The Breda Report: The More Things Change...

In a stunning move, Seahawks.NET owner Todd Breda dusts off the keypad and attempts to get back in the game with the first Breda Report since training camp was held under the blistering sun of Cheney, Washington. Still in shock, The Editor-in-Chief may need smelling salts.


I know what you're thinking.

"What in the hell is a Breda Report?!"

I deserve that. Throw in a few steam room moments with Floyd "Pork Chop" Womack after an all-you-can-inhale buffet at the local rib joint… It's okay. I deserve that too.

My last Breda Report was so long ago I couldn't even find my last using Scout's own search tool. I'm pretty sure the last time I typed words for this column Koren Robinson was still dropping passes in Qwest Field and beer cans on I-5.

Oh the humanity.

But enough of my perpetual ineptitude. Instead of looking back, it's time to punch these keys forward and wax philosophical on your 2007 Seattle Seahawks. Yes, that enigmatic team most in the league and national media either could care less about or simply wonders why the NFL even bothers with a football team in Barrow, Alaska.

Forget the fact that Matt Hasselbeck should be considered by any serious NFL fan's Top 5 QB list. While the media's collective pill supply of Cialis is running dangerously low as they blather on eternally about Tony Romo and Brett Favre, Hasselbeck is quietly on pace for a record-breaking season.

Not that Boy Romo and Brett Favre don't deserve much of the media attention they receive. The former has boyish good-looks and a perma-grin cameras (and Britney Spears) love while the latter is riding an impossible fairy tale swan song that the Peter King's and John Madden's of the world dream about (nightly).

Hasselbeck? Bald.

Mr. Dead pan's dry wit gets lost in the shiny lights, polished TV sets and flies right over 90 percent of the "Former All Pro, Current Bumbling Idiot" crowd that has oversaturated NFL Network as well as the pre and post game shows across the nation.

Like the team Matt plays for, there's loads of talent and can compete with just about anyone in the league, but there's nothing really, well… Quite sexy that the national spotlight can grab hold of.

Given that we are in the midst of yet another inconsistent season at 5-4, well, let's just say there's good reason we no longer have a "No Respect" Forum.

With the current concerns of the running game and Shaun Alexander specifically, we've seen a drastic alteration of Mike Holmgren's balanced offensive attack. With the new "Throw and Go" game plan, fans get to ride to the post season on the arm of Hasselbeck and the sure hands of DJ Hackett, Bobby Engram and Deion Branch (once he returns from a foot injury which could be as soon as this Sunday against the Chicago Bears).

This wouldn't be the most relaxing philosophy if it weren't for the fact that the offensive line is as good at pass protection as they are bad at run blocking, and Leonard Weaver is steadily improving his blocking skills with each game.

Defensively, rookie DT Brandon Mebane has nearly made many a fan forget about the seemingly-catastrophic knee injury Marcus Tubbs suffered before the 2007 race even began. With a steady rotation in the middle, the Seahawks are for the most part detonating any running attack plans opposing offenses may have on their play sheets.

Nobody can argue the talent on the defensive side. Now that Marcus Trufant returns to his favored side coupled with the tutelage of new secondary and assistant Head Coach Jim Mora, the cornerback from Tacoma is on pace for a potential trip across the pond come February.

The additions of smart safeties Brian Russell and Deion Grant have all but secured the problem that plagued the Hawks all of last season with getting beat with the deep ball.

Even though the defense has visibly improved in key areas, the squad still suffers from inconsistency. In all of the wins this year, the defense has employed aggressive pressure packages, getting to or rattling the quarterback successfully for four quarters.

In each of their losses, the schemes have appeared mind-numbingly passive, reverting to old bad habits of prevent and soft zone coverage schemes, effective only in allowing the quarterback all the time he needs to sit down, have a cup of coffee, go over his adjusted mortgage rates and, oh yeah, find the open receiver for huge gains.

The ineffectiveness during the losses has inevitably lead fans to call for defensive coordinator John Marshall's head. Knee-jerk fan-itis or is there something to that?

Ray Rhodes, before suffering mild strokes that ended his term as full-time defensive coordinator, went through the same inconsistent showings when running his scheme. Some game plans were lights out while others were light's on but nobody's home.

Perhaps there's something to the fact that Rhodes still serves as defensive consultant. He may not be on the field barking at the players but I have no doubt his influence on the game plan and on game day is more than just moral support.

Yet as consistently inconsistent as the Seahawks have always been (save the 2005 dream season), the defense is currently sitting just outside the top ten ranking at the 11th spot. Hopefully this talented defense will be allowed to continue to run an attacking-style of defense, pressing the receivers and getting after the quarterback. Not every other game, but every game from here on out. This, of course, is all predicated on Hasselbeck's arm and an offense that can continue to move the chains through the air, thus opening (finally!) some running lanes, keeping the defense off the field for as long as possible.

So until this season is in the record books, it appears you and I are in for another fairly typical Seahawks ride. Lots of ups and lots of downs. Oh goody. Where did I leave my blood pressure medication?

Until next time (and by next time I mean before Hasselbeck retires), may your Sundays be filled with the bliss and cheer that only a Seahawk victory can bring and may Rex Grossman's passes find the loving arms of Marcus Trufant, Lofa Tatupu, Kelly Jennings, Deon Grant and Brian Russell this Sunday on the way to a respectable 6-4 record.


Todd Breda is the owner of Seahawks.NET. When he's terribly busy not writing Breda Reports, you can find him either scanning the skies for UFOs or perusing NET Nation where he's known as "Aros". Todd, like Matthew, is also bald. If you would like to contact Todd you can reach him here. Top Stories