Seahawks-Eagles Podcast Preview

Once again, Seahawks.NET's Doug Farrar previews the Seahawks' upcoming opponent with Adam Caplan of and SIRIUS NFL Radio. This week, Doug and Adam talk about the Philadelphia Eagles, a team on the rise in the second half of the season with a backup quarterback. Just like last year for Andy Reid and his crew? Indeed.

Among the topics discussed this week:

What did the near-win over the Patriots tell us about the Eagles that we may not have known?

At this point, what is the difference between the gameplans for A.J. Feeley and Donovan McNabb, and who might we see on Sunday?

Is Brian Westbrook more of a threat as a running back or a receiver right now?

Would it would benefit the Seahawks to implement more of a balanced attack because Philadelphia's defense is used to a scheme in which short passes rule the roost?

The Eagles aren't blitzing as much as they used to, but who are the primary pass-rush threats for a Seattle line that isn't exactly setting the world on fire?

The Eagles' secondary did a great job against the Patriots, but again, is this the level we've seen all year, or is this a recent development?

What are the thoughts about Andy Reid's coaching style and what he's done this year? If the Eagles need to rebuild soon, is Reid the right guy for a task like that?

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