Seahawks-Rams Podcast with Tom Marino

In preparation for Seattle's Sunday battle with the St. Louis Rams, Seahawks.NET has prepared a special treat - Doug Farrar's interview with NFL Lead Analyst Tom Marino. With over 30 years of experience as a scout and personnel director, Tom brings an analytical eye to the game that few others can boast.

And with a five-year stint in the Rams' scouting department that ended in 2006, he's more qualified than just about anyone to talk about how the current Rams team was built, and what the Seahawks and their fans can expect with the Rams come to town this Sunday.

The players that Tom scouted for the past or current Rams teams include Marc Bulger, Kevin Curtis, Tye Hill, and Pisa Tinoisamoa. By his own estimate, Tom scouted and/or graded 10-12 players on the current team.

Among the topics covered in our exclusive interview:

Tom's scouting history and how he came to join the Rams' organization;

How the "Greatest Show on Turf" was assembled;

The tension between Mike Martz and the personnel side:

The front office difficulties that facilitated the team's downslide;

The change in philosophy in the Linehan era; and

Where the Rams are gong from here.

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Seahawks.NET Game Preview Podcast with Tom Marino (4,436 KB, WMA)

Tom Marino has over 35 years of experience as a professional scout working for the NFL's Bears, Saints, Rams, Giants and Cowboys along with both the WFL and USFL. As's Lead NFL Analyst, he has primary responsibility for network reporting, the NFL Draft, Free Agency databases and rankings. Top Stories