Adam Caplan Chat Transcript

Here's the transcript of our latest chat with Sirius NFL Radio's Adam Caplan. Adam was in the NETNation CHat Room for half an hour on Thursday, and many subjects were batted around. Among them: The Seahawk' possible interest in a Man Named Bubba, Jim Mora's future with the team, and why Joe Newton's 40 needs to be timed a little differently.

<rockhawkx> Adam. Bubba Franks, released or not?
<adamcaplan> ROCK: We'll know in about two weeks but they're paying him way too much to be a backup
<adamcaplan> good chance they cut him

<rawkhrdr> where's Bubba end up when they cut him?
<adamcaplan> RAW: Could be Seattle
<adamcaplan> considering how dire their position is

<rlrigmaiden> Does Seattle want another slow TE who can't run?
<dfarrar777> 4,0Holmgren connection?
<rawkhrdr> and can't catch?
<rockhawkx> yes

<Hawkstorian> How's Mike Vick sleeping tonight?
<adamcaplan> HAWK: Man, could you imagine - he's bringing down a franchise, hope he's happy
<rlrigmaiden> My Arena team wouldn't touch that guy

<rawkhrdr> Adam, top five fantasy WR's?

<rockhawkx> Adam, Who's the team that will surprise people this year (most improved)
<adamcaplan> ROCK: SF. Hard to see those teams now though
<adamcaplan> I mean, who would have thought TEN, NYJ, GB, and NO last year at this time?

<NJSeahawksFan> Jets have drafted well on the O-Line ... a lesson that Arizona has yet to learn
<dfarrar777> 4,0Washington - very bad third-down conversion rate shooting up to the mean
<adamcaplan> DET is going to score 30, give up 35

<NJSeahawksFan> Who's the big surprise in camp that nobody's talking about (non-Seahawks related, sorry)
<adamcaplan> NJ: Player wise, watch out for Sinorice Moss for NYG, he will help their passing game
<adamcaplan> Stewart Bradley for PHI
<adamcaplan> he's pushing for starting job already
<adamcaplan> I asked Andy Reid that and he couldn't deny it

<rockhawkx> Patrick Crayton? (thats for you Doug)
<dfarrar777> Yup
<adamcaplan> ROCK: He was good slot WR last year
<adamcaplan> good RAC

<dfarrar777> The under-50 DPAR factor
<adamcaplan> very deceptive
<adamcaplan> Dallas needs depth at WR badly though

<rlrigmaiden> I have Clinton Portis. How many carries will Ladell Betts take away from him this year.
<dfarrar777> You have to wonder about Glenn's health
<adamcaplan> they have no one who is ready to play

<adamcaplan> It will be interesting to see what Dallas does with Greg Ellis
<adamcaplan> Anthony Spencer will start for sure

<dfarrar777> He could be a good one
<dfarrar777> Shaun Phillips to Ware's Merriman

<Cavalry19D> What are your thoughts on the development of Kelly Jennings?
<adamcaplan> CAV: For the most part, I'm hearing good things
<adamcaplan> I'm very interested to see Josh Wilson the next few games

<dfarrar777> Yeah -how he recovers from a bad start
<adamcaplan> I really think he may start at some point this season
<Cavalry19D> Interesting. Is that assessment of Jennings and Wilson based on their physical talent? Or do you believe that Wilson just is more of a baller?
<adamcaplan> CAV: Wilson has more upside and he's very mature for a rookie

<rockhawkx> Adam, LeRoy Hill showed flashes of the old LeRoy Hill last week, is this because the coaches will use him correctly again this year?
<adamcaplan> ROCK: That was something they wanted to get right

<NJSeahawksFan> So who's the second tier RB that's ready to bust out this season?

<Hawknight> What are you seeing with Seattle's Special Teams this year?
<adamcaplan> HAW: Coverage wise, they should be ok
<adamcaplan> Return wise there are still jobs open
<adamcaplan> Also want to see Wrotto some

<rawkhrdr> Seattle's DE's? When do you think Tapp replaces Fisher in the starting line-up?
<adamcaplan> RAW: 08' maytbe

<rockhawkx> Lots of talk about the "upside" of the raw talent from 7th rnd WR Jordan Kent. Seems like a perfect candidate for Practice Squad, but local media says he would get stolen by another team. True?
<adamcaplan> ROCK: He has upside for sure and good size.
<rockhawkx> Someone compared him (Kent) with Alex Bannister, made me throw up a little in my mouth.

<MacSeahawk> Does D.J. Hackett want "DB money", too?
<adamcaplan> MAC: No but he will be one of the top UFAS out there

<ScottEklund> any word on how far away Tubbs is from playing?
<adamcaplan> SCOTT: Last pre-season game I would expect to see him and he's practicing so that's a good sign
<adamcaplan> man do they need him

<ScottEklund> couldn't agree more adam
<rockhawkx> Adam, it seems like microfracture has made huge strides in the past year, agree? Hopefully Tubbs is a successful as Amore Stoudemire
in the NBA.
<adamcaplan> ROCK: I had Dr. Steadman on to talk about it, it's basically now a 6 month rehab
<adamcaplan> Winslow was right at that window and he's doing well

<dfarrar777> Do you think the acquisitions of Deon Grant and Brian Russell will make the advertised difference?
<rawkhrdr> How do you think Seattle's back-up safety situation shakes out. Grant and Russell start...who's behind them?
<adamcaplan> RAWK: babineaux and Boulware
<adamcaplan> and Green

<rawkhrdr> I was just going to ask about green
<Cavalry19D> Do you think Babineaux will act as our 4th Corner and swing safety or is there another corner who could slip in as the 4th guy?
<adamcaplan> CAV: was just going to say that on JB.

<NJSeahawksFan> How short is the clock on Boulware?
<adamcaplan> NJ: I don't think he really can play safety
<adamcaplan> slow reaction time
<adamcaplan> he's not a natural S
<adamcaplan> I remember seeing him practice at senior bowl week when they moved him
<adamcaplan> and noticed he wasn't right for it

<Cavalry19D> Any chance Burleson replaces Hackett as the starter?
<adamcaplan> CAV: Zero
<adamcaplan> Hackett has run with the ones all camp
<adamcaplan> Burleson rotates in
<adamcaplan> and it's good that Hasselbeck is healthy
<adamcaplan> lets see how the OL holds up
<adamcaplan> Womack=brittle

<dfarrar777> Womack=injured while sneezing

<Hawknight> Greene didn't play in the first preseason game...bad signs for his future with Hawks?
<adamcaplan> Greene really isn't anything special
<adamcaplan> considering they extended Wallace's deal he's on shaky gorund

<Hawkstorian> Did they extend wallace again or are you talking about last year?
<dfarrar777> last year
<adamcaplan> Wallace is a UFA again after this season but my sense is they want him back

<ScottEklund> adam...what are the chances the hawks sign Josh brown during the season?
<rockhawkx> zilch, this IS the seahawks Scott. :)
<ScottEklund> lol

<Cavalry19D> What's the real deal on Spencer at Center? I read/hear things saying he's playing well and getting better then we hear that he's butchering plays in practice (with more frequency than I'm comfortable with)
<Cavalry19D> ... then again, it's not like we have a better option at this point.
<adamcaplan> CAV: We'll get a better idea over the next few games
<rawkhrdr> CHris Gray is there
<rawkhrdr> in a pinch
<rockhawkx> and a crutch
<adamcaplan> I think he'll be fine

<ScottEklund> adam...does Joe Newton have a chance to make the roster? and are the hawks looking to sign a veteran TE like Bubba Franks?
<adamcaplan> SCOTT: If they take the sun dial off his back, maybe
<dfarrar777> Ouch!
<adamcaplan> He is really slow
<rawkhrdr> lol
<NJSeahawksFan> heh
<adamcaplan> But he has good hands
<adamcaplan> practice squad
<adamcaplan> That's why he wasn't drafted - very slow on tape
<adamcaplan> and was during senior bowl week
<adamcaplan> but he's a decent blocker, that will help him stick

<ScottEklund> i like him as a redzone target
<adamcaplan> I do think Franks could be in their plans, he can block better than anyone they have
<Cavalry19D> Franks has to be released first...
<adamcaplan> Donald Lee was handed the starting job, Franks is making too much money
<adamcaplan> $1.4 millon in 2007, $3 million in 2008
<adamcaplan> $5 million in 09

<rockhawkx> My wife, Mrs. Dolphin fan (it's a rough life) wants to know your outlook for Miami please.
<adamcaplan> ROCK: 7-9
<adamcaplan> OL is terrible still

<dfarrar777> And Ronnie Brown is the next 370+ guy
<rockhawkx> best news of the night. thanks.
<Hawkstorian> Trent Green looks terrible

<Cavalry19D> Have you seen enough of Trufant this offseason to declare he's ready to 'break out'? That seems to be a theme in the off season.
<adamcaplan> CAV: They think he's made adjustments on his game
<adamcaplan> from film of last season
<adamcaplan> mora has worked well with him

<Cavalry19D> That's really good to hear.

<Hawknight> Tapp: Possible probowler type player this year?
<adamcaplan> TAPP: Not yet

<ScottEklund> adam...if Holmgren were to call it quits...would Mora automatically take the hawks job if offered? or are his ties to Washington so strong that he would take that job instead should Willingham get fired?
<adamcaplan> SCOTT: Mora would get an interview, that I can tell you
<adamcaplan> Guys: That's all the time I have, see you next time

<ScottEklund> thanks adam
<rockhawkx> thanks adam
<dfarrar777> Thanks, Adam!
<Cavalry19D> Thanks Adam
<dfarrar777> We'll get Adam back soon Top Stories