Mac's Picks - Week Two

With a 9-6-1 record in Week 1, Brian McIntyre, our prescient prognosticator, is off to a fairly respectable start. Let's see if he can keep from messing it up!

Atlanta at Jacksonville (-10) Okay, let's see if I've got this right. At the very least, the Atlanta Falcons are in the market for a quarterback to back up Joey Harrington. Former Jacksonville Jaguars QB Byron Leftwich is still a free agent, and this week, the Falcons travel to Jacksonville. So um, why hasn't Bobby Petrino made this happen yet? Pick: Jaguars -10

Buffalo at Pittsburgh (-9 ½) The human in me wants to see the Buffalo Bills bring an upset win over the Pittsburgh Steelers back to their fallen comrade, Kevin Everett. His is the story that should have dominated NFL headlines this week. Instead, he had to share the spotlight with an egotistical head coach who feels the rules don't apply to him. Pick: Bills +9 ½

New Orleans (-3) at Tampa Bay It kind of feels like the Saints haven't even started the season yet, doesn't it? Some would argue that they haven't. Pick: Saints -3

Green Bay at New York Giants (Pick ‘em) Do you think Brett Favre noticed the 345 yards Tony Romo hung on the Giants last week? Nah, I'm sure he doesn't pay attention to things like that. Pick: Packers

Houston at Carolina (-6 ½) I'm sure John Fox and the Carolina coaching staff is hitting David Carr up for information on what the Houston Texans offense like to do. I'm not sure that's a good idea, coach. Pick: Panthers -6 ½

San Francisco at St. Louis (-3) The 49ers pressured Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart all night long on Monday, which doesn't bode well for the Rams, who are going to be playing without two-fifths of their starting offensive line on Sunday. Pick: 49ers +3

Indianapolis (-7) at Tennessee If you've watched an NFL game in the last year, I'm sure you've seen the Peyton Manning commercial for the NFL Sunday Ticket where the Colts are beating the Tennessee Titans 28-3 and if you had the NFL Sunday Ticket, you could watch his brother Eli play.

I may be way late on this one, but has anyone else noticed that on the superimposed ticker in the commercial, the game is in the 4th quarter with less than 3 minutes left, and yet Manning is throwing into the end zone. Was that a shot at Manning? Pick: Colts -7

Cincinnati (-6) at Cleveland Count me among those who weren't impressed with Chad Johnson's highly anticipated touchdown celebration on Monday night. He should have one or two opportunities to redeem himself against Cleveland this Sunday. Pick: Bengals -6

Seattle (-3) at Arizona Under normal circumstances, holding your opponent to six points while sacking their quarterbacks five times and creating a couple of turnovers would tell you that your team has a very good defense. However, when you do that to the 2007 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you can't quite make that leap.

That's why I decided to reserve judgment on the Seahawks defense until I saw them do it against a team with a high-powered offense, like this week's opponent, the Arizona Cardinals. Then I watched the Cardinals play on Monday night in San Francisco, and now I don't know what to think. Pick: For the 98th consecutive week, Seahawks -3

Dallas (-3 ½) at Miami Wade Phillips brings his Dallas Cowboys into Miami to face Cam Cameron and the Miami Dolphins. I mean, wow! I've always wondered what a San Diego Chargers intra-squad scrimmage from 2004 to 2006 looked like. Pick: Cowboys -3 ½

Minnesota at Detroit (-3 ½) I honestly can't recall the last time I was this excited about a pair of rookies that weren't donning a Seahawks uniform, but Lions WR Calvin Johnson and Vikings RB Adrian Peterson are very fun to watch. Pick: Vikings +3 ½

Oakland at Denver (-9 ½) The pass defense was supposed to be a strength for the Oakland Raiders, yet Lions QB Jon Kitna waltzed into the Black Hole and posted a 102.8 QB rating on them. Denver hasn't felt this good about their wide receiving corps since the days Vance Johnson, Mark Jackson and Ricky Nattiel were having their fingers broken by John Elway. Pick: Broncos -9 ½

Kansas City at Chicago (-12) As bad as the Kansas City Chiefs are, and they are really, really bad, twelve points is way too much for the Chicago Bears to be giving anybody right now. Pick: Chiefs +12

New York Jets at Baltimore (-10) Kellen Clemens is going to start at quarterback for the Jets, and it appears Kyle Boller is going to do the same for the Ravens. This ought to please those of you who are nostalgic for some mid-August football. Pick: Jets +10

San Diego at New England (-4) I don't know how much of an advantage the Patriots actually received by videotaping the Jets sidelines last week, but I do know this: In the second half, Tom Brady was 10-11 for 138 yards and a touchdown, and the offensive line protected Brady so well, no Jets defender could tell you what kind of cologne "Dreamboat" was wearing. Pick: Pats -4

Washington at Philadelphia (-7) Word of warning to those of you planning on tuning in to ESPN to watch Monday Night Football: Tony Kornheiser lives in Washington and likes the Redskins. Ron Jaworski lives in Philadelphia and used to play for the Eagles. These facts might come up this week. Pick: Eagles -7

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