplan> you can't have line dancing

<adamcaplan> anyway, that's all the time I have, we'll do it again in a few weeks
<Hawkstorian> thanks mr. c
<ScottEklund> thanks adam
<SalukiHawk1> good stuff thanks adam
<dfarrar777> Thanks very much, Adam!
<ScottEklund> much appreciated Top Stories