Mac's NFL Blog - 9/7/07

Could last night have gone any better for the Indianapolis Colts? Their city was showcased in front of a national television audience, they raised a banner that read "Super Bowl XLII Champions" on it, and then dismantled a team many predict will be among the NFC's best this season, 41-10.

Well, I suppose they could've done without Reggie Wayne's fumble, but c'mon, that's just being greedy.

Today's links are below, and "Mac's Picks" will be up later today.


The Indianapolis Colts regrouped at halftime, and the offense exploded; The Colts defense was in post-season form.

Colts LB Freddie Keiaho was impressive in his first start replacing departed LB Cato June.

Joseph Addai outgained Reggie Bush by nearly 100 all-purpose yards.

Colts players and coaches were happy to see former teammate CB Jason David. (Peyton Manning, especially)

The Philadelphia Eagles aren't too confident in their defense as the season opens.

Within Tom Silverstein's notebook in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, it's learned that Packers CB Jarrett Bush knows he'll be a target on Sunday and WR Greg Jennings apparently pulled his hamstring in Wednesday's practice.

Atlanta Falcons DT Rod Coleman isn't fully healed from surgery to repair a torn quadriceps, and will likely miss Sunday's game.

The Minnesota Vikings will use a two-headed monster to control the clock and take pressure of QB Tarvaris Jackson in 2007.

The Vikings are hammering out the details of a 3-year contract extension with DT Pat Williams.

Former Dolphins head coach Nick Saban sent a "Thank you" letter this week to the players he coached in Miami.

The chaos that usually accompanies dramatic changes on the offensive line is eased by the presence of Dolphins offensive line coach Hudson Houck.

Washington Redskins RB Clinton Portis is healthy and looking to have some fun in 2007.

The New England Patriots elected 7 captains (4 of which are linebackers) and added WR Randy Moss to the injury list.

New York Jets nose tackle Dewayne Robertson might not be the biggest guy at his position, but he doesn't have to be to make plays.

Only three current NFL head coaches have coached longer than Tennessee's Jeff Fisher. (But they have something he doesn't have.)

Titans QB Vince Young is up against the sophomore slump and the Madden Curse.

Buffalo Bills rookie RB Marshawn Lynch is looking forward to his NFL debut this Sunday. (Do you think he's aware of how Denver's run defense looked this summer?)

RB Travis Henry is hoping to hit "elite status" now that he's in Denver.

In a surprising move, the Pittsburgh Steelers have named Carey Davis the starting fullback, unseating long-time starter Dan Kreider. After starting 62 games for the Steelers, Kreider is likely to be inactive on Sunday in Cleveland.

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is giving a grant to the Cleveland Police Department's K-9 unit.

Carolina Panthers WR Steve Smith is excited about the changes to the Panthers offense; As is second-year RB DeAngelo Williams.

A high ankle sprain may keep St. Louis Rams right guard Richie Incognito out of the starting lineup.

WR Samie Parker will start for the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday, but he's likely just keeping the seat warm for the team's 1st round pick, Dwayne Bowe.

Former NFL player and broadcaster Bill Maas found himself in more trouble, and Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star makes some good points about how race has impacted the way in which the authorities and media have handled the case.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Lane Kiffin is trying to energize a defense that could have half a dozen new starters on it through accountability.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer previews the 2007 Seattle Seahawks season with a massive collection of articles and links.

It appears the debut of Chicago Bears rookie TE Greg Olsen is going to have to wait a week.

San Diego Chargers LB Shawne Merriman retured the verbal volley launched by Bears LB Brian Urlacher earlier this week.

Oakland Raiders CB Fabian Washington says the Detroit Lions have no other option but to throw in his direction.

Lions LB Paris Lenon thinks he benefited from playing in the XFL.

Word is Jeremy Newberry will be the starting center for the Oakland Raiders.

New York Giants DE Michael Strahan might play this Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys. (Did you really think he'd not play on a nationally televised game with Tiki Barber as a studio commentator?)

Is the career of Dallas Cowboys WR Terry Glenn over?

A certain, common side affect of diabetes prompted Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson to seek the banned substances he was caught with. (And yet, the NFL has no problem cashing checks for those Cialis and Viagra ads .)

Under new offensive coordinator Rick Neuheisel, the Baltimore Ravens feel the offense can start pulling its own weight. (And they'll definitely own March Madness.)

Cincinnati Bengals QB Carson Palmer has played well against Baltimore, which is why the Bengals are 4-2 against the Ravens in the last 3 seasons.

After The Arizona Republic's Kent Somers speculates that the San Francisco 49ers could make the playoffs this year, we learn that backup Arizona Cardinals nose tackle Alan Branch possibly fractured his left hand in practice, but should play on Monday night.

The Cardinals defense is focusing on stopping 49ers RB Frank Gore. (As opposed to who?) Top Stories