Seahawks-Rams Podcast with Adam Caplan

Once again, Seahawks.NET Editor-in-Chief Doug Farrar and Sirius NFL Radio's Adam Caplan have a game preview for Seahawks.NET listeners! This week, Adam gives us the inside take on the St. Louis Rams, their search for a victory, and what the Seahawks have to do to avoid facilitating another team's escape from the schneid.

Among the topics discussed:

Have we ever seen one team suffer so may key injuries as the 2007 Rams?

Why is it that some teams can overcome injuries and others can't?

Marc Bulger may play against the Seahawks, but how are his ribs, and what can we expect from him?

How has the running game gone without Steven Jackson, and what do we need to know about rookie swingback Brian Leonard?

Why has St. Louis' defense struggled for years, and why are they playing their top draft pick out of position?

Is this Rams team a few good moves away from another good run as Dick Vermeil's team was a decade ago, or is a total rebuild in order?

Click on the link below to listen to our weekly game preview:

Seahawks-Rams Preview with Adam Caplan (WMA, 2,801 KB) Top Stories