Mac's NFL Picks - Week 3

In week 1, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jeff Garcia was wobbly and disoriented after a vicious hit, but was allowed to keep playing after passing a series of tests aimed at determining whether or not he sustained a concussion.

Last week, Detroit Lions quarterback Jon Kitna talked his way back into the game after a head injury, claiming a "miracle" had healed his foggy head. Former New York Jets wide receiver Wayne Chrebet recognized the look in Kitna's eyes on Sunday and doesn't think he should've been allowed to return. Chrebet, who will be honored at halftime of this week's Jets-Dolphins game, knows a thing or two about concussions and how they impact players beyond their careers.

Miami Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas likely suffered a concussion on the first play of the game against the Dallas Cowboys last week, but he continued to play. He'll likely miss this week's game with "migraines". Carolina Panthers linebacker Dan Morgan knows he's one concussion away from not having a choice in whether or not he plays, but he's forging ahead anyways.

As Chrebet noted, players will lie to get back on the field, which is why the NFL has to implement a "No Exceptions" policy that prevents players who suffer a concussion from returning to the field that day.

Speaking of wobbly and disoriented, I emulated Dennis Erickson by going 7-9 last week to run my year-to-date record up to 16-15-1.

Last Week: 7-9

2007 Season: 16-15-1

Detroit at Philadelphia (-6 ½) The Philadelphia Eagles are 0-2, Brian Westbrook has a bum knee, and the wide receivers are terrible. The front office spent it's first pick in the 2007 NFL Draft on a younger quarterback, the Philly fans are the Philly fans, and you just spent the last week defending controversial statements you made about race on a cable show hosted by Bryant Gumbel. I'm guessing Donovan McNabb has seen better days. Pick: Lions +6 ½

Arizona at Baltimore (-7 ½) Arizona Cardinals running back Edgerrin James leads the NFC in rushing, a testament to new head coach Ken Whisenhunt's commitment to establishing and sticking with the ground game. The yards will not come easy against the Ravens 2nd-ranked run defense, though, so I'm picking the Ravens. Pick: Ravens -7 ½

Indianapolis (-6) at Houston I know the Texans beat the Colts last year, but without Pro Bowl wide receiver Andre Johnson, what chance do the Texans really have? Pick: Colts -6

San Diego (-4) at Green Bay Truly good teams make a statement the week after being blown out, and San Diego has far too much talent to lay another egg offensively. Pick: Chargers -4

Buffalo at New England (-16 ½) I know they've slaughtered the Jets and Chargers, but 16 ½ points? Fortunately for Dick Jauron, he hasn't called the Patriots out on anything. Pick: Bills +16 ½

St. Louis at Tampa Bay (-3 ½) The Buccaneers won't put up 31 points against every team they play this year. That much is obvious. But can you name the starting cornerbacks for the St. Louis Rams? I didn't think so. Pick: Buccaneers -3 ½

Miami at NY Jets (-3) The best thing I can say about this game is that when it's over, the New England Patriots won't be the only team in the AFC East with a win.

The Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets have scored 77 points while compiling a combined record of 0-6 thus far in 2007. The New England Patriots are 2-0 and have scored 76 points. Pick: Jets -3

San Francisco at Pittsburgh (-8 ½) I don't know what blowing out Cleveland and Buffalo actually proves, but the Steelers do look pretty good so far. I think the Steelers will win, but the 49ers are scrappy enough to keep it close for awhi le. Pick: 49ers +8 ½

Minnesota at Kansas City (-2) Arrowhead Stadium is always a tough place for visiting teams to get a win. It's even tougher when you've got an injured Tarvaris Jackson, Brooks Bollinger or Kelly Holcomb starting at quarterback. Pick: Chiefs -2

Cleveland at Oakland (-3) I'd be willing to bet that Derek Anderson doesn't throw five touchdown passes in the next month. "Pick Sixes" don't count and all Anderson did last week was give the Browns a one week reprieve on answering questions about Brady Quinn. Pick: Raiders -3

Jacksonville at Denver (-3) There's going to be a point in time this season when the Denver Broncos stop playing down to their opponent's level. Pick: Broncos -3

Cincinnati at Seattle (-3 ½) Whenever teams have downplayed the 12th Man's impact at Qwest Field, as Marvin Lewis, Carson Palmer and TJ Whosyermomma did this week, the Seahawks have rolled to victory. Since I'm an unabashed homer, I say that trend continues. Pick: Seahawks -3 ½

Carolina (-4) at Atlanta The day after Atlanta Falcons head coach Bobby Petrino said that starting quarterback Joey Harrington needed to play with more confidence, the Falcons went out and signed free agent quarterback Byron Leftwich. And now's the time Harrington completely unravels. Pick: Panthers -4

NY Giants at Washington (-3 ½) If you live in the New York/New Jersey area and are in need of an idea for a Halloween costume, I'm here to help.

Get yourself an inflatable Motorola headset, a New York Giants sweater vest, a confused look on your face and a red challenge flag tied around your ankle. Top it off by carrying around a pink slip and the "Unemployed Tom Coughlin" is guaranteed to win "Best Costume" at every party you attend. Pick: Redskins -3 ½

Dallas at Chicago (-3) Chicago is still the defending NFC Champions and with all the Super Bowl talk going on down in Dallas, I expect the Bears to finally start playing like it. Pick: Bears -3

Tennessee at New Orleans (-4 ½) Amazing how playing a 1st place schedule without the ability to sneak up on your opponents will expose a fairly average team, isn't it? Pick: Titans +4 ½. Top Stories